Memorium has a minion!

In Memory of the Princess

Legacy Name: Memorium

The Custom Angel Feli
Owner: Bretagne

Age: 10 years, 3 months

Born: October 24th, 2010

Adopted: 10 years, 3 months ago

Adopted: October 24th, 2010

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 22nd, 2014


  • Level: 7
  • Strength: 13
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 11
  • HP: 11/11
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Books Read: 4
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

A soft mumbling on the breeze. Nothing more heard from the girl standing alone in the graveyard that day.

Today she felt like being quiet.

The words were almost incoherent, but it was the same thing she had rambled about time and time again. It was the same old story she had told anyone that bothered to ask why she was there so often.

The conversation always started the same way.

"Who did you lose?"

"My first friend. My best friend."

"But... This is just a pet cemetery."

"In a world where no one takes the word of a little girl seriously, it means a lot to have someone believe you, even if that someone cannot speak in your defense."

This would always leave the other person puzzled for a moment. Then he, assuming this person was male, would start the conversation up once again.

"So... What happened?"

"She got sick. Very, very sick. And she passed on before I could get her help. She died in my arms."

The emotional response of the inquiring person would always differ, depending on his age and life experiences, but there was always sadness reflected in his eyes. The type of sadness that one can only exhibit to those with whom he severely sympathizes.

"I'm sorry for your loss," the sympathizing person would say.

"So am I," she would respond. No more, no less. Simply, "So am I."

Profile, coding, and story by Bretagne
Cemetery photo taken by Pieter Joost Lemmens.
Licensing for use may be found here.
Stunning overlay by Nauro

