The_Mayor has a minion!

Mitzy the Chavee

Legacy Name: The_Mayor

The Blacklight Paralix
Owner: sassysubsis

Age: 11 years, 9 months, 1 day

Born: August 28th, 2010

Adopted: 11 years, 9 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: August 28th, 2010

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  • Level: 382
  • Strength: 956
  • Defense: 956
  • Speed: 952
  • Health: 957
  • HP: 906/957
  • Intelligence: 990
  • Books Read: 975
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Stargazer

In Loving Memory
This pet and page are dedicated to my best friend Walter "Wally" Anson A.K.A. The Mayor, born September 9, 1971. Raised in Silver Hill, living there his whole life, Wally was a giant compared to me. Standing 6' 4" and going over 250 lbs. He was a simple man that loved the simple things in life.
Still more coming...
Daily Do's Tour
See these ***? They mean it's a daily freebie!
A few of the dailies and some of the games have alerts that you can set to help remind you to play them. My advice on these alerts is to use them!!!

Collect Job Wages ***
Collect all that Sp your pets are earning.

Centropolis Lower West Side
Coin Machine
Drop in a special coin(blue, copper, gold, green, iron, pewter, red, silver) and get a prize. Slots coins give you 5000Sp.

Pawn Shop
Sell and buy goodies here.

Pina Park
Ikumoradeekanox ***
Pick odd fruit from here.

Trash Can ***
Can you score goods from the trash can?

Park Hustler ***
The hustler costs Sp to play, and sometimes he runs away and steals your Sp.

Donation Corner
Check it out in here and maybe you will get lucky and find some goodies that were donated by other generous users.

Training Center***
Train your pets here for battle, you get loot!

Free Food Center
There are a few things to check out here. The first being for new players, so their pets can eat for FREE! The second, donate food extras that you might have and get a shiny new achievement. The last thing that happens around here is, every so often there are free gifts that can be collected.

Recycling Center ***
Turn in items that the beast is asking for or use the smelter to earn the points you need to buy from his shop.

Adopt R Us
Open your heart and adopt a pet from the pound.

Art Museum
You can check out the art and buy from the gift shop, if you see something you like.

Seashell Spotter
Can you find the matching sea shells?

Fair Grounds
These games can be played every 12 minutes and they cost wizard tokens to play.
Ruffie Raffle ***
Pick the tile you fancy and win a wear.

Token Shop
Stocked randomly with awesome goodies that you can purchase with wizard tokens.

Mallarchy Pond
Pick a mallarchy and get a prize, it is that simple.

Balloon Hunt
Pick and pop a balloon and see if you are lucky enough to win a prize.

Ring Toss
Give your ring a toss at the bottles and see if you can win.

Blackheart Hollow
Checking in here randomly, may just get you some super rare goodies.

You can get humming power crystals when you frag (cheap)rare items.

Asmodeus Genetech Lab
Can you get the right combination of items to make a new item?Try here and see what you get.

Ultimate Pet Zapper
Stop in here and take a chance on zapping your pet.

The Crypts
Can you make it through the Crypt to reach the hidden treasure at the end?

Mage Quests
Turn in the mage amulets you get from Quentin and see if you are lucky enough to get a tome.

Zombie Den
Buy goods from here.

Pumpkin Patch
Stop here during Morostide and pick a spot in the patch to get a reward. Begins in mid-October and lasts til the end of the month.

Are you afraid to go into the unknown? Take a walk around down here and discover what is down here.

Secret Springs
Find your way to this secret fishing hole and see just what you can catch.

Arctic Frost
Gift Center
Send a gift box to a friend, exchange gifts with other random players, or just pick your price and the rest is done for you.

Polar Ice Fields***
Find your way through the maze of the frozen tundra?

Bring your instructions and parts needed.If you quit before it is finished you losse your instructions

Get presents from Melody everyday in the month of December.

Mysterious Melody
Exchange gifts with random players that you are paired up with.Take a chance and see what you might get in return?

