Boo has a minion!

Wiggles the Flarb


The Chibi Anyu
Owner: Cee

Age: 10 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: May 22nd, 2010

Adopted: 10 years, 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: May 22nd, 2010

Pet Spotlight Winner
April 19th, 2011


  • Level: 9
  • Strength: 22
  • Defense: 20
  • Speed: 20
  • Health: 20
  • HP: 20/20
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Deep in the woods, a chimney comes to life with a steady breath of smoke. The little brick cottage and its inhabitants are about to begin another bright, sunny day. Mama Bear is breezing about the kitchen in her favourite floral apron whilst Papa Bear collects more wood for the fire.

Upstairs, a little fuzzy nose twitched as tendrils of sunlight crawled across its face. Boo opens a reluctant eye and clutches tightly at his plushie doll. Suddenly, he sits upright with one singular thought in his head.


There is little in the world more adorable than a onesie-clad baby bear clambering down a staircase. His prize was obscured by a humming Mama Bear. Valiantly, he strode forward to claim what was rightfully his.

"Good morn-"


Mama Bear ladled the porridge slowly as Boo stared intently; his paws already clutching at a sugar bowl. It was so very close.

"My dears, I believe we should go out for a walk," boomed Papa Bear from the doorway.

Papa Bear was adamant that the porridge would taste better after getting some fresh morning air. With a look of utter heartbreak, Boo was led from the breakfast table for a brisk morning walk.

It'll still be there when we get home, Boo."

Little did he know, Boo was about to learn a valuable lesson in keeping the doors locked.

Pet Treasure


Kiwi Gummy Dummy

Blackberry Gummy Dummy

Orange Gummy Dummy

Raspberry Gummy Dummy

Bebe New Bear

Big Headed Bear Plushie

Pink Sixth Anniversary Bear

Orange Sixth Anniversary Bear

Black Sixth Anniversary Bear

Yellow Sixth Anniversary Bear

Blue Sixth Anniversary Bear

Purple Sixth Anniversary Bear

Red Sixth Anniversary Bear

Green Sixth Anniversary Bear

White Sixth Anniversary Bear

Brown 2011 Bear Plushie

White 2011 Bear Plushie

Blue 2011 Bear Plushie

Pink 2011 Bear Plushie

Purple 2011 Bear Plushie

Cream 2011 Bear Plushie

Green 2011 Bear Plushie

Crimson 2011 Bear Plushie

Black 2011 Bear Plushie

Sleepy Pride Teddy Plushie

Angelic Bear Plushie

Barely Plushie

Magical Bear Plushie

Bear Plushie Bomb

Ebil Bear Plushie

Bear Plushie

Independence Day Bear Plushie

Pastel Teddy Bear Plushie

Vesnali Chai Plushie

Festive Bear Toy

Plum Polar Bear Plushie

Green Polar Bear Plushie

Orange Polar Bear Plushie

Brown Polar Bear Plushie

Polar Bear Plushie

Pink Old Fashioned Teddy Plushie

White Old Fashioned Teddy Plushie

Brown Old Fashioned Teddy Plushie

Blue Old Fashioned Teddy Plushie

White Thank You Bear Plushie

Gray Thank You Bear Plushie

Pink Thank You Bear Plushie

Red Thank You Bear Plushie

Orange Thank You Bear Plushie

Yellow Thank You Bear Plushie

Green Thank You Bear Plushie

Blue Thank You Bear Plushie

Purple Thank You Bear Plushie

Brown Thank You Bear Plushie

Black Thank You Bear Plushie

Armored Anu Plushie

Big Fat Teddy Bear Plushie

Lucky Teddy Bear Plushie

Morostide Chai Plushie

Ripped Teddy Bear Plushie

Tainted Pirate Teddy Plushie

Cute Faaat Panda Beanbag

2007 New Year Live Teddy

Gray Fifth Anniversary Fatty Panda Plushie

Green Fifth Anniversary Fatty Panda Plushie

Red Fifth Anniversary Fatty Panda Plushie

Blue Fifth Anniversary Fatty Panda Plushie

Pink Fifth Anniversary Fatty Panda Plushie

Pineapple Gummy Chais

Grape Gummy Chais

Blue Raspberry Gummy Chais

Lemon Gummy Chais

Orange Gummy Chais

Strawberry Gummy Chais

Pink Lemonade Gummy Chais

Cola Gummy Chais





Spinach Meltybear

Mystery Meltybear

Liver Meltybear

Licorice Meltybear

Tamarind Meltybear

Eggplant Meltybear

Mango Meltybear



Bear Hug Carved Pumpkin

Snowy Village Plushie Parlor

Gold Meditating Bear Trinket







Teddy Bear Sword

Big Bear Hoodie

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