Legacy Name: Eloren

The Common Experiment #893
Owner: SlashSlashX

Age: 11 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: September 2nd, 2010

Adopted: 9 years, 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: November 3rd, 2011


  • Level: 495
  • Strength: 1,231
  • Defense: 849
  • Speed: 1,237
  • Health: 1,236
  • HP: 1,220/1,236
  • Intelligence: 783
  • Books Read: 756
  • Food Eaten: 39
  • Job: Battle Master

"Why are we going to the Library?" Eloren demanded as his owner lead the way. "Because its important for your education." His owner replied. "We all need to read to learn about the world we live in and the Library is one of the best places to go and learn." Eloren tuned out his owner's latest lecture. What did it matter if he read or not? As long as he could swing a sword who cared? Blades were the only thing that really interested him. His liked things that had just as much of a chance of hurting you as anyone else. He liked risk, unpredictable things and extreme sports. They all added spice to life. What was the point of book when you could got out and experience things for yourself? He gazed around the room filled to the celling with books. Subetans moved around in hushed tones as they browsed the shelves. (Ye gods this is boring.) Eloren thought as he lent against a shelf and waited for his owner to be done. Why he couldn't have stayed at home and polished his blade collection he did not know. What he needed was some excitement. Something new in his life. "Excuse you! But would you mind moving your fat rear out the way so I can get on with my job?" Eloren snapped his head round ready to give the speaker a kicking they wouldn't forget only to be confronted by a pair of grey eyes. They reminded him of a perfect polished blade; sharp clear and completely deadly. They were set in a perfectly white face with delicate shell pink scales covering part of it. Jet black hair pierced by what looked like a single broken horn of pure pink jade completed the picture. Eloren's anger vanished like smoke before the wind. "Ha?" He tried. "Ye gods what is it with all the brick brained clod hoppers today?" The Legeica growled with a roll of her eyes. "You! Move rear! Or I mow you down with trolley!" She snapped, shoving her trolley full of books so it banged into his chest as a warning. "Right! Yes!" Eloren managed as he jumped away from the shelf. The Legeica gave a sigh of frustration and moved towards the shelf. She began to shove books into it with all the air of someone who is having a really bad day made worse by the problem in front of them. Now that he had taken a step back Eloren could have a good look at more than just her face. Her figure was round and toned. (Clearly a battle pet.) He thought with satisfaction. Long strong legs with plenty of cover led up to a curvy torso with muscles moving smoothly under a pure white coat. Her face was beautifully crafted and might have been sculpted from pure white alabaster if the artist had wanted to put an expression on her face like she had just eaten a mouth full of wasps. But that air! He had the feeling like someone was holding an axe blade over his head and all he had to do was twitch wrong to get it in the neck. All in all, Eloren liked what he saw and his tail decided to vent his feelings with a hiss that became a wolf whistle. SMACK! Her tail lashed out so fast he never saw it coming and slapped both of Eloren's faces. Hard! Once Eloren was able to see again though his tears of pain he could see one grey eye regarding him with a look of acidic disdain. "Hmph!" The Legeica snorted as she shoved the trolley away to the next part of the Library that needed tending to. Eloren stood, legs splayed, his tail out for the count and a red mark forming on his cheek, gazing after her. "What a woman!" He whispered.

