The Bloodred Torrey
Owner: Kitten

Age: 10 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: March 24th, 2011

Adopted: 4 months, 1 week, 6 days ago

Adopted: December 31st, 2020


  • Level: 10
  • Strength: 25
  • Defense: 17
  • Speed: 17
  • Health: 17
  • HP: 17/17
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Books Read: 9
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Underpaid Art Student Intern

The Truth about Scarlet

Truth.. A reality everyone desires. The belief that all you see is true and what you wish is real leaves you breathless in the heat of the moment when everything ends. The truth is everything dies and even after you survive once, you can always die again. Cats don't really have nine lives and Angels aren't really immortal. The only truth in life is that death is real and when it comes for you, nothing can save us.

True sat under a tree avoiding the sunlight. Sun seemed to bring out the real him. Something he was bound by rituals to hide. He grasped a faceless doll in his hand, holding it close to his leg he poked his finger where facial features would be. The park sparkled with life; birds sang, children laughed and played enjoying life. Life was as it had always been, all that he could remember before the change.

At the point when you reach the realization that life is no more real than it is fake, that is the point you change. Your life fades away and those you love are left to wonder why. They never know, the young die young because they understand early what is really happening...

A ball travels across the grass with small bounce every few seconds, it bounced off the tree landing beside True's leg. A small girl in a pearly red dress runs up to him and leans down to pick up the ball. She smiles widely and grabs it.

"Sorry Mister!" she giggles and runs off.

That's her, I choose her forever ago. When her parents were taken in a traffic accident she'd became an orphan. I was given a decision weither or not to take her, I took it. She doesn't know who I am or that I am watching her as I take a different form each time we encounter each other. She needs me..though she doesn't know it yet. I need her, however that is a reason at which I don't know either. I don't question the variables that brought us together, I only live to accept them and hold the relief that without my reality, hers can't exist.


He floated gently onto a branch as the sun set he began to watch her fall asleep. Every night as he had since the day he was bound to her. She still lived a less luxurious life in a fooster home. He let out a light caw and she awoke, gliding over to the window she looked out. All that sat before her was a raven.

"Hello, I see you here a lot, might you be protecting me?" she said with a smile.

"Alright, allow me to sing you a song."

He let out a gasp as the sound hit his ears. He never heard anything like it before, he'd never heard anything... at all, until now. His binding to her was stronger than he thought. She was enough to make the deaf hear.

"The moon light down by the lake, lives a life at which no soul will take. The beauty in that which can't be is the love of you and me. For at the lake the moon lights the way, so me and you can see better...days" She yawned a good night and drifted back into bad.

Somethings I just don't understand. I wonder if I'm not meant to understand them. Hearing was proven irrelevant for our kind. It was a distraction so the maker took it away. We didn't need it, peace was only a smile away. You never needed to speak because you could hear everything in your heart and in your head. It's amazing that she brings sound to my ears. I wonder.. if I could talk to her.

A sensation vibrated in his body and he quickly turned his gaze from the window to the street. A round creature with a single large eye making most of it's body, mouth and tons of tentacles each with it's own eye glided by on the road below. True took flight and ran off unable to protect her in the night as his own life was in danger. The creature kept down the street forever searching for the runaways.

It was his plan to keep us up high. The man below sent creatures to capture us, They call us the runaways... Those above put us here to protect the living and those below seek to destroy us. We call them the hunters, if they capture an angel, He and all he protected and ever came in contact with dies. We are all connected in some way. If the girl I protect died, I'd perish with her. Though if I died it might not be as direct, no one could protect her.

He sat outside her nursery pretending to wait for a bus, he'd been there for hours. The day homes are the worst for her. Her foster parents couldn't even take care of her during the day and other kids made fun of her because she always wore red. Red was her favourite colour and she was determined to wear nothing but red until she died. He winced slightly as she tripped over a plastic toy in the sand pit, he wanted desperately to help her but it was a fall, not like she's dying.

There are certain laws that dictate how much we can interfere in the lives of our keepers. We can only interfere in life threatening situations. When those come we are given a slight warning. A gift if you will from the Mother Earth warning us the tides might shift against us. During these times we are encouraged to act swiftly but be subtle. An example would be distracting them and shifting their original path to avoid something like a stray bullet. The idea of this practice is to be an anonymous individual, not a force.


