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Carl the Spacetime Steward

Legacy Name: Souffles

The Scribble Experiment #357
Owner: Raven

Age: 10 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: September 4th, 2010

Adopted: 8 years, 5 months, 3 days ago

Adopted: May 16th, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 23rd, 2014


  • Level: 66
  • Strength: 153
  • Defense: 151
  • Speed: 151
  • Health: 152
  • HP: 152/152
  • Intelligence: 209
  • Books Read: 203
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Web Developer

My parents had a little café on the desolate Star Liner planet appropriately named Wasteland. They called me Clara, my friends called me Oswin and my girlfriend called me Os—I was going through a phase. Her name was Nina and to others I called her Rory—it was a thing we shared. Now, if you’ve never been on a Star Liner planet, then you are considerably lucky. It is utterly boring. Hacking into the security protocols sensors and watching the patrols running amok wasn’t without some amusement, mind you, but there’s only so much one can do on a ship that’s hurling though space, going pretty much nowhere.

I, of course, had read everything on the planet from my computer by the time I was six years old. There was a few lovely cookbooks in the database but after the spectacular fire, my parents banned me from cooking for a bit…well that was until I inadvertently rerouted the Wasteland’s trajectory into the Darwin nebula at age twelve. In my defence, I had no idea that the blue wire wasn’t suppose to spark like that—it was pretty though. After that, my parents put me to work in their café . I wasn’t exactly great shakes at cooking, food doesn’t have wires and programming components you know…well the Krown’s food does but that’s neither here nor there.

Despite my lack of culinary prowess, I was determined to learn how to make soufflés. I mean how perfect are they? Yummy—gooey—light little cakes that can be turned into dinner or desert—its destiny. I had just started working on them when the Starship Alaska embarked on our Star Liner for some repairs. Now, don’t judge, but if you were a young ambitious girl with a desire to get off your rusty planet, what would you have done? Exactly, you would have seen the Starship Alaska in the sector nearby and rerouted it towards the Wasteland then, tinkered with binary systems to make the Alaska have little choice but to dock for repairs. And that’s exactly what I did. I was able to quickly override the doors and let myself in and of course fool the computer into believing that I was supposed to be there. Kinda brilliant, if I do say so myself.

Having successfully joined the crew of the Alaska I was made Junior Entertainment Manager, but that did not last very long as we crashed into the planet I would later find out was the Dalek Asylum. I escaped down a ladder into the heart of the asylum and barricaded myself in.

Day 1: I’ve managed to look through the computer and began searching for life signs of the Alaska, so far, no luck. Decided to start working on soufflés whilst I wait for rescue. Today’s attempt was Chocolate soufflé…and an utter failure. I do not believe that it should be the consistency of cement, will have to analyze what went wrong.

Day 5: The natives are getting restless. They’ve begun banging on my door nightly. Fortunately for me, I have found a way to access the Alaska’s data core and downloaded their music files. Today I blasted music from Les Miserables as I attempted an Asparagus soufflé. Tasted like glue and mushy asparagus—do not recommend to feed to anyone… hmm, wonder if the daleks would eat it?

Day 12: The lovely strawberry soufflé sunk like theBismarck, the moment my spoon hit its luscious top. So sad. I wrote an epitaph for it and slid it under my door for my little robotic maniacs. They did not seem to enjoy today’s selection of Mozart tunes at full blast—strange. Still no signs of life on the sensors. Wonder where the crew of the Alaska went.

Day 23: The Beef Wellington soufflé actually tasted like eating wellies, the rain boots... No idea how that happened. My music selection was also a fiasco, I tried to play some old Earth folk songs by Brittany Spears, but for some reason the daleks took extreme disliking to it and tried to exterminate me through my very solid doors. Thank goodness for good strong metal. I’ve discovered that all the Alaska crew members have been turned into dalek puppets because of the nanocloud covering the planet. My bunker must be the only thing keeping me from the same fate, added a shield to increase protection from the nanocloud. Maintaining a positive mindset for my rescue has proven to be a tad tricky; nevertheless I shall keep making my soufflés against the dalek invasion.

