Coya has a minion!

Netiri and Coya the Pair of Lovebirds


The Storm Cadogre
Owner: Hisan

Age: 7 years, 4 months, 1 week

Born: November 7th, 2010

Adopted: 6 years, 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: November 25th, 2011


  • Level: 38
  • Strength: 96
  • Defense: 96
  • Speed: 97
  • Health: 99
  • HP: 99/99
  • Intelligence: 11
  • Books Read: 11
  • Food Eaten: 36
  • Job:

Artwork by Hisan

Coya is the god of chaos and imbalance.
He is the father of Dionne, Damon, Nephela and Asami.
His wife's name is Netiri, and his brother's name is Jespa.
He is considered the king of the gods, although that is a title he claimed rather then being elected to after he murdered his parents in cold blood.

---Religious information---
-Coya is worshiped in Myrn, the capitol of Kratyr.
-He has influence through out all of Kratyr, although he is most known in Myrn.
-It is said that he built the lands with his own bare hands.
-Coya essentially lives off the chaos of the lands. The more people are distressed, upset or in general sad, the stronger he gets. Likewise if there were no people, there'd be no power.

-Coya is extremely self-centered, and arrogant.
-He very abusive, and gives little to no respect to others.
-The only one who has seen his soft side is his wife long ago before he drove her off.
-Eventhough he is self-centered, Coya ensures that the lands do not fall apart.

---Songs for Inspiration---
- Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin
- My Disaster by Seether

Pet Treasure

Twilight Torrent Elixir

Bottled Spring Thunderstorm

Thunder God Rag Doll

Stormy Vesnali Egg


Spooky Moon Sticker


Lightning-Filled Blown Glass Globe

Staff of Blight

Nightmare Journal

Rift Matter

Ball Lightning

Bloodred Pearl

Bleeding Rose of Deepest Blackness

Bottled Hatred

Darkside Ale King Crown

Mystical Red Serpent Scale

Nightmarish Cloud

Vial of Dark Water

Shrine of the Silver Manchu

Bottled Spirit


Mirror of Darkness


Ancient Saherimos Text

Leafeather Orb of the Night

Mystical Orb of the Gods

Shrine of Apollonia

Nightmare Potion

Bottled Angst

Dream Journal


Pet Friends

You betrayed me!


It's your fault this happened!

I..hate you.



You're HIS spawn..