Pet Treasure

Romantic Cascading Bouquet

Rose Starflower

Burgundy Zinnia

Red Moth Orchid Stem

Burgundy Calla Lily

Red Split Bellflower

Red Freesia Sprig

Survival Lone Red Rosebud

Red Peony

Massive Rose Throne

Red Survival Note Rose

Red Dahlia

Red Bellflowers

Gourd Witch Rose Skull

Crimson Cream Bearded Iris

Red Plum Blossom Sprig

Red Babble Flower

Red Left Leg Poinsettia Vine

Red Flame Rose

Red Lotus

Sun Flower

Survival Bouquet of Red Lilies

Survival Red Calla Lilies

Survival Red Carnation

Dried Red Rose

Crimson Tulip

Red Zinnia

Red Poppies

Red Roe Flower

Red Poinsettia

Red Oleander

Sun Snapdragarth

Red Gladiolus

Red Periwinkle

Gourd Witch Spider Lily Skull

Large Red Gerbera Ring

Red Begonia

Pink Flower Beanbag

Survival Red Paper Flower

Pink Gladiolus

Pink Plum Blossom Sprig

Pink Babble Flower

Apple Custard Columbine and Yellow Lachenalia Bouquet

Flamenco Bearded Iris

Extravagantly Floral Necklace

Survival Orange Lovely Flower

Orange and Red Mirabilis

Red Hibiscus

Vampiric Cascading Bouquet

Survival Crooked Red Flower

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

Sprig of Orange Bonnets

Orange Calla Lily and Crimson Tulip Bouquet

Reborn Rreign Flower

Dried Harvest Flower

Orange Moth Orchid Stem

Orange Starflower

Survival Crooked Orange Flower

Sunshine Menagerie Bouquet

Yellow Calla Lily and Orange Tulip Bouquet

White and Orange Daffodil

Orange Cute Survival Flowers

Orange Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Potted Gazanias

Survival Bouquet of Orange Lilies

Golden Crocus

Shey Eiffle Huff Flower Bouquet

Yellow Zinnia

Fragrant Orange Flower

Orange Flower Arm Wrap

Orange Rose Watering Can

Orange Poppies

Red Gladiola

Survival Orange Memory Flower

Orange Dahlia

Orange Freesia Sprig

Survival Small Pale Roses

Orange Nott Flower

Orange Begonia

Prettily Presented Orange Flower

Scattered Pink Lilies

Peach and White Gladiola

Peach Calla Lily

Yellow Roe Flower

Yellow Peony

Yellow Gladiola

Survival Crooked Tan Flower

White Gladiolus

Cream Vesnali Rose

Yellow Oleander

Survival Orange Paper Flower

Yellow Azaleas

Faded Orange Rose

Warm Ranunculus

Orange Snapdragon

Orange Oleander

Orange Bellflowers

Orange Calla Lily

Orange Zinnia

Sun Antlephlora

Gold Soft Petaled Flower

Pumpkin Flower

Yellow Poppies

Gold Snapdragarth

Gourd Witch Pumpkin Flower Skull

Scattered Yellow and Orange Blooms

Faded Orange Rose and Yellow Moth Orchid Bouquet

Yellow and Orange Daffodil

Survival Yellow Lovely Flower

Yellow Moth Orchid Stem

Survival Buttercups

Yellow Daffodil

Yellow Hyacinth

Yellow Flame Rose

Survival Bouquet of Yellow Lilies

Prettily Presented Yellow Flower

Survival Trio of Yellow Plumeria

Mothers Day Yellow Rose

Gold Rose Trinket

Gold Flower Trinket

Faded Yellow Rose

Yellow Columbine

Yellow Snapdragon

Yellow Dahlia

Survival Yellow Daisy

Yellow Mirabilis

Survival Yellow Memory Flower

Yellow Bellflowers

Survival Yellow Paper Flower

Yellow Primrose

White and Yellow Dahlia

Ethereal Cascading Bouquet

White Mirabilis

White Primrose

Honeysuckle Sprig

White Daffodil

Fragrant Yellow Flower

White Nocturnal Water Lily

Yellow Survival Note Rose

Yellow Nott Flower

Large Yellow Gerbera Ring

Yellow Monkshood

Cream Rreign Flower

Yellow Valley Flower

Yellow Tube Flower

Yellow Begonia

Yellow Cute Survival Flowers

Swirled Yellow Flower

Survival Yellow Mystery Flower

Survival Yellow Carnation

Yellow Babble Flower

White Pinwheel Flower

Champagne Bearded Iris

White and Yellow Daffodil

Summer Dandelions

Common Chai Flower

Bundle of Buttercup Seeds


Survival Crooked Yellow Flower

Yellow Bearded Iris

Yellow Tulip


Survival Green Lovely Flower

Survival Green Mystery Flower

Green Flower Basket

Ornate Green Flower Hair Clip


Wild Clover

Green Hydrangea

Gourd Witch Skull

Green Snapdragon

Green Begonia

Green Lachenalia

Mint Nocturnal Water Lily

Blue Babble Flower

Bluegreen Freesia Sprig

Teal Split Bellflower

Cool Ranunculus

Teal Bellflowers

Blue Flower Headdress

Cyan Vesnali Rose

Blue Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Survival Blue Memory Flower