For the next two day Eloren mooned after the vision he'd seen in the Library. "Such poise! Such elegance! And a tail like a whip! I have GOT to meet her!" He said to himself. "The problem is how? I don't even know her NAME! In order to run into her again I'd need to go back to-" "Okay guys! We're heading out!" Eloren's owner called from the front door. With a thunder of hooves Eloren arrived before his owner and fellow Subetans. "Hey! Are we going to the Library today?!" His owner paused. "The Library? But you said-" "Oh but that was before I realised that you were completely right! I need to think about my education! I mean, its so important to keep your mind as sharp as a blade, right?" There was a pause while his owner gazed at him. "You're actually going to try and improve your education?" "Absolutely!" Eloren was almost vibrating with enthusiasm as he waited for his owner to decide. "Well I'm glad to see you finally come to your senses! It's about time you started taking your studies seriously!" "Oh yes! I will be taking my studies very seriously." Eloren agreed as they left the house. For the next two hours Eloren tried not skip with glee that he would soon be seeing his razor sharp Legeica again and not thumping his owner and fellow pets as they moved so slowly! Still, it was better than when those of his household who were not fooled by his sudden interest in books demanding to know what he was up to. After what felt like forever the Library loomed into view. The headed up the steps with Eloren franticly smoothing his mane and making sure his scale and horns were clean. As soon as his owner was distracted by the Librarian, Eloren shot behind the nearest shelf and sneaked off deeper into the Library. Once he was sure he was alone, he started searching for a glimmer of white. After ten minutes his patience was wearing thin, no sign of her and his owner would be blundering in soon! He HAD to find her! Or at least a clue to who she was. An idea came to him and he turned towards the sign he could see over the shelves that read 'Information'. He was still trying to come up with a good way of asking for her address that didn't sound creepy when he rounded the corner and spotted the pet at the desk. A pure white coat, jet black hair, delicate pink scales and an annoyed expression as she flipped through the magazine she was reading. Eloren vanished back out of sight behind the bookcase. (Its HER!) He thought as he peaked round the edge of the shelf. The only difference from before was a small, fashionable set of reading specticals adorned her noise. They suited her perfectly. Quickly Eloren tidied his mane again, checked his teeth, breath and rehearser his lines. "Okay. How do I look?" He asked his tail. The snake like visage gave him a wink. "Okay. Let's go start our education." He commented as he stepped out and made his way leisurely across to the Information Desk. The Legeica didn't look up from what she was reading. Eloren lent against the desk and put on his most winning smile. "Hi." He began. Those steel grey eyes flicked up to look at him. "Who let you out? I thought your zoo keeper knocked you out and put you back in the Slobbering animal pen." "Oh! So you think I'm an animal do you?" Eloren flirted. The look she gave him should have left him as nothing more than a smear on the floor. "If you can call a half brained hag fish an animal." She replied. "Ahem. I don't think we were properly introduced. I'm Eloren." He tired, sensing that the conversation was sliding away from him. "Oh we were introduced last time." She replied. "We...were?" He asked. "Yes." "But I don't know your name." Suddenly she was nose to nose with him, her eyes narrowed. "We were because I got your measure as soon as you opened that part of your face you seem to want to put your foot!" She lent back to look down her nose at him. "Now beat it! I'm busy." She turned back to the artical she had been reading. Eloren stood next to the desk desperately trying to come up with something to say. He was put out of his misery but someone coming up to the Information Desk. "Excuse me, where do I find the books about fashion?" "The section under the great big sign that says: Fashion." The Legeica replied. The enquirer looked over to the section. "Aw. But there's so many books and I only want one. Can't you find it? It had a purple cover and was, like, full of really cool designs." The Legeica closed her magazine and looked at the customer dead in the eye. "I will now explain the idea of a Library. We put books on the shelves and you go and read the ones you want. If you can't find the one you want to give me a title and the author's name and I'll go find it. Telling me you want one that's purple is not just lazy it leaves me wondering if you had a brain transplant with a brick! You want that book?! Go look for it! I am NOT here to make up for your lack of work ethic!" The customer blinked. "Why you- I want to see your manager right now!" The Legeica slammed her hooves on the desk and pulled herself up to get eye to eye with the customer. "No. You find him. You want to make a complaint? Do it yourself. You want that book? Find it. I know this will mean actively using your brain and, dare I say it, working which will probably be a first for you. But all you need to do is a bit of walking and a bit of reading. Now go do whatever it is you want to do and leave me to do some work that actually matters! You can't find the book? Do come back and we'll try this again. But until then, get out of my sight!" Turning pale the customer backed away until they turned and fled for the safety of the Fashion department. She sat down again and turned to find Eloren staring at her with his mouth open. "I hope you realise I'll use you for a filing rack if you don't close your yap." She snapped. Eloren set his chin on her desk and virtually melted. "Please. I don't mind if you do. I just want to see you do that again."