Something was wrong with the hunter. Though it was created and released to hunt angels it was taking another route. Random people were showing up dead, faceless without emotion. The news exploded with the bizarre deaths, peoples faces being removed without any signs of violence. It was as if they were born that way. Which death was declared instant and nearly painless, but they are human, what do they know about pain. The creature kept on it's path with little to no understanding of it's actual job.

I've seen a few fall to the hunters. I can not name them off because I simply don't remember, I just know I've seen it. That is part of what they do, the only thing worse than dying is not being remembered. The hunters remove not just your face but everything you are. You can not return in another life, you aren't sent above. You are just gone, and no part of you will ever exist again.


The day had ended and the girl waited quietly outside the school for her foster parents. It seemed a lot was going wrong lately. The thought of this change made True every uneasy. By this time he'd transformed into a dog watching from the other side of the street. Eventually someone he'd never seen around approached her. She seemed worried around this person. Slowly backing into the street. He watched attentively as the man kept bothering her. It was time to step in.

Sometimes doing what's normal and doing what's right really aren't the same thing. Being an angel has some advantages..

He jumped the man growling and ripping through clothing and flesh and bone. The man screamed out in agony, pulling out a knife he cut through his right eye leaving a straight cut from the edge of his eyebrow to the start of his cheek . He kept biting unaware of anything around him other than the life of the girl he was supposed to protect. He kept ripping until the man was such a poor shape, running might not have been an option. He considered a kill strike, going for the jugular but then he heard a scream. Behind him the girl was frozen like a deer in the headlights of a coming truck. In a split second he let go of the man and jumped infront of the truck. The impact shot him across the road.

That was the first time I really got to be with her. Something about it felt right. She warmed my heart. Even in a dying light.. Everything was ok. Dying even as an angel was still incredibly painful. You wouldn't know it.. but we feel pain just as much as any creature.

The lights of the car stayed on shining over the blood streaked road. The people were less concerned with the dog they just hit and the girl they almost hit, the driver instantly ran to the man bleeding out on the sidewalk. The sidewalk was covered in blood leaking into the drain. The man had very little life left in him. The driver proceeded to call 911, as the girl sat stroking the dying dog. She hugged his body which was bigger than hers, she cried as he breathed lightly.

"You can't go... please, everyone leaves me. You saved my life and cared for me when no one else would" He looked into her eyes, they were so pure.

Something he'd never seen before, as life left the body of the creature he projected himself as he was lifted back to the heavens. The girl kept stroking the dog long after he was gone. It was the first time anything had given the slightest care for her life. He grasped at the air unable to reach her. He'd return soon but it didn't feel like enough.

Eventually her foster parents showed up. Her face was puffy and her body covered in blood. She wouldn't move out of the street or let go of the dog. The body had long since went limp. They had to drag her away, it wasn't the first horrible thing she'd ever seen, but for a brief moment she felt like she wasn't alone in the world. As they pulled her away she ripped the heart shaped tag off his collar. Over time she put it on a chain and cleaning it she kept it on her neck as a memory, the tag read "True" which she took as a sign that maybe someone might have been there for her.

I was I was always there for her. From the beginning. There was so much I wish I could've done for her. I broke my oath by attacking that human. He died just the same, and she never returned to the day home.
I lost her.. at some point between dying as a living creature and drifting back to heaven, I lost her. It could take me years to find her again. How can I hope to protect her?

He searched frantically looking for her. He had a feeling something had been wrong. After some time he found her cornered in an alley..

A Hunter?! Why... Why do they hunt the living, something is very wrong.A loud scream emitted from the young girl in the red dress. As life started to leave her body, faceless she'd become like the rest. The scream started to fade away as she slowly eased her way to the pavement. Her beautiful scream was now an essence no one would ever hear again. A heavy sigh left True's lips. He was reminded of the lives he's lost, not those of others, but his own. Twice he'd been deceived of peace. He hugged the faceless ragdoll to his chest and a tear dripped to the patched face.

He dropped to his knees before the girl in the red dress. Putting the faceless ragdoll beside her body. He moved his arm to her body, fingers extended. He'd never been able to touch people, humans just didn't make sense to him. The forbidden fruit of this race was too much. His hand started to trumble and he lifted the young girl's head into his arm. What's to look at when there's a body without a face. How can you see their soul when they bare no life. Arms beneath her vibrant brown hair he closed his eyes. Another tear fell from his eyes. This one hitting her empty face.

