Stupid has a minion!

Dizzy the Rottie


The Graveyard Fester
Owner: Jesus

Age: 9 years, 9 months, 1 week

Born: October 2nd, 2010

Adopted: 9 years, 9 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: October 2nd, 2010


  • Level: 29
  • Strength: 67
  • Defense: 43
  • Speed: 45
  • Health: 47
  • HP: 47/47
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Weapons Expert

He came to town often with his parents, but no one here really knew anything about him other than his name, "Vasco". Strange kid, really. Apparently he was only twelve, though he was almost 6 foot tall-as tall as his own father. He had some real vacant eyes; they never moved or focused, just stared right on through whatever he looked at. Never talked to others, never really looked them in the eye, always smiled... his dad claimed him to be ill. Despite it all, he always seemed happy, keeping to himself and never causing trouble. At some point, he was confronted by his father for hanging around the old dried-up corpse of a bird by the road. Didn't see much of him around, after.

Gail said she'd found him lying in the alley by her store, feverish and bleeding from the neck. Judging by the looks of the guy, there was probably a good reason for that, but she took him in, regardless. Kid must've grew real tall real fast; Gail mentioned he was fifteen. A few years passed; about 5 or so. Not a soul in town wasn't familiar with his sheer height, signature hat, and god awful staring eyes. At 7 foot 4, you couldn't miss him; just about everybody recognized him, but not many trusted him. Towards the end, Gail wasn't seen around for some days. A relative checked up on her, greeted by the sight of him over dear old Gail's corpse, with old blood smeared across his jaw and hands. He was gone by the time authorities arrived, but he probably died out in the desert eventually.

Since some years back, town's got a bit of an oddity that visits every so often; real tall, grey skin, white and black hair... He looks rough as hell honestly, but smiles like the happiest man on earth. He does a whole lot of nothing, just sitting in the shade, staring off into space or watching people pass. No one's bothered talking with him and nobody's too fond of him, but he hasn't hurt a soul since the time he showed up. Might as well let him stay.

blood/gore, bones, rats, crows/vultures. make genderless, maybe.

Pet Treasure

Skeletal Scorpion

Professor New Witching Hour Raven Skull


Snow Crow

Rainbow Crow




Bird Pumpkin Essence Summoning Candle


Black Unholy Angel Wings

Folded Raven Wings

Raven Cloak

Common Grackle


Twilight Decorative Vesnali Feather

Evil Quill


Vigorous Raven Restorative


Withered Harpy Foot

Stinging Crop

Lost Scorpion Tail

Snow Storm Feather

Black Long Feather

Chilled Rodent Poison

Pantry Rat


Jerkied Bilge Rat


Kitchen Rat

Spiked Punishment Collar

Severely Rusted Mutilation Shears

Dried Blood Flakes

Skitters Favorite Needle

Rancid Inedible Meat

Roasted Heart

Chest Bursting Love

Heart Beanbag

Anatomically Correct Heart Plushie

Gently Used Heart Present

Harvested Congealed Blood

Harvested Lung Piece

Slab of Raw Meat

Bloody Zombie Drool

Raw Sirloin Steak

Cherry Gummy Heart

Harvested Heart

Pounding Heart

Mutated Heart

Heart on a Stick

Gryphon Heart

Harvested Chunk of Liver

Bloody Brain Puff

Mystery Meat

Oozy Intestines

Questionable Meat

Happy Flesh-Eating Worm

Dead Person


Yanked Tooth With Purple Flesh


Stolen Pieces of Bone

Gnawed Rib Bones

Antlephore Pelvis


Skeletal Serpent

Skeletal Rat

Harvested Brains


Pile of Ribs


Discarded Bone

Grave Reminder

Delicious Femur

Tiger Bones

Gnawed Thigh Bone

Dead Flesh Fisher

Grave Robbers Charms

Harvested Length of Intestine

Harvested Eyeball

Stolen Rotten Leg

Zombie Chew Toy

Stolen Rotten Arm

Thief Catcher

Recently Removed Surgical Staple

Crypt Dust

Serpent Skin

Desert Sand


Flashback Wild One Cigarette

Cow Horns

Steele Shovel

Black Cowboy Boots


Crumpled Cigarette Butt


Mummified Gerbil

Replica Scorpion

Photograph of Them Thar Plains


Shimmer Cowgirl Lasso

Riding Crop

Brown Worn-Out Belt

Simple Dark Brown Leather Collar

Mystery Fester Feather

Brick Half-Blindfold

Dirty Bandana

Slate Half-Blindfold


Box of Crayons

Pink Tulle Tutu

Bachelor Party Evidence

Pet Friends