Legacy Name: Aldene

The Nostalgic Fester
Owner: Blythe

Age: 12 years, 2 months, 2 weeks

Born: December 30th, 2010

Adopted: 9 years, 7 months, 4 days ago

Adopted: August 16th, 2013

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  • Level: 41
  • Strength: 102
  • Defense: 113
  • Speed: 104
  • Health: 103
  • HP: 103/103
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 2
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

The old fester stands alongside her heavy curtains and glares out the window. When she moved into this house, it was the only building on the street. But several years ago these little family homes seemed to pop up overnight. So much movement out there. People getting in and out of cars, mowing lawns, checking the mail. People in shorts running on the sidewalk. Kids doing...what is it that kids do? Huddling, chasing, sitting, yelling, whispering, jumping, crawling.

She pays a service to keep the front garden tidy and has the house painted every other year. She's not one of those decrepit old women living in rundown dumps that everyone pretends are haunted. She has standards. She keeps a very nice home. She's very content. But there's so much movement and noise outside.

Most of them never look this way, other than the occasional glance. Once in a while, someone will outright stare. Usually one of the children. Today it's a young montre, maybe ten years old. She's standing next to an oak tree in the neighbor’s yard. Aldene has seen her staring this way before. Usually from across the street. She's never been this close before. It's almost as if she's working up the nerve to come to the door. The nerve! She’d better not come this way. The last thing Aldene needs today is to listen to some child prattling nonsense.

She hears the whistling of her tea kettle and steps away from the window. She’s set herself a lovely tea for the day. There is, perhaps, more food than she needs. She takes down an extra setting. Only to balance the table, she thinks.

Profile by Bug
background image from Pixabay

Pet Treasure

Strawberry Religieuse

Dried Pink Roses

Burrata, Jam, and Prosciutto Crostini

Fine Aged Coconut Brandy

Shinwa Cameo Brooch

Lovely Pastel Teacup

Brass Rose

Lovely Pastel Teapot

Rosewater Champagne

Lovely Pastel Creamer

Cucumber Sandwich

Lovely Pastel Sugar Bowl

Lovely Pastel Tea Tray

Rose Tart

Decorative Rose Cake

Faded Pink Rose and Accented Moth Orchid Bouquet

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