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The Glade Montre
Owner: Ichigo777

Age: 8 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: April 5th, 2011

Adopted: 8 years, 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: April 5th, 2011


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 12
  • HP: 12/12
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 59
  • Job: Patty Flipper

Information about LadyAltariel

Human Description:
Average height; green eyes and red-orange hair


Favorite Food:
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Favorite Drink:
Peach Necter

Favorite Color:
Purple, Silver

Drawing, Gardening, Baking

Meek & kind, happy, shy and insecure, loving

Her fatehr and step-sisters

Living Family:
LordAdderhead (current husband), 9 children, 2 step-Children, 1 GrandDaughter

LadyAltariels's History

A sweet girl with a hidden history, she was the eldest daughter of a cunning noble. Her mother died when she was young and her new stepmother resented her. Due to her unique looks her father, stepmother, and half siblings ostracized her. She felt alone in the world.

She didn't understand why they hated her. She gained a secret friend while alone whom others both feared and shunned.

As the years passed, she grew more and more lonely and desired above all else someone to love her. When the ruler of her land, the Lord Adderhead, saught a new wife, she volunteered herself. She never expected to love him, she never expected him to love her - all she wanted was a way out. But as time passed and she bore him both sons and daughters, she wormed her way into his heart and he became the center of hers. She fell in love and for the first time in her life, felt that she was loved and wanted - and this inspired her to do anything and everything in her power to save him from Death itself.

Fable - The Maiden Beloved By Death

Once a long time ago while Death primerily took a human guide rather than an animal one, Death found himself getting bored. Like most immortal spirits, his task was tedious and he had long tired of his job. There was nothing new, no new exciting deaths to thrill him and he felt tired and disguested at times. Over the thousands of years, he had seen people kill and be killed for everything. Worst of all the reasons was the silly things the mortals called "love". Death had no need for love.

Until one day, while collecting an old man's soul he saw the most beautiful maiden his eyes had ever seen. Her skin was fairer than snow, her long locks shining in the sun, and her wide green eyes shining. He instantly fell for her and desired her to be his. But she was due to be married to another man whom Death could see would eventually kill her. Not wishing to see the maiden die, he took the man's soul early and then revealed himself to her. He explained the man was to kill her and he had saved her.

She did not rejoice, but rather despaired. Despite what Death said, she loved the man. Distraught by her beloved's death, she took her own life.

In the afterlife, Death confronted her spirit and begged for her forgivness and her love. At first, she refused, but eventually she struck a bargan with Death. While she was a spirit, she would be his and his alone. But when she would be reborn, Death would have to protect her, to help her reach her goals, and to allow her to love whomever she feel for while alive. Reluctantly, Death agreed to her demands.

And so, it became so. As the centuries passed, Death kept his word to the maiden he loved throughout her reincarnations.

The Story of LadyAltariel!

She was born in the early spring while there was still snow on the ground. Her mother was a noble from an ancient country, her father one from Argenta. She was born with long red hair and glimmering green eyes which her mother adored. Her father thought her weird. When she was two, her mother vanished and her father told Altariel she was dead. He remarried later in the year to a rich noble. This woman looked upon Altariel as a freak due to her looks. Altariel gained five half-sisters over the next few years. As time passed, her father and stepmother continued to outcast her from her sisters, showering them in luxary and ignoring Altariel. She felt alone and unwanted.

On her sixth birthday, she attened a party at the castle when her father could find no sitter. There, ignored and left in the corner, she watched them all dance with envy. She grew hungry and went to the table for a cupcake or a slice of cake to eat. However, Altariel was too short and couldn't reach. Another noble pushed her out of the way and left her lying on the floor. She was about to cry when an older man picked her up and sat her uon a nearby chair. He brought her a plate with two cupcakes and a cup of tea and sat beside her. She thanked him and ate. She didn't know he was the country's lord. She looked up at him in admiration and cheekily told him "I'm going to be your bride one day!" He didn't object, only smiled at her and gave her a necklace with a serpent, which she treasured.

Her treatment at home became worse. Her lovely sisters were invited to parties while she was ignored. They were bethroed off at young ages, but no one wanted weird Altariel. One day in the woods, she tried to kill herself, but failed. A golden bird with a heart mark appeared and revelaed itself to be Death - whom took a human form infront of her. He told her he would not take her and told her the story of "The Maiden Beloved By Death ". He reveleaed she was the reincarnated soul of that girl. She gained him as her friend, which gave her hope.

When she turned 15, her father found her a "husband" in a noble with a pig-like appearance and appetite. Terrified of winding up as the pig's wife, she traveled to the castle and offered herself as the new bride for the Lord. She didn't know until she met him face-to-face a day later that he was the one she had met at the party all those years ago.

After their elaborate wedding, she quickly became pregnant. She tried to keep close to him instead of drifing away. She started to care for him. That pregnancy bore the Lord what he desired more than naything else - a son, technically 4 sons. He started to care more for her, to fall in love with her. She got pregnant again and again and again and bore a daughter, a fifth son and anoither daughter, and then a set of twin girls for a total of 9 children. Due to his love for her, her daughters were given the same love as her sons. She finally felt as if she belonged.

