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Born: January 10th, 2011

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Adopted: January 10th, 2011

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May 8th, 2012


  • Level: 3
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

The woman was preoccupied as she weaved her way through the springtime traffic in Centropolis. Her destination was in the heart of the city, Edison and Sons Jewelers. It was one of the oldest jewelry shops in Subeta, and it catered primarily to the high end elitists of the world. If this first meeting with Edward ‘Eddy’ Edison (the father) went well, Waffer would be able to mentally check one of three names left on a very long list. She loved all things simple, and her motivates were the simplest of them all, revenge.

A young Waffer had watched in dismay as her father’s multimillion dollar business was destroyed and dismantled by Steed and Co. Her father had made some unfortunate deals with the aforementioned company, which left the family name and business in ruin. However, even after the brutal, backstabbing incident, her father had invested enough outside of the company to keep them out of poverty. While Waffer hadn’t grown up with a golden spoon, she had had a silver one. She was never left wanting.

Waffer was now a young woman; a savvy, money-wise millionaire with a bone to pick with Steed and his rotten company. She was the CEO and creator of Opaline Inc., a pearl merchant. She controlled nearly all the pearl hatcheries around Subeta, and almost all the retailers on Subeta sold her cultured pearls exclusively.

Waffer had rich tastes, which included a deep appreciation of jewelry. Her interest in iridescent spheres of mother of pearl became the grounds for her entrepreneurial adventures into the pearl industry. After years of study in business, gemology, freshwater and ocean biology in relation to commercial hatchery practices, she was ready to venture forth on her own. With an initial financial backing from her father, Waffer had built her small company into a blooming monopoly over the last six years. She was so close to her goal: running Steed and Co out of business.

Edison and Sons Jewelers was nestled between a pair of boutique shops on one of the most manicured streets in Centropolis. Waffer maneuvered her car into an open parking stall near the shop entrance. The car was one of her very favorites to drive. Not so much because the car was expensive, sleek, and powerful, but because of the paint job she had commissioned for it. The car was a mimic of the queen conch’s pearl, also called a pink pearl. The paint wasn’t a perfect match to the pink pearl’s luster and exquisite beauty, but it was as close to what man could do with manufactured color.

Waffer sat in the parked car for a few extra moments, trying to clear her thoughts, and focus on the task ahead of her. She surveyed the neighboring cars, approving of what she was parked next to. Pulling a delicate antique compact mirror from her purse, Waffer looked herself over. Soft alabaster skin, silver eyes done with subtle make-up, and amber locks pulled into a loose ponytail were reflected back to her. Waffer took note that her jewelry choice was perfect for this excursion. Everything she wore was platinum: simple pear shaped earrings, a classic heart pendant on a delicate chain, and a linked bracelet. Pearls were her signature, in all shapes, sizes, and designs, but that would have given away who she was to the Edisons. Waffer planned to portray the inexperienced, naive, and innocent jewelry shopper looking for an engagement ring. When the time came, she would unveil who she was, and like always, would win herself another retailer. One more for her, and one less for him.

After blowing out one last deep breath, Waffer grabbed her purse and exited the car. She smoothed her hands down her capri pants in baby blue, trying to straighten any apparent wrinkles from the drive over. She locked the car with a resounding beep, and headed towards the front door of the shop. Waffer approved of how the outside building looked. The windows were streak and dust free, allowing the occasional sparkle of polished gems to wink at those passing by, which was good for potential business. The building was painted a soft chocolate brown, with darker trimming, and well maintained. As she approached the door, she took note of the surveillance cameras placed outside the door and near the windows. Eddy was taking no chances with his jewelry store.

A resounding chime went off when the front door was pushed opened, alerting the occupants that a visitor had arrived. Waffer put on a delicate smile, as she spotted a young woman behind one of the display cabinets.

“Good afternoon, ma’am. Welcome to Edison and Sons Jewelers. How may I be of service today?” asked the woman in a soft, demure voice.

“I have an appointment with Mr. Edison, senior I believe. I’m here to look over engagement bands,” Waffer replied.

The young woman gestured towards a petite chair before a show table, sandwiched between two glass display cases. “Please have a seat. I will notify Mr. Edison you have arrived, Ms.” her voice trailed off in question.

