Dax has a minion!

Kurzon the Gosric

Legacy Name: Dax

The Common Noktoa
Owner: PUNK

Age: 15 years, 6 days

Born: September 17th, 2005

Adopted: 6 years, 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: March 23rd, 2014


  • Level: 62
  • Strength: 152
  • Defense: 151
  • Speed: 150
  • Health: 150
  • HP: 150/150
  • Intelligence: 238
  • Books Read: 235
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Lead Librarian


Making spells was all Dax knew. He had led a pretty quiet life, minding his own business. He had a lot of valued clients, who regularly visited him for a new spell, and Dax enjoyed it immensely. Using new and different ingredients always gave him a thrill. Everything he knew, he had learned from Zara, a wise and gentle soul. Zara had spent many years teaching Dax the art of spell-making, and she was proud of her protege. After much persuasion from Dax, she had written a book, including all her spell recipes, listing all the different ingredients needed and the effects of each spell. It was strictly for his eyes only, that was the one condition Zara placed on the writing of the book.

A short while after she had presented Dax with the finished book, he had excitedly taken it, and a rather large picnic, to the lake near her house. Spending several hours devouring the contents, he had become drowsy and after a while, fallen asleep. Waking with a start, he found the book was missing. Frantic, he searched everywhere, but it was nowhere to be seen. As it became dark, he realised the book was gone, forever. Having to admit to Zara what had happened filled Dax with dread.

The meeting went worse than he had expected. Zara was neither forgiving nor willing to overlook the missing book. Dax knew then that his friendship with Zara was ruined, and his heart was heavy. No amount of apologizing was going to fix things. All Zara's secrets, her recipes, were now in the hands of someone else - and that made Zara feel sick with despair. Her life's work, which she had so generously shared with Dax, was gone.

Dax sat at his table, looking at his spell ingredients which were spread around the kitchen. Tears poured down his face. He asked himself, how could he have been so careless? Especially with something so unique, so priceless. It was irreplaceable - but what mattered more was losing the trust and friendship he had with Zara. If it wasn't for her, and her training all those years ago, Dax would never have become who he was today.

With his head in his hands, he wondered how he could fix this mess. But deep down he knew, whatever he tried - there would never be a spell to bring back Zara's friendship. Packing his spell ingredients in a crate, Dax knew he would never make another spell again, as long as he lived. What he would do now, he had no idea. But moving away seemed the right thing..starting anew, making a new life for himself...trying to live with the guilt. And hoping, one day, it would hurt a little less than it did today.



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Dax logo: cooltext

Profile/story: PUNK

Pet Treasure

Self-Taught Sorcery

Wooden Mortar and Pestle



Golden Seal

Fresh Mistletoe



Deadly Nightshade

Common Rue


Deaths Kiss


Cave Moss

Ginger Root

Wild Garlic



Deaths Cap

Destroying Angel


Gold Dust

Honeysuckle Oil

Dragon Blood

Doves Blood

Holy Water

Crocodile Tears

Pixie Dust

Baby Breath

Squid Ink

Fishliver Oil

Dragon Breath

Jar of Fairy Dust

Beetle Juice

Rainbow Essence

Miniature Rainbow Essence

Fox Fire

Foo Dog Fur

Fly Wings

Butterfly Wings

Elven Ear

Cow Tongue

Gryphon Heart

Green Dragon Scale

Deer Antler

Bear Claw

Boar Tusk

Angelic Feather


Cobra Fang

Cow Horns

Banshee Tongue

Beeswax Candle


Demon Wing

Cats Eye

Elemental Candles


Bark of Birch


Amethyst Stone

Jade Bead

Dark Crystal Shard

Crystal Shard




Cinnamon Incense

Cedar Incense

Black Sand


Desert Sand


Crypt Dust


Gargoyle Fragments

Pet Friends