Needs a Name has a minion!

Jo Jo the Bobo

Needs a Name
Legacy Name: Needs a Name

The Chibi Hipottu
Owner: HPY

Age: 11 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 9th, 2010

Adopted: 11 years, 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: January 22nd, 2011

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  • Level: 3
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Books Read: 4
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Jump Rope Untangler

It's hard to grow up with careless parents, that don't realize you're there half the time. Even harder to grow up with no parents at all. But for me, it was a bit of both. Careless parent's who evidently left me all alone emotionally. So I left them physically. They've never come looking for me, and after so many years of me being on my own, they most likely never will. Who am I you ask? Well that's a funny, and tragic story. If you've got the time to listen, pull up a chair, and get comfy.

Every kid dreams of running away and joining the circus. At night they drift off to sleep and fantasize about spinning Ferris Wheels and carousels. Children screaming as they plummet fifty stories to the ground, in the safety of a coaster car. The all-knowing ring master shouting commands under the big top. The buttery smell of freshly popped popcorn, and sticky caramel apples. But well all those children are safe In their beds dreaming, I was out experiencing all of this first-hand.

Before we get to the fun, we must first suffer the tragedy. When I was born, my parents couldn't care less. I was dubbed"needs a name", with a well-get-to-it-later attitude, as though I were some paperwork they preferred to put on the back burner. The short time they spent "raising" me was no better. It was impossible to get their attention for any reason.

All of this time spent on my own let my imagination run wild. For the sake of my sanity. Any TV show, movie, or book, where the characters run off to join the circus became like my bible. My ticket to freedom, and a better life. I always told myself I would do the same as those beloved characters someday. I told myself, I would run away, and join the circus. One day, I did just that.

Every Summer the Subeta Brothers Circus came to town. This year, it wasn't leaving town without me, and I was determined to become a part of it. Upon arrival, I immediately began to search for the ring master. I told him he had a new edition to his circus family; me. What did I have to loose? I was an orphan after all.

After a few months of odd jobs around the carnival grounds, I became known as a part of the carnie family. The carnies at the circus were the best family I could ever ask for, and my life back "home" became non-existent in my memory.I quickly found a fascination for the Ferris wheel, and everyday after I had finished my daily chores I was allowed to take as many spins on the wheel as my heart desired. I was happy, and finally had a home, but there was still one problem, I had no name. Well no practical name at least.

Now we carnies have Monday off every week, and as a favorite circus past time, we all sit around sharing stories about our lives, and how we came to be here. One afternoon on just such an occasion, it came to everyone's attention that I needed a new name. All of us sat around trying to think of the perfect name to suite me, when another carnie, a runaway like me; expressed to everyone that my name was perfect the way it was.

After some thought everyone agreed it really was the perfect name. I suppose everything happens for a reason, and my parents neglect created the most unique and suitable name for me. Something good sprung from my suffering after all. Of course, another thing me and my circus family agree on is that "Needs A Name" is a bit of a mouthful, so we just say Nan for short.

Story by Scythe Pet page byHPY Pet image by byOatmeal Pet Inspired by Kangel background image via fruitywheels.comcircusvideoslots

Pet Treasure

Neon Yellow Tacky Bracelet

Neon Yellow Tacky Ring

Neon Purple Tacky Ring

Neon Yellow Tacky Bead Bracelet

All About Cotton Candy

Cyan Clingy Monkey

Black Clingy Monkey

Lime Clingy Monkey

Fun Inflatable Hammer

Pink Huggable Clownfish

Green Huggable Clownfish

Blue Huggable Clownfish

Oversized Soft Vinyl Experiment 886 Toy

Neon Pink Tacky Bead Bracelet

Giant Stuffed Panda Toy

Carnival Beanbag Toss

Delphi Carnival Playset

Carnival Gift Cart



Carnival Unicorn Plushie

Happy Bendy Banana Toy

Cotton Candy Carnival Doll

Magenta Clingy Monkey

Yellow Huggable Clownfish

Hipottu Balloon

Oversized Soft Vinyl Experiment 3485 Toy

Green Inflatable Dolphin

Neon Purple Tacky Bead Bracelet

Neon Orange Tacky Bracelet

Neon Blue Tacky Ring

Purple Clown Wig


Blue Cotton Candy

Orange Snow Cone

Candy Corn Caramel Apple

Ketchup Corn Dog

Small Soda

Apple Funnel Cake

Spiced Roasted Corn on the Cob

Raspberry Egg Cream

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