Legacy Name: Beergirl

The Glade Popoko
Owner: sassysubsis

Age: 11 years, 10 months, 1 day

Born: September 5th, 2010

Adopted: 11 years, 10 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: September 5th, 2010

Nominate Pet for Spotlight


  • Level: 234
  • Strength: 585
  • Defense: 585
  • Speed: 575
  • Health: 575
  • HP: 575/575
  • Intelligence: 1,245
  • Books Read: 1226
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Analytic Methodologist

You can put something here if you would like to. Like HEY these are all the CWs I own. FEAR MEH. Just a suggestion.
Thank you to the AWESOME Searchname for the excellent cw page :purple_heart:!! I LOVE it Jen!
Everything with a * next to it, is either private or limited. These items will NEVER be for sale or trade, so please do not ask about this over the items marked as such! Thanks.
Everything with a ** next to it is shared with a friend.
*** 3 stars is a special gift from special friends!
If you see a w next to an item it means I won it.

Remnants of a Forgotten Heart
Hovering UFO
Cherry Blossom Sample
Camera Rippled Effect
Magical Mystery Van
Lantern of the Forgotten Bridge
Sacred Rainforest Terrarium
Crossroads to Destiny
Insta-Garden Kit
Beloved Buttercups and Butterflies
Summer Garden Gate
Fall Garden Gate
Kissing Cardinal Companions
Grimoire of Nostalgia
Constellation in a Bottle
Snow Packed Polar Print
New Age Romance Novel
New Age Romance Reel
Photograph of a Morning Meadow
Damp Rhyolite
Fantastical Sprite Glen
Item not found: sunlit faerie mushrooms
Comfy Getaway Cushion
Mystic Well of the Forgotten Forest
Pink Pitcher of Moon-Kissed Water
Red Pitcher of Moon-Kissed Water
Blue Pitcher of Moon-Kissed Water
Pitcher of Moon-Kissed Water
Silver Pitcher of Moon-Kissed Water
Orange Pitcher of Moon-Kissed Water
Vial of Lost Souls
Figurine of the Howling Wolf
Enchanted Jar of the Sakura Temple
Magical Jar of the Sakura Temple
Miraculous Jar of the Sakura Temple
Charmed Jar of the Sakura Temple
Cursed Swan Trinket
Enchanted Swan Trinket
Shades of Blue Butterflies
Vial of Shimmer Essence
Festive Front Entrance Mirror
Tree Trunk of Carved Love
Snow Globe of the Wintersun
Little Dove in Heaven
Bottled Pink Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Secret Lotus of the Hidden Pond
Sapphire Flowering Frame
Blush Flowering Frame
Frosted Frame Piece
Victorian Scrapbook Kit
Egyptian Scrapbook Kit
Snowflake Scrapbook Kit
Twinkling Mini Tree
Shard of Rosy Ice
Magical Botany Class Memento
Twinkling Midnight Lantern
Twinkling Dawn Lantern
Retrieved Mysterious Mansion Top
Gifts of Relaxation
Magical Storybook Garden
Enchanted Calming Tree
Hidden Valley Snow Globe
Aurora Borealis of Friendship
Scenic Day Snow Globe
Aurora Stag Totem
Bottled Amethyst Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Celestial Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Galactic Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Golden Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Mint Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Peach Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Periwinkle Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Red Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Sapphire Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled White Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Bottled Paradise
Broken Cherry Tree Branch
Entranced Flower Lantern
Gifts of Relaxation
Glorious Trellis of Morning
Icy Luminaire Tree Island
Magnum Opus
Pink Space Dust
Shamrock Scrapbook Kit
Sunset Lake
Tree of Everlasting Love
Mourning Dew Weeping Willow Charm