Waffer replied with her fictitious alias, “Vivianne Lustuer.”

The assistant nodded in understanding, and exited the show room through a small hallway. Waffer took a moment to eye the interior of the jewelry shop, and again took note of the well placed security cameras. The room was outfitted with full surveillance and well protected. Each display case had standard glass and corresponding thickness. The walls were two toned, painted in an egg shell and beige colour. The flooring was beautiful marble, with veins of gold and black running throughout. Most of the decorations and fixtures were in gold and bronze, with black accents. Waffer approved of everything she saw, especially the array of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings in various metal and stone arrangements that were displayed in the cases. There was one issue that caused Waffer to frown in disgust. Edison and Sons Jewelers barely had any pearls displayed.

Waffer sat down before the show table, folding her hands in her lap, and waited patiently for Mr. Edison to arrive. A minute ticked by before a robust and balding Eddy entered the shop from the same hallway the woman had exited. His eyes were a chocolate brown, and his hair had gone to the gray side. Eddy approached the showcase table, offering his hand in greeting towards Waffer.

“Welcome, Ms. Lusteur! Now, I believe you scheduled this appointment to examine potential engagement rings for your upcoming proposal? Do you have any ideas in mind for cut and design?”

Waffer extended her hand and gave the most dainty, girly handshake she could muster. She had to admire him for diving right into business, rather than fuss with the small talk. She replied, “Well, I’m interested in something like a Princess or Square cut. I’m after high quality for the diamonds’ clarity and colour.”

“Alright,” he replied back in a confident tone. He began unlocking cases, and removing a variety of sizes and ring designs from them. When Eddy was finished with a case, he would relock it. Waffer approved of his work ethic, and admired his methodical movements of procuring her requested items.

After a few minutes of hunting for acceptable items, Eddy had provided a nice display of wares for Waffer. He began to go over each ring, noting the shape, colour, clarity and size of each diamond or diamonds. Waffer liked the variety he had provided for her. Some of the rings were solitaires, while others groupings of diamonds. All of them had very high clarity and colour ratings. The size of the diamonds varied however.

Waffer tried on a few of the selected rings, admiring the glint and sparkle of the diamonds. She was in the process of trying on the final ring, when her cell phone began to ring. Right on time. Pulling the ring off her finger hastily, then pulled her phone out of her purse. Waffer swiped her finger across the screen to accept the call on speaker phone.

“Hello Phillip,” she said in a strong voice. Waffer couldn’t help but notice the annoyed look that crossed Mr. Edison’s face.

“Afternoon Waffer. I have the status reports on the Delphi and Omen Islands hatcheries. Also, Mr. Tunstin and Mr. Drist called about their pearl orders for the coming months.”

Waffer listened to her assistant, Phillip Lowry, rattle of data regarding two most precious hatcheries while keeping her eyes on Eddy. She gave him a slow, curved smiled as she saw recognition flint across his face. He swallowed multiple times, and a faint sheen of sweat appeared on his forehead. Waffer knew she had him.

After Phillip finished his report, he said his good bye and disconnected. Waffer allowed the silence to fill the room, wanting Eddy to sweat it out. She had done this multiple times, and she knew that a little quiet was in order to crack a particularly stubborn egg.

Waffer broke the silence, and delved right into her business offering, “Mr. Edison, you know who I am. You know that my pearls are sold by every jeweler in Subeta minus three shops. You’re one of those three. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to partner with me, and sell my items excusively. If you agree to be one of my retailers, I can guarantee increased business and an upgrade to selection compared to the pitiful one you have currently.”

Pulling a business card from her purse, Waffer set it before him on the showcase table. “Do we have a deal, Mr. Edison?” she asked him in that same confident tone.

Eddy reached up with a shaking hand to grab the card. He swallowed again as he read the embossed lettering of Opaline Inc. He looked up at Waffer, and nodded slowly.

“Please call and arrange for a business meeting with Phillip. He’ll make sure everything is set up, and that my pearls will be delivered to you within a reasonable time. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Edison. You are a very wise man,” she replied as she began to gather her purse and phone to leave.
One down, two more to go.

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