Fiji has a minion!

Omnom the Tacoboutus


The Custom Nostalgic Fester
Owner: Kitten

Age: 11 years, 4 months, 3 weeks

Born: July 12th, 2010

Adopted: 10 months, 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Adopted: January 12th, 2021


  • Level: 79
  • Strength: 198
  • Defense: 197
  • Speed: 107
  • Health: 111
  • HP: 111/111
  • Intelligence: 610
  • Books Read: 602
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Ready-to-Wear Designer

The flight was long, longer than you expected. You slept to bide hunger. Darkness is the last thing you remember seeing, as it was a cool winter morning back home and the sun had not yet come over the horizon. However, it was light out. It couldn't have been much later than noon. The rays washed over you and cascaded into unbound dimensions. Sunglasses, yeah, those would help see. After retrieving your luggage and going through the hassle of checking and making it to your hotel room. Finally, you could eat.

Or so you thought. Dragging yourself around trying to find that perfect first bite,. The alluring smell of spices filled the air making a seemingly comical vapor hand beckoning you over. Discovering a street vendor, you order the ancho pork corn taco w/ cheese, pico de gallo and extra slaw. Mustering up the last of your strength you make your way to a table.

Unbeknownst to you a resident of the area is making his way towards you. His slender legs made little noise as he hastily made his way across the court yard. People, terrified duck out of the way not wanting to stop his determination. Before you know it, he's upon you. Staring you down is the weirdest looking white flamingo you've ever seen. In fact it's the only flamingo you've ever seen. Unsure of how to react you sit completely still not breaking your gaze with the creature.

After what feels like forever, he reaches his lengthy head out and tilts it sideways and unhinges his jaw, with a single gulp he consumes your taco and runs off.

"Fiji!!!!", the street vendor calls out to you holding out a new taco while laughing. He tells you the story of the flamingo Fiji whom lives in the area. He isn't owned by anyone and is one of the only flamingos in the area. To your surprise he is still white despite an obviously decent source of food, the only part that is pink on him is the end of his tail. The vendor explains how he often steals food from tourists as they don't really know how to react with a flamingo staring them down. He basically lives at the resort and when he isn't fed by tourists he's fed by staff. He explains how friendly the flamingo is and you get the idea to become his friend.

After a few days you manage to get Fiji to actually come to you without the offer of food. He is actually incredibly affectionate and you can't get over how incredibly cute it is that he wraps his giant neck around yours to hug. Sadly tomorrow is your last day. You might never see him again so you give him your sunglasses. Not really sure why, but you felt compelled, and there's something about a flamingo with sunglasses that seemed pretty neat.

On the plane returning home you drift off again, this time however you have a full stomach and a heart full of memories about the weirdest flamingo you met named Fiji.

Art by User not found: junkgoblin

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