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Jasmine

Periwinkle Bluebells

Blue Freesia Sprig

Blue Foxglove

Survival Blue Paper Flower

Violet Bluebells


Survival Crooked Blue Flower

Blue Monkshood

Blue Lotus

Blue Bellflowers

Blue Soft Petaled Flower

Blue Split Bellflower

Light Bluebells

Blue Roe Flower

Prettily Presented Blue Flower

Blue Tube Flower

Blue Valley Flower

Blue Flame Rose

Fragrant Blue Flower

Dusk Flower

Blue Floral Hair Piece

Dusk Jollinear

Tide Menagerie Bouquet

Blue Pinwheel Flower

Bold Bluebells

Dusk Antlephlora

Dusk Chai Flower

Blue Nott Flower

Large Blue Gerbera Ring

Blue Dahlia

Survival Blue Mystery Flower

Survival Blue Lovely Flower

Monks Hood

Dark Bluebells

Indigo Vesnali Rose

Navy Rounded Petal Flower Beanbag

Sprig of Blue Bonnets

Dusk Bearded Iris


Blue Snapdragon

Lilac Rreign Flower

Calm Menagerie Bouquet

Blue Hyacinth

Bundle of Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Purple Monkshood

Lilac Jollinear

Lavender Columbine

Sky Bearded Iris

Lilac Chai Flower

Flaming Columbine

Purple Primrose

Periwinkle Bearded Iris

Blue Lachenalia

Lavender Bellflowers

Lavender Freesia Sprig

Lavender Split Bellflower

Lilac Roe Flower

Blue Begonia

Lavender Dahlia

Lavender Columbine and Blue Lachenalia Bouquet

Purple Starflower

Lilac Antlephlora

Swirled Purple Flower

Purple Hydrangea

Purple Wisteria

Purple Mothers Day Bouquet

Survival Purple Mystery Flower

Purple Gladiolus

Purple Babble Flower

Scattered Bluebells

Purple Columbine

Purple Cute Survival Flowers

Lavender Calla Lily

Purple Bellflowers

Purple Split Bellflower

Faded Blue Rose and Pink Moth Orchid Bouquet

Violet Vesnali Rose

Purple Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Royal Bearded Iris

Purple Crocus

Purple Lotus

Purple Nott Flower

Lilac Foxglove

Purple Begonia

Survival Purple Calla Lilies

Lilac Oleander

Pink Periwinkle

Faded Purple Rose


Purple Snapdragon

Purple Valley Flower

Lovely Cascading Bouquet

Fragrant Purple Flower

Purple Lachenalia

Large Lavender Gerbera Ring

Purple Soft Petaled Flower

Purple Tube Flower

Purple Gladiola

Survival Purple Paper Flower

Purple Freesia Sprig

Purple Pinwheel Flower

Dawn Bearded Iris

Faded Purple Rose and Red Moth Orchid Bouquet


Survival Pink Paper Flower

Purple Azaleas

Pink Nocturnal Water Lily

Pink Split Bellflower

Pink Lotus

Pink Calla Lily

Cherry Blossom Plushie

Hanazaki Twisted Branch

Hanazaki Scattered Blossoms

Hanazaki Bouquet

Pink Begonia

Pink Lachenalia

Pink Primrose

Pink Soft Petaled Flower

Dawn Snapdragarth

Pink Pinwheel Flower

Dawn Antlephlora

Pink Calla Lily and Purple Tulip Bouquet

Rhubarb Custard Columbine and White Lachenalia Bouquet

Rhubarb Custard Columbine

Lovely Ranunculus

Pink Snapdragon

Pink Gladiola

Survival Purple Memory Flower

Hot Pink Zinnia

Purple Tulip

Glory Bearded Iris

White Wine Columbine

Violet Handful of Daisies


Survival Purple Lovely Flower

Pink Hydrangea

Rosy Jasmine

Starlight Menagerie Bouquet

Pink Daisy Watering Can

Pink Cute Survival Flowers

Mothers Day Pink Rose

Fragrant Pink Flower

Coral Dahlia

Dawn Chai Flower

Pale Coral Periwinkle

Pink Peony

Pink Tube Flower

Faded Pink Rose

Survival Bouquet of Pink Lilies

White Freesia Sprig

Peach Bearded Iris

White Columbine and Red Lachenalia Bouquet

Pink Massive Rose Throne

Peach Gladiola

Peach Foxglove

Coral Pinwheel Flower

Dawn Flower

Pink and White Gladiola

Pink Foxglove

Hot Pink Peony Sticker

Pink Tulip

Magenta Oleander

Pink Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Magenta Periwinkle

Large Pink Gerbera Ring

Apple Custard Columbine

Deep Pink Peony

Pink Zinnia

Pink Hyacinth

Pink Poppies

Red Lachenalia

Delicate Daisy Crown

Bashful Cascading Bouquet

Dawn Jollinear

Simple Flower

Pink Freesia Sprig

Pink Monkshood

Pink Handful of Daisies

Pink Sweet Pea Sprig

Pink Wisteria

Blush Plum Blossom Sprig

Survival Bundle of Periwinkles

Pink Survival Note Rose

White Foxglove

Faded Pink Rose and Accented Moth Orchid Bouquet

Accented Moth Orchid Stem

White Plum Blossom Sprig

White Vesnali Rose

White Cute Survival Flowers

White and Red Periwinkle

Arid Jollinear

Arid Flower

White Calla Lily and Pink Tulip Bouquet


White Periwinkle

White Azaleas

Sweet Menagerie Bouquet

Dancing Damsel Orchid

Scattered White Daisies

Faded Yellow Rose and White Moth Orchid Bouquet

White Starflower

White Crocus

Survival Bundle of Gardenias

White Zinnia

Cream Hydrangea

White Oleander

White Handful of Daisies

Daisy Memento

White Soft Petaled Flower

White Columbine

White Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Survival White Calla Lilies

White Babble Flower

White Calla Lily

Survival White Daisy

Survival White Paper Flower

White Sweet Pea Sprig

White Moth Orchid Stem

White Hyacinth

White Gladiola

Emerald-Accented Hawthorn Flowers

Survival White Carnation

White Lachenalia

Delicate Sprigs

White Split Bellflower

White Snapdragon

White Lotus

White Peony

White Survival Note Rose

White Valley Flower

Arid Snapdragarth

White Tulip


Arid Antlephlora

Bundle of Gardenia Seeds

White Bellflowers

Survival Bouquet of White Lilies

Glacier Rreign Flower

Icebound Jasmine

Blue Survival Note Rose

White Poppies

Large White Gerbera Ring

Sprig of White Bonnets

White Flame Rose

Ivory Tube Flower

Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

Black Sunflower

Black Calla Lily and Black Tulip Bouquet

Black Tulip

Black Freesia Sprig

Dark Ranunculus

Black Bearded Iris

Black Dahlia

Black Flame Rose

Black Lachenalia

White Wine Columbine and Black Lachenalia Bouquet

Gourd Witch Bat Flower Skull

Prettily Presented Black Flower

Black Begonia

Black Bleeding Heart Earrings

Black Flower Basket

Twilight Chai Flower

Black Split Bellflower

Black Snapdragon

Survival Black Paper Flower

Black Bellflowers

Deaths Kiss

Black Calla Lily

Pet Friends