Eloren's owner found him ten minutes later with his head sit sitting on the Legeica's desk and a besotted look on his face. His horns were covered in paper notes since the Legeica had decided to make good on her threat. She glanced up from what she was reading when his owner came over. "I assume this is yours?" She commented as she pointed at Eloren with a pen. Eloren just heaved a wistful sigh. "Can you remove him already? He's been drooling on my desk since he got here."

"What is wrong with you?!" Demanded Eloren's own as they dragged him outside. "Bothering the staff like that! I thought you were going to work on your education!" "Huh? Oh. About 2.30." Eloren replied. His owner stopped and waved their hand before his face. "Subeta to Eloren. Are you receiving?" "Hm? Oh yes. That would be fine." He replied. "Uh-Oh." His owner muttered as they continued to drag Eloren back home.

Eloren sat in his room, gazing out the window and feeling utterly content. He knew she had bite but this! The set downs, the acidic tone, the fact she had looked utterly perfect while she had been serving the idiot his just desserts. It had been art! And then she had brushed his horns while stabbing bits of paper on them. She had touched him! Life was good. This had to be love. There was no other feeling in the world to describe this. He just wanted to go back and place his head on that desk again and watch her perform like a living blade. He'd never seen nor met anyone who could make words cut so perfectly. The very idea that she existed made him shiver. "Eloren?" His owner asked as he came into his room. "Hm?" Eloren replied as he watched a bird flutter onto a tree outside. "Eloren I think we need to talk." "Uh-huh." "Eloren, what is wrong with you?! What did this Legeica do to you?!" "She's wonderful, isn't she?" Eloren sighed. If he placed his chin on the window he could almost imagine he was back there gazing at her. "Wonderful?! She's rude and I heard one person make a complaint against her! They said she threatened them!" "Not really threatened. More put them in their place. The guy was asking for a purple book and being seriously unhelpful. But the way she put him down! Would that a blade had such a sting." Eloren gazed out at the sky and ran her voice thorough his mind. He could listen to it forever. "Eloren? Your not- I mean, do you have a crush on this girl?" "Who wouldn't? She smart, she strong, she's drop dead gorgeous and she had a tongue sharper than any blade." He heaved another sigh. "She's perfect." "Wow. I mean, wow. You have it bad don't you?" Eloren didn't reply to this. Merely gazed at the sky with longing eyes. "Well, do you even know her name?" "No mores the pity. I did try but she wasn't interested. I wish I was a paper spike. Then I could sit on her desk all day and she'd stab paper with me." "Er Eloren? You said she wasn't interested." "Well yes. But I don't mind. I mean, she wouldn't have that edge if she'd swooned before me. No. I like the challenge and the fact that you just can't tell what it is she's about to do." "I see. Eloren, I don't think this girl is any good for you." Eloren gave his owner a look. "That's kind of the point. Besides, don't you think its a little unfair to judge her before you actually get to know her?" "Eloren. She was using you as a scrap paper sorter." "Well yeah but she was working and I wasn't moving so its alright." His owner sat and gazed at him for a few momments before getting up and leaving Eloren to his day dreams.

Two days later Eloren gazed around the shelves at the Legcia who was once again at the information desk. To Eloren's delight his owner hadn't just brought him to the Library but had left him there for the rest of the day. Carefully he groomed his mane and shined his scales before trotting out and placing his head on her desk. The Legacia looked up from her book. "You? Again?! Don't you have someone else to drive insane?" She snapped. "None that are as pretty as you." Eloren sighed. The Legacia eyed him with a mix of distain and worry. "If I didn't know you were crazy before I know it now. Why would you say something ridiculus like that?" "Cos its true. You are pretty." He replied. For the first time those grey eyes reguarded him with an expression that was not one of dislike. "You...Think I'M pretty?" "Pretty, glorious, beautiful, magnificent, stunning. I can go on all day if you like." "Please don't." She replied.

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