Uriah has a minion!

Ulrich von Graf the Candy Corn Scamp


The Reborn Yaherra
Owner: Sirius

Age: 10 years

Born: January 25th, 2011

Adopted: 5 months, 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Adopted: July 29th, 2020


  • Level: 55
  • Strength: 137
  • Defense: 138
  • Speed: 130
  • Health: 133
  • HP: 133/133
  • Intelligence: 100
  • Books Read: 100
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Expert Technician

Not everything in life
has to make sense
and that's what's keeping
me sane.

If you are an adult society wants you to behave like one as well, simple as that. This is what Uriah grew up with and yeah, so he somehow managed to turn into that typical cookie-cutter adult when it was time for it. Now he perfectly blended into the masses of adults around him, he was ambitous, independent and absolutely able to manage his daily chores all by himself. Doing things just for the fun of it? Because he enjoyed it? Just no. Never ever a true grown-up person with at least two functional brain cells responsible for self-respect would allow that.

Inside of his mind, very deep inside in fact, there often was this little and kinda chidish voice however asking stuff like "Why do I have to make this decision now? I wish I could ask an adult for help, I mean a more experienced adult...something like an 'adulter adult' but that's not even a proper term I guess." The rational part of him quickly chased the childish voice back into its own tiny space, somewhere hidden in the ridiculously high and misty mountains of adulthood he had piled up over the years and that he wore like a glowing shield of maturity in his amazingly grown-up everyday life. Wow, what a role model he was.

It was a cold day in spring when he met the person that changed his way of thinking. Actually "met" isn't really describing it because all that happened was that, while Uriah was on his way to his job, an old man with horribly flashy and unmatching clothes bumped into him what sent Uriah straight onto the asphalt. When he sat there and still wondered what on earth was going on the old man leaned forward and literally yelled at him with a funny helium voice: "Son, it's your own life so do your own thing as well. You can be boring when you're dead!" Then he turned around and went, no hopped away – like some psychedelic rainbow version of Rumpelstiltskin.

A random passenger helped Uriah to get up again but despite mumbling a "Thank you, sir." he didn't really notice it. The words of this crazy old man overwhelmed his thoughts like no thing ever did before. Like a sleepwalker he finished the rest of his way until he stood in front of the small pharmacy that he had inherited from his uncle Larry. For a couple of minutes he just stared at the sign saying "Closed", then he shook his head and left. Short after he found himself leaving a toy store with a cute hippopotamus plush toy under his arm and a big smile on his face.

All this happened about eight months ago. Uriah still works as a pharmacist in his little store where he is known and well-liked for being a relaxed, competent and polite man with a lot of knowledge regarding his profession. In his private life however things have changed and it's not only his clothing style that you can possibly describe best as a mix of skater and metalhead which is something he already wore in his crazy youth. He's playing video games and electric guitar again, collects funko dolls and other merchandise from his favorite fandoms and lately he even started a "diary of life" in his first bullet journal. His book shelf, that in the past only had some boring job-related books and literature for adults in it, now nearly collapses under the sheer weight of all the Star Trek novels he has bought so far and his next summer holiday travel is already fleshed out and will take him to good old Disney Land.

He might be grown-up now but that doesn't mean he has to act like it 24/7.

My very own story / OC.
Actor of choice: Chad Donnella in his role of U.V. from the teen horror movie "Disturbing Behavior" from 1998.

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Oddtu Sticker

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