Mystery Box
Buy an item from here and you only know what you are paying, NOT the item you are getting.If you knew what you were going to get, it wouldn't be a mystery now would it! The items in the box are from a different shop everyday.

Sacred Lands
Shinwa ***
Come find all five(5) pieces to Shinwa's bracelet and she will reward you with a stat booster if you are lucky, if not you get one of her personal items. Sometimes she is so pleased with your services she gives you two(2) stat boosters

Battle Coliseum
Get training so you can come here and kick booty! Take down bad guys and collect the loot they drop, along with some Sp and experience points to help your pet get better.

The Healer
Bring your pets here after a battle and pay a small bit of Sp to have them completely healed

The Oracle
Get special random events from the Oracle and complete it. You get a 15 point Wizard token, a random boost to a stat of your active pet, and a little bit of Sp

All the shops in the Sacred Lands are located here

Secluded Shrine
Come here and bring the ingredants to make powerful scrolls to use in battle.

Yun Enterprises
Get a special pet made here. Only if you have everything you need though.

Schematic Shop
Get the schematics you nee for building that new pet here.

Steamworks Menagerie
Buy wears and food from the Masquerade Ball shops.

Migrating Masks
Buy the newest masks for the Ball here

Galaxan Wastes
Galaxan Wastes
Feed these trapped minions that are starving.

Coda Caves
Coda Caves
On the 6th and 7th of every month, we are allowed entrance to dig for gems.

Veta Lake
Sarah's Starter Quests***
You can only do these quests if you are new to Subeta or you are super poor.

Subeta Public Gardens
Plant your flower seeds and be sure to water them or they will die.

Farmer's Market
Fill empty baskets up with food for your pets or help out The Dragon of Autumn by helping feed the little ones. If you are lucky, one may just follow you home

Bon Fire
Toss items into the bon fire and see if you get a kiss or roasted by the Red Rreign. He might even just give you an item back, will you try your luck?

The Resort
Check your pets in so they are happy and full.

The Brewery
You can buy food and drinks from here starting on the first of October and lasting five days.

Peka Park
Peka Park
Home to the Peka-Boo festival.

Peka Glade
If you can get here at the right times, you are allowed to fill up an empty bottle with glade water. Ornate Pitchers filled here turn your pet Glade. I think the times are 8-9 am and 8-9 pm Subeta time.

Bird Watching***
Want to try your luck and see if you can find the birds of Subeta?

Omen Islands
*You can only get to the Islands if you have completed an Uncharted map*
Freyalise Galley ***
Here you can score free food, a minion, or Matty passed out.

Forum Finds
These are things I have found on the forums that I think are awesome and want to share them with any that may read this page!Be sure to read the opening post or to find the rules, as every thread is different! Make sure you follow them In ALL forum threads listed below, Thank you.
Subeta Lotto
An unofficial lotto for Subeta by php. Nothing for you to lose, but maybe a chance to win a Subeta item. Get a FREE ticket every time a new lotto starts, and freel free to join the ping group.

Lotto's Home Page

Lotto's Ping Group

Subeta Showcase
Come and join us! Upload your avatars and show them off. What is your favorite of the day? Don't forget to join the ping group for new and exciting news that may pop up.

Subeta Showcase Home Page

Subeta Showcase Home Page

Subeta Showcase Forum Thread

Showcase's Ping Group

Pulling Names Raffle Thingy
User not found: yaoiobsessedfangirl has sweet little raffle that you can join in on. Nothing for you to lose, but maybe a chance to win a Subeta item. Get a FREE chance every time a brand new raffle is started!If you would like to take part in each raffle then i suggest you join the ping group or you will be missing out on amazing kindness and an awesome raffle!
Be sure to read the opening post for information about the raffle.

Pulling Names Raffle Thingy

Raffle Thingy Ping Group A.K.A NumberGame

Pet Treasure

Green Bobber


Pet Friends