What could be so perfect, so amazing to make an Angel cry. A race incapable of sadness, only emptiness. Unoticeably as True sobbed the young girls face was reappearing with each and every tear. He sat the girls body back on the ground. He turned around grabbing Johnna, the faceless ragdoll, holding the head tightly in his hand. So tight he might have been ripping some of the stitching with his finger tips. Anger washed over his face. True was done losing people. He would give himself to destroy the creature. The young girl behind him started to come around, lifting herself from her laying position, she sat on the ground legs spread out. Wiping the glitter of the tears from her face, she looked at True with an expression of confusion. Something about this man seemed familiar to her. Was he the man from the park?

Wings burst him his back, he lifted his hands and he began to spew incantations inaudible to humans. Her eyes widened as the wings appeared with a rush of feathers blowing back to her. Rubbing her hand over her necklace, she came to the realization.. He'd been with her, her whole life. She flashed back to the bird, and the dog that saved her. The man from the park that brought her back her ball. He'd been protecting her all these years.

'Tru-' That's all that escaped her mouth before she saw his life being removed from his face. Slow and agonizing, his body started to lose power. Brown webbed wings wilting under the loss of energy within his physical form. The creature flew before him, A clawed mouth with a single eyeball inside, peered before True sucking the life from him. The girl in the red dress would be the first person alive, that can describe the creature. It's tentacles giving it the ability to hover. The creature floating infront of True, his body shoke vigorously as he attempted to battle the creature for domination of his body.

Not everyone needed to die young. The girl in the red dress again opened her mouth. Her throat embracing her vocal cords to her mouth and a loud scream left her lips. This scream was incredibly high pitch, breaking the windows of every building within a one mile radius. Glass shattered all around her. As the wave of sound past through the breeze it caught the creature. The creature became somewhat dazed from the magnitude of the scream.

The creature lost control over True's life force, and with the impact of winning True fell backward onto the ground between the legs of the little girl. The creature now more angry then he's ever been before turned to the girl, ready to again take her life. She continued to scream at the top of her lungs, into the world of the un-hearing. The creature attempted to move closer to the girl, but couldn't. The longer she screamed the more weak the creature became.

True laid between her legs, head hunched into his shoulders, his body showing no signs of life. As the creature drifted to the ground, lifeless, a sound struck True's ears. The vibration bounced off his ear canal and into his ear drums, the sound sending a signal to his brain. Again she'd broken the barrier, True heard without the sound wave bouncing it through his other senses. His hands began to twitch and a breath left his chest. His body coming back to life with every second passing, as the girl kept screaming. The creature was now on the ground, with what seemed like he'd become a victim of gravity. It stayed in place. The eye inside it's jagged mouth exploded leaving a nasty plasma goo on the sidewalk in front of them. Her scream slowly faded away as if she had to slow her momentum before she could come to a complete stop.

By the time she stopped True had been staring at her, he cracked a very weak smile which could barely be seen behind his buckled up shirt. He opened his mouth to mutter a thank you to the girl, at least that's what she assumed he'd mumbled. His speech was always kind of off, speaking was just as new to him as hearing. The creature made a gush sound as the last bit of life left it's body. The souls and faces of all the people it took escaped with it. The soulless creature, now lifeless became the victim. It appeared that True might have some new friends when he returned home.

He nodded silently to the girl and they both lifted off the ground. He held out his hand to help her up.

"Scarlet" the girl said as she dusted herself off.

A what escaped True's lips. She smiled and stuck out her tongue 'My name, it's Scarlet'

'Oh, 'Nice to meet you Scarlet', he again smiled, this time he lowered the buckles of his shirt so she could see his full smile.

His teeth were fanged like a mythical vampire. Something she didn't expect, but she was mature enough to not make a comment, and she was smart enough after today to show no fear.

He leaned down in front of her and grabbed Johnna, the faceless ragdoll was no longer faceless. Instead it smiled, like a raggedy ann doll it peered into his soulless body. He bit his lip lightly looking into the new face of his beloved doll. He looked at Scarlet. Holding it once more tightly to his chest, he smiled again. Turning his vision to the clouds above, he'd be going home soon.

'You keep Johnna, I think you would make a far better parent than I. The lack of food up there is turning into an epidemic', Not that angels would ever need food. Scarlet smiled widely as the magical doll came into her grasp. Before she could thank him, True had already extended his wings and began his journey home.

Young Scarlet grew up to be a fantastic caring person and through her life. She'd never forget, True the deaf Angel whom bore no connection to her world, saved it.

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Red Summery Dress

Red Polka Dot Dress

Red Party Dress

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Dark Shaman Effigy

Brass Steam-Wing Kit

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