Day 117: I’ve read pretty much everything in the data banks of the Alaska and have started tinkering with the dalek asylum. I made a pair of daleks waltz which was entertaining to say the least. My cheese soufflé looked really good today until I dropped it on the floor.

Day 134: Did you know an ood is born with his brain in his hand? That’s why they are so peaceful. Now why couldn’t I have crashed on a planet of oods. Love an ood. Wait, is it ood or oods for plural. Nina had an ood servant once. She named him Carl, Carl the ood. Wonder where they are? My birthday soufflé was custard flavoured. It was pretty good, if not a little strange.

Day 237: Eggs. What a funny word, eggs. Such a silly oval and oh so fragile. Oh you funny word egg. Egg, eggy, eggs, eggcellent eggs. So much better then exterminate. Oh, all you daleks want to do is eggterminate. Okay, I admit, I’m a little loopy today, can’t blame a girl for a bit of space madness, can you? I mean the only company I have wants to do me in and my soufflés still have yet to be perfected. The soufflé of the day was black current—it was too good to live.

Day 267: Nina’s birthday today. I made her a lovely raspberry soufflé as a tribute. Spent awhile reading through my journal with exploits we experienced. The first time I had met her we did a lot of running. I was on a train to visit a relative on a neighbouring planet called Jumplar. She had hijacked the train I was on. Now hijacking a Solar Train is nothing short of ambitious, so naturally problems arose for her. Apparently, she crossed the circuitry and sent our train spirally out of control. I was able to stabilize it and get the train back on course. When the train flew into its station, I also was able to reroute the security to the wrong terminal and raced after her. She was everything my life hadn’t been, exciting.

Day 300: Tried an egg soufflé, which in my mind was just adding a hardboiled egg in the centre... yeah, not so much. It is a very good thing I don’t know any universe renowned chefs or else I think they would join my “friends” pounding at my door.

Day 365: Life signs, three, to be exact! My rescue has come. I’m positively bouncing. Gotta go and work on rescuing them so they can rescue me.

I looked at my Chin-boy and said “Run you cleaver boy, run, run and remember me.” The Doctor did get to me to save me. But sometimes stories don’t end they way you expect. It bothered the Doctor how I’d gotten the eggs for my soufflés. It was a detail my mind had overlooked. You see, I hadn’t actually been alive since I got here—well not in the sense I was used to. I was fully converted to a dalek and my mind fought to hide the awful truth. That was my encounter with the Doctor and his bright blue box and then I died to save him, blowing the planet to smithereens. But sometimes stories don’t start the way you expect either. My ending of sorts is nothing short of spectacular and quite impossible, but that was also my beginning. Impossible as it is, I died and lived again. And now am ready to join the Doctor in his marvellous Tardis. Next stop, everywhere.

Story by Raven

About Clara: Later in the series, it was discovered that Clara stepped into the Doctor's personal time line and shattered into several pieces of herself, which is why she died in several episodes--they were echos of the actual Clara.

About Daleks: Daleks are creatures encased in a metal body. Their sole purpose is to exterminate everything that is not a dalek or to convert other lifeforms into daleks. The daleks converted Clara into a dalek, but she couldn't remember this, and built herself the dreamworld in which she made souffles whilst waiting for rescue.

About The Doctor The Doctor is a time traveling alien who travels around and saves the galaxy with the help of chosen companions.

Special thanks to Paddy who commissioned Ringo to create this fabulous profile as an early birthday present. You're too awesome -squishes-
Painting "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh
All Doctor Who references, quotes and images are copyrighted from the BBC. Story derived from the episodes "Dalek Asylum" and "The Snowmen" with additional help from the following here and having watched the show.

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