Legacy Name: Solar

The Reborn Legeica
Owner: Bliss

Age: 13 years, 6 months

Born: December 21st, 2010

Adopted: 12 years, 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: August 7th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
November 1st, 2016


  • Level: 7
  • Strength: 24
  • Defense: 15
  • Speed: 15
  • Health: 15
  • HP: 15/15
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Books Read: 6
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

She wad foaled when the Sun Steed won the affections of the Midnight Mare in a gallop across the heavens that brought sun and moon to a new planet. She shares the night coat of her mother but for the scattering of embers on her rump that glow in all hours and seasons.

She grew strong and healthy grazing on the golden grasses of Elysius Plain once she outgrew her need for mare's milk. It was on the golden fields of Paradise that the sun gods made themselves known to this newest member of the Great Flame Herd. Mortal horses will come readily at the lure of a plain carrot. So it was with Solar, when Byrocles, God of the Thrice-Risen, came to her with a fiery pepper that smouldered slightly at the edges. Solar delighted in the treat and nuzzled at the golden pocket of his robe until he surrendered another with a laugh. Myronus Forge Feeder came next, his scarred hands gentle as he stroked Solar's silky mane. She shied from Vyrdica Drowned-Sun at first, the tang of ocean water biting her sensitive nostrils. A few strips of spicy seaweed soon convinced the little foal that the goddess was a friend.

Every horse in the Stable of the Sun has their purpose when they are harnessed to the Chariot of Change, just as every sun god has a planet they watch over and warm with their ever-burning light. When Solar grew big enough to take the bit between her teeth, she learned what the gods had in store for her.

Her first teacher was gentle Adronis, Lord of Scorched Vines. His world was overgrown by the great forests that his water goddess wife Althania had aided him in growing. She had a greater will than his. When he would try to scorch her green children with his rays, she would send such fierce storms that he would cower back, allowing more of the land to be covered by thick, tangling vines. The lizards and small rodents that teemed beneath the thick canopy thrived to the point of starvation as the larger predators found their breeding grounds shrinking and their prey harder to find.

Solar barely felt the reins in the hand of Adronis, so gentle was his pull. It took her very little time to figure out what was required of her. As she trotted among the huge green stalks of the alien planet where she'd been brought, flames spread to her rear to lick up the trunks of the trees. Adronis guided her through many acres of unhealthy forest until they were brought to a halt by the crashing of the ocean. Solar backed away, snorting her displeasure. To creatures of fire and light, such a large body of water is a terrible sight.

The storm rose suddenly as Althania's fury was unleashed. Solar did not fear the flash of lightning or crash of thunder but the stinging rain was another matter. She screamed and reared as the cruel water trickled down her flanks. Adronis kept a steady hand on the reins, guiding her into the clouds and up to the Endless Realms where gods and immortal creatures lead their timeless lives.

He stroked her nose and murmured to stop her trembling, giving her all manner of tasty treats as a means of thanking the mare. Though Althania's rains were putting out many of the fires, their intensity had greatly reduced the severity of the overgrowth and already the starving silver hawks of the high heights were finding plentiful game for their chicks.

She would learn over time that every god and goddess had a different style of driving. Byrocles loved to make great sweeps that were straight and true as the shaft of an arrow. Therion of the Seed Folk guided her with precision, brining flames to the forests encroaching on the growing lands of the tan-skinned farm folk that were his children. Kron was a terrifying giant with a fiery orange beard that liked to light the whole surface of his planet at a whim and start over completely with eccentric new ideas for plant life. It was no wonder only bacteria thrived on his little world.

She would do the work of any god or goddess, but the little Lightning Lady would always be the one she loved. Her long golden hair shimmered with real flame, falling nearly to her knees. Though she was only three feet tall, even the twelve-foot storm giants bowed their heads and stood aside when she passed. Her touch was always feather-light and her controlled burns could be relied upon to restore the world onto which she was invited, for she had no world of her own. Some whispered that she was the daughter of the First Sun who granted her the power to travel to any known world. Others claimed that a jealous lover had destroyed her world in a fit of rage and that her unusual tie to all worlds was the First Sun's way of taking pity on her.

Whenever she came to call Solar from her stall, the Lightning Lady would leave the bit on its hook. She needed no more than her gentle hands and soft voice to make any flame horse do precisely what she desired. She rewarded them generously and never overworked them. If one was in pain, she would give a small portion of her own inner light to ease the poor creature's suffering.

She is the only one in all the cosmos that the flame horses would allow on their backs and today it is Solar she will ride.

The world they enter is one that has recently seen a great extinction. No animals are there to feast on the evergreens and ferns that once teemed with life. Solar's flames are not so strong in a world dripping with recent rain, but they are enough to start a blaze that finds the dry wood beneath the outer layer. The Lightning Lady brings Solar to a stop when they reach a grove of newer growth. A family of furry rodents poke out of the bushes to hoot and screech as they get a scent of the flames. Solar twitches her ears as the Lightning Lady smiles. This renewal is what the tree crawlers need to make a new world. She has given them a gift they will not remember, yet the knowledge will remain even when the crude sketches of her likeness scraped into the stone by the first men have eroded away.

Story by Pureflower
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