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Legacy Name: Mickee

The Nightmare Archan
Owner: Alysse

Age: 10 years, 1 month, 3 weeks

Born: September 4th, 2010

Adopted: 7 years, 1 week, 6 days ago

Adopted: October 13th, 2013


  • Level: 45
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

wendigo form by Alysse

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Notes for self- Please ignore anything in []
Mickee is a Wendigo. Fortunately, his insatiable hunger for human flesh has not completely overpowered him, thus he still has the ability to transform back and forth from wendigo to human. However, once his desire has swallowed up his humanity, he will no longer have the ability to transform. In his human form, he is very handsome and very charming. He lures people in with his false sense of kindness and then slowly tears them down to nothing. He is also self-destructive and emotionally abusive, thus he can never find himself a permanent partner (not that he has any interest in a binding relationship). He enjoys sex and drinking a poisonous amount of alcohol. When he isn't hungry (which is very rare now and days), he will seek out social interactions. A wendigo life is a very lonely one, and before Mickee had succumbed to the curse, he was always very social.

The curse all started with his father's father. At least, that's as far back as Mickee knows. Mickee's father, Malcolm, had apparently come from a long line of wendigo ancestry, and eventually became one himself. He claimed he heard voices calling him from the mountains, or so he told Mickee's mother, Nina, and followed the sound one night. He was gone for almost a year after that. When he was found, he was starving and frostbitten under a pile of dead branches and snow. It had taken him some time to recover from his trauma, though eventually he was able to be reunited with his wife. Unfortunately, Malcolm was never the same. He talked to himself and twitch often. Nina was concerned, worried that the time he spent out in the woods had caused some sort of post traumatic stress disorder. She tried to console him, but all he wanted to do was to be left alone in the backyard. She did as he asked, and as the months rolled by, Malcolm became something horrific.

Nina stumbled upon a nasty scene of blood and filth one morning in their backyard. That was all it took for her to leave her home and husband forever. She knew deep down that Malcolm had killed someone, and his sudden disappearance had only solidified the idea in her mind. Eventually Nina had become inconsolably paranoid; she was constantly on the move in fear her husband would find her. Seven months after the incident, Nina gave birth to twin boys and dubbed them Mickee and Mackenzie. She kept moving around despite the fact that she had two children to raise now. She wouldn't keep them in one place for very long, making it difficult for the boys to find friends and be happy. She kept moving until her cousin finally told her to settle down for the sake of her children. It wouldn't be until the boys turned twelve that they finally had a permanent place to live. Nina had passed her sons off to her cousin and her cousin's husband before disappearing herself. The boys never heard from their mother again. Mickee assumed that his father had finally caught up to her.

Mickee and Mackenzie attempted to live a normal life after being left in the care of their mother's cousin. Mackenzie was a crybaby and easy to please. He grew up graduating with honors in both high school and college, eventually moving on to become a software engineer. Mickee, on the other hand, loved the social life more than academics, and he barely graduated from high school. He was kicked out of college his first year for poor grades, which he cared very little about. After a series of jobs and traveling, Mickee eventually settled for a popular cosmetics store in a small, rural town (the only one around for miles) in the mountains. Once things had seemed to be getting better for the twenty-something-year old, he began to hear voices.

Someone was calling him name. A constant whispering through his window, enough to drive anyone mad. The voices came from the woods way off in the distance. Every place he went, they came from the woods. It even seeped into the cities that didn't see trees for miles. They were following him everywhere, and they grew is volume and frequency. Eventually Mickee packed a bag and went into the forest a few miles away from his apartment. He had to know who was calling him. He then went missing for eight months; he remembered very little.

He was found halfway up a mountain by a hunter and brought to a hospital in the city. It took him a week to wake from the coma he was in, and doctors were astonished that he was even alive. He was thin and pale; parts of his body frost bitten. His internal temperature wouldn't rise to the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter what they tried to do. He was slow; he didn't talk for days, except to say how hungry he was. The nurses tried to feed him, but he kept vomiting every time he ate.
About a month after he was brought into the hospital, Mickee had regained color in his skin and the ability to consume solid food. He could walk and talk normally and was even seen flirting with the nurses from time to time. The only thing the doctor was confused and concerned with was Mickee's low body temperature, but it didn't seem to affect his recovery so it was decided to dismiss the man from the hospital.