Ebil Fabric of Despair
Purrrfectly Pink Spotted Hoodie
Everlasting Love Ensemble
Gothic Medieval Wedding Dress Fabric
Mysterious Black Scraps of Fabric
Bloody Zombie Dress Scraps
Timeless Sheer Gown
Pinned Luna Moth Gown
Wonderfully Versatile Black Lace Stole
Gown of Pure Matrimony
Elegantly Boxed Filigree Dress
Vibrantly Plumed Dress
Cerulean Carnation Printed Silken Sample
True Treasure Flutter Butterfly Dress
Magical Flutter Butterfly Dress
Envious Lace Cloth
Devotion of the Calla Lily
Scrap of Emerald Rose Fabric
Wine Flowered Ruffles
Pouch of Heaven
Pouch of Love
Heirloom of the Dark Horse
Essence of the Calla Lily
Opalescent Waist Wrap
Bottled Passion Filigree Fabric
Delicately Folded Rosette Sash
Rose Social Butterfly Dress
Black Rainbow Herb Sweater
Dainty Polka Dotted Fabric Sampling
Tee of Confusion
Dainty Pearled Fabric Sampling
Wickedly Folded Rosette Sash
Courage of the Calla Lily
Fancy Twisted Bow Top
Lava Infused Fabric Globe
Flirtatious Party Skirt
Spring Sky Silk Butterfly Gown
Scattered Aqua Dress Sketches
Ice Infused Fabric Globe
Blossom Infused Fabric Globe
Layered Lace Fashion Magazine
Questionably Seductive Slip
Pretty Pink Present Bow
Item not found: ruby liquorice milkshake corset
Chilled Cosmic Raspberry Cream Cloth
Mysteries of the Spring Bottled Butterfly
Mysteries of the Autumn Bottled Butterfly
Mysteries of the Enchanted Bottled Butterfly
Mysteries of the Calm Bottled Butterfly
Mysteries of the Sinful Bottled Butterfly
Ancient Coin of the Pure Goddess
Ancient Coin of the Sultry Goddess
Soft Blue Drape
Lucky Calico Kitty Paws
Silky Tranquil Cake
Figurine of the Mystic Fairy
Petals and Chiffon Bouquet
Cherry and Vanilla Tea Kimono
Classic Denim Mini
Sakura Infused Champagne Fabric
Lovely Whale Bone Corset
Sensual Floral Slip
Elegant Penguin Dress
Bow Tied Iced Sample
*Item not found: tie dyed perky skirt
Precious Bolt Samples
Boxed Victorian Lace Fabric
Delicate Cloth Wrapped Cake Of Devotion
Delicate Cloth Wrapped Cake of Nova
Delicate Cloth Wrapped Cake of Mystery
Delicate Cloth Wrapped Cake of Intuition
Handmade Galactic Crop Top
Sexy Laced Bodysuit
Innocent Laced Bodysuit
Boxed Short Shorts
Birthday Cupcake Corset
Slightly Sheer Pink Faded Chemise
Waffle Coned Skirt
Legendary Studded Corset
Mystic Fabric of the Porcelain Doll
Playful Kitten Blush Fabric
Birthday Blueberry Cupcake Corset
Innovator Bunny Fabric
Fabric of the Wedding Bouquet
Heavenly Lace Cloth
Just Thin Enough Rose Wrap
Lovely Little Dress
Nature Fairy Enchantment Dress
Passionate Violin Corset
Pink Crocheted Imperial Top
Ribbon Of Hope
Ribboned Branch of Blooming Flowers
Romantic Violin Corset
Seductive Lace Cloth
Sunny Lace Cloth
Tropical Adorned Feather Dress
Under The Sea Fluorescent Corset
Vase of the Flowered Chemise
White Daisy Fabric
Ripped Shorts of Punishment

Broken Blacklight Crystal Ball
Bottled Ombre Fire Sprite Locks
Pinned Waves of the Innocent Starfish
Pinned Waves of the Seductive Starfish
Bottled Water Sprite Locks
Cocoa Bottled Fairy Locks
Narcissus Serpentine Wig
Braided Bun of Dark Desires
Empathic Beauty Locks
Chocolate Bottled Fairy Locks
Pink Bottled Fairy Locks
Slated Whimsical Strands
Strawberry Confection Strands
Pinned Waves of the Adorable Starfish
Braided Bun of the Black Widow
Braided Bun of the Morning Sunrise
Innocent Whimsical Strands
Pinned Waves of the Enchanted Starfish
Sweet-N-Short Chocolate Bits
Rebellious Whimsical Strands
Vampire Fangs and Coffin Nails Cursed Locks
Twisted Whimsical Strands
Broken Rainbow Crystal Ball
Sunset Butterfly Locks
Silver Cuffed Hera Haira
Frisky Hair Wrapped Sai
Aurora Hair-Wrapped Alpaca
Innocent Rose Shaved Palette
Raspberry Tea Shaved Palette
Knotty Love Locks
Seductive Knotty Love Locks
Burnt Knotty Love Locks
Mischievous Knotty Love Locks
Royal Kitten Hair
Torn Baggie of Glitter Extensions
Tangled Chocolate Loose Strands
Chocolate Cake Berry Curls
Passionate I Love You More Locks
Fearless Merino Curls
Luring Siren Strands
Locks of Lovely Gumption
Delicate Cherry Waves
Blush Cotton Candy Strands
Red Hot Dumpling Tresses
Plum Surprise Dumpling Tresses
Item not found: brown dollie curlsItem not found: fartastic dollie curls
Whipped Cherry Bomb Strands
Pristine Braided Pixie Locks
Special Pixie Dust Curls
Crazy Hairy Lovepop
Elegant Peacock Curls
Can of Whipped Caramel Cream Curls
Cheerful Takeaway Box Strands
Chocolate Takeaway Box Strands
Elegant Passion Peacock Curls
Elegant Unique Peacock Curls
Everlasting Love Locks
Rubellite Shard Strands
Sprinkled Holiday Pie Strands
Sweet Hot Cocoa Locks
Tresses of the Dawn-Blooming Flowers
Wisps of the Wedding Bouquet
Torn Baggie of Sequined Extensions
Elegant Shining Peacock Curls
Elegant Ice Dipped Peacock Curls