Mickee went back to his job at the cosmetics store, where he still works. No one asked what had happened to him, but all the other employees noticed the major change in his appearance. He looked like he was starving.

Mickee's number one goal is to eat. Always eat, eat, eat. Even when he's not eating, he's always on the lookout for his next meal. He lives in a small, mountainous town, making it easy for him to claim victims in the forests and rocky environments surrounding the area. He slinks from place to place, never overfeeding in one area, in fear it would draw too much attention. When he's not hunting around the mountains, he loves to travel to the larger city 45 minutes away and visit the strip clubs and bars. It is at one of these strip clubs, The Heartless Bastards, where he meets Benny, a very irritating, but attractive waiter. For Mickee, it was supposed to be a one night stand, but for Benny, it was love at first sight.

Mackenzie- He doesn't get along with his brother- Mackenzie believes Mickee is a bad influence and dangerous. Mackenzie does know about Mickee being a Wendigo, which means he keeps his distance even more. Mackenzie's husband, Rhode, knows of Mickee's existance, but he doesn't know that he is Mackenzie's twin. Mackenzie is starting to show signs of becoming a Wendigo- Mickee is encouraging him to listen to the wind, the voice that keeps calling him into the forest. He'll say he's doing it because he wants revenge for how Ze treated him their entire lives, but deep, deep down, in spite of himself, he doesn't want to feel alone anymore. He doesn't want to bear the curse alone, for it hurts too much. It's a constant mix of sadness, anger, and starvation. It would just be nice to have someone to relate to. [ Eventually Mackenzie will disappear for four months, thus completing the curse. He'll keep better contact with his brother once he understand what's happening to him. Mackenzie really likes Benny and wishes he wasn't dating his brother. ]

Rhode- Rhode is Mackenzie's husband, and a pain in the ass according to Mickee. While Mickee has never met Rhode in person, he can't stand how dependent he is on Ze, especially with his respiratory disorders. It's because of Rhode that Mackenzie hasn't completely succumbed to the curse, and the reason why Mackenzie refuses to stay connected to his twin brother. [ Rhode eventually has to deal with Mackenzie turning into a Wendigo (basically a separate story- Mackenzie cheats on Rhode with someone. Mackenzie feels so guilty that he brings that person with him on a camping trip with an ulterior motive- eats the person he cheated with as revenge when they get lost in the mountains- begins the curse). During the time in between the beginning of Mackenzie's transformation and the middle of Mickee's, he finally meets Mickee and his "boyfriend" Benny. Rhode gets along with Benny, despite the two having nothing in common. Rhode does not know Benny is a vampire. After being tired of constant abuse from Mickee, Benny confides in Rhode all his troubles. He then tries to make a pass at the human during his time of vulnerability, thus sparking his desire for human blood temporarily. Mickee pulls Benny away just before anything happens, and their relationship starts to fall apart after that. ]

Benny- a dumb, cheery vampire that won't leave Mickee alone. Mic loved the freedom he had; the ability to eat whoever he wanted and have sex with whoever he wanted. Now, he feels trapped with the non-human, and he can't eat him to end the relationship. Benny is very cutesy and expects a lot from Mic- Mickee emotionally and physically abuses Benny, even forcing him to drink the blood from Mickee's victims despite the fact that Benny hates human blood. Even with all the tormenting, Benny won't leave him be. It is a very unhealthy relationship. [ Eventually Mickee breaks down and admits that he was trying to push Benny away because he is destined to live his life alone, something he is completely terrified of. He also admits to Benny that the feeling of starvation is growing so quickly that his body hurts immensely. He can't stop thinking about eating. He knows that he will soon lose whatever human part of him is left and eventually become the monster he was destined to be. he knows that once he has changed, he will no longer have the emotion to care for anyone or anything. He will only eat whatever comes his way, even if it's non-human. Benny tells Mickee he loves him, and he's willing to take the risk because he's a monster too. After reconciling, their relationship becomes better, and Mickee treats Benny with the affection and love Benny craved from the beginning. Mickee still says hurtful things from time to time, but he is quick to apologize. He can't stand it when Benny cries. At first it was annoying, but as time goes on, it just hurts him. Eventually Mickee will completely transform, but he doesn't forget Benny. He is Benny's lover for life. ]

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