Ebil Crown of Despair
Dark Ebil Duo Compact
Mystical Choker
Little Dove of Remembrance
Headfeathers of the Messenger
Liquid Liner and Mascara Combo
Crystallized Gem of the Goddess
Blossoms of the Heart Wreath
Pink Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Antique Obsidian Butterfly Haircomb
Antique Blushing Butterfly Haircomb
White Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Forever Friends Bracelet
Antique Citrine Butterfly Haircomb
Cushioned Silver Star Ring
Cushioned Gilded Star Ring
Cushioned Natural Star Ring
Cushioned Onyx Star Ring
Cushioned Rose Star Ring
Cushioned Purple Star Ring
Cushioned Pink Star Ring
Blossoms of the Loathing Wreath
Red Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Blossoms of the Innocent Wreath
Fabric of the Forgotten Lace Flower
Antique Pearl Butterfly Haircomb
Purple Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Teal Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Black Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Oceanic Butterfly Compact
Impassioned Butterfly Compact
Dawning Butterfly Compact
Sterling Butterfly Compact
Midnight Butterfly Compact
Purpley Funky Memorabilia
Sultry Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette
Banded Leather and Lace Belt
Black Banded Leather and Lace Belt
White Banded Leather and Lace Belt
Vanity Cosmetic Makeup
Charcoal Classic Knitted Beanie
Vanilla Classic Knitted Beanie
Blossom of Joy
Pile of Pearls and Chains
Obsidian Cascading Blooms
Blush Cascading Blooms
Periwinkle Cascading Blooms
Handmade Antique Headwreath
Precious Gold Lined Gems
Lost Makeup Case of Venus
Aphrodite Love Mascara
Pale Flower
Inked Butterfly of Remembrance
Twinkle Tattoo of Everlasting Friendship
Mother Nature Armlet
Necklace of True Friendship
Delightful Feathered Headband
Delicate Rose Necklace
Pure Love Earring
Sunset Horns
Pearl Adorned Hair Ribbon
Perfect Bloom of a Hidden Veil
Haunted Bloom of a Hidden Veil
Timid Bloom of a Hidden Veil
Surprise Bloom of a Hidden Veil
Secret Bloom of a Hidden Veil
Mysterious Bloom of a Hidden Veil
Abstract Swirly Seadragon Drawing
Beemento of Remembrance
Stray Rainbow Cigarette
Hamster Pearls
Raindrop Necklace
Forever Friends Tattoo Sheet
Pearl Draped Star
Midnight Pearl Draped Star
Celestial Belt of Prophecy
Anchored Memories Tattoo Sheet
Morganite Heart of the Empire
Tourmaline Heart of the Empire
Anchored Memories Tattoo Sheet
Arm Band of the Wedding Bouquet
Enchanted Flutterby Wings
Headband of the Wedding Bouquet
Lumberjack Razor
Nightmare Raindrop Necklace
Pearl Cascading Blooms
Rose Stencil Kit
Sage Cascading Blooms
Sparkling Pink Eyeshadow Kit
Sultry Sapphire Eyeshadow Palette
Tiny Ghostly Flowers
Train of the Wedding Bouquet
Vampire-Like Sparkles
Fragrant Dragonfly Lily Spray

Ebil Snake Heels
Perfectly Wrapped Shoe Box
Silk Ivory Shoe Flowers
Silk Blush Shoe Flowers
Sultry Bowed Stilettos
Classic Ribboned Leg Warmers
Classic Blush Ribboned Leg Warmers
Butterfly Tights
Peace Loving Splattered Tights
Laced Thigh Highs
Frozen Laced Thigh Highs
Blush Laced Thigh Highs
Sparkling Midnight Sky Heels
Everyday Classic Boots
Candy Stripe Heels

Blue Fairy Companion
Playful Fixing Fairy Companion
Snapped Pine Bough
Anger Management Certification
Adorable Ladybug Companion
Magic Hazelnut Yo-Yo
Enchanted Teddy Bear Companion
Dragon Hatchling Companion
Lumi Parcel Service
Wispy Spectrum Butterfly Companions

Pet Treasure

Wavy Athame

Pet Friends