The icing on the cake came when her father was arrested for fraud and she sent him to the dungeons. As the children grew, their love grew more and more. But he was always feaful of death and she too became fearful for him. So, she called upon her friendship with Death to make a deal - she bore Death a daughter in exchange for her love' life to be extended.

She knew her place would always be beside him.

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Pet Treasure

Bridal Necklace

Engagement Ring

Bridal Bouquet

Decorative Peacock Teapot

Colonial Brooch

High Elf Crystal Brooch

Diamond Cluster Necklace

New Years Light

The Oceans Desire

Glowing Sapphire

Giant Freesia Beanbag

Incomplete Ranunculus Carving

Lacy Red Dress

Lacy Black Choker

Jeweled Neela Vesnali Egg

Jade Silver Wing Brooch

Iron Summit Key

Icy Touch Necklace

Icy Touch Hair Pin

Icy Touch Earrings

Gold Summit Key

Incomplete Bird of Paradise Carving

Lacy Red Choker

Incomplete Babys Breath Carving

Elemental Candles

Icy Touch Ring-Cuff

Copper Bound Wrapped Locks

Harvester Embellished Cloak

Green Elegant Laced Corset

Hydrangea Ombre Stockings

Glamorous Earring Box

Gilded Egg and Nest Candle

Frozen Rose Key

Frilled Stardust One Piece

Flower Patterned Dress

Feathered Brooch

Fancy Comb

Evil Flower

Essence of Toxic Love

Elegant Ring Box

Eau De Toxic

Eau De Love

Eau De Cosmic

Dying Hydrangea

Dressed to the Nines Hair Clip

Dragon of Autumn Collar

Dowsing Pendulum

Diamond Scented Perfume

Diamond Ruffled Corset

Diamond of the Galactics Dress

Day and Night Infinity Scarf

Darkside Dreamer

Dainty Onyx Anklet

Cogwork Key

Whisper Brocade Jacket

Vancy Tank Top

Yellow Flower Basket

Wreathed Diamond Circlet

White Carnation

White Flower Basket

White Pearl Cuff

Winter Fan

Tarnish InVested Top

Summer Fan

Silver Summit Key

Silver Mystery Bud

Silky Jewelry Cushion

Sapphire Ring

Sacred Jewel Perfume

Ruby Effortlessly Draped Ribbon Necklace

Springtime Fan

Butterfly Wings

Frail Mahogany Feather

Black Ribboned Cameo Collar

Bag of Hydrangea Seeds

Autumn Spice Potpourri

Autumn Fan

Aquamarine Effortlessly Draped Ribbon Necklace

Apatite Silver Wing Brooch

Brass Rose

Bronze Summit Key

Bunched Cornflower Petal Dress

Feathered Brooch

Lapis Lovely Pendant

Archduchess Choker

Archduchess Necklace

Colonial Necklace

Opal Strands

Giselle Rosebud Engraved Necklaces

Silky Jewelry Cushion

Professor New Krown Necklace

Mothers Locket

Lacy Black Choker

Lacy Green Choker

Lacy Red Choker

Lacy Blue Choker

Lacy Brown Choker

Calavera Bride Faded Mantilla Veil

Short Bridal Veil

Bridal Tiara

Elegant Silver Tiara

Elegant Amethyst Tiara

Elegant Crystal Tiara

Elegant Onyx Tiara

Elegant Gold Tiara

Elegant Rose Quartz Tiara

Innocent Sovereign Headpiece

Rainyday Desert Rose Beads

Rainyday Rainstorm Headpiece

Dressed to the Nines Hair Clip

Rainyday Verdure Pearls

Rainyday Verdure Barrette

Lililace GoldenRags Daisy Wreath

Rainyday Deep Blue Headpiece

Archduchess Pin

Luna Moth Headpiece

Colonial Barrette

Rainyday Desert Rose Flowers

Onyx Crystal Hair Pin

Aquamarine Crystal Hair Pin

Citrine Crystal Hair Pin

Rose Quartz Crystal Hair Pin

Emerald Crystal Hair Pin

Snow Petal

Black Lace Noir Millinery

Black Lace Orchid Millinery

Black Lace Olive Millinery

Black Lace Ocean Millinery

Black Lace Snow Millinery

White Lace Noir Millinery

White Lace Orchid Millinery

White Lace Rust Millinery

White Lace Olive Millinery

White Lace Ocean Millinery

White Lace Snow Millinery

Silver Mystery Bud

Brass Mystery Bud

Gold Mystery Bud

Extravagant Fascinator

Floral Lace Headpiece

Frozen Petal

Remarkably Well-Preserved Hair Pins

Icy Touch Hair Pin

Scientist Feather Hair Clip

Diamond Cluster Bracelet

Onyx Crystal Flower Bracelet

Sapphire Crystal Flower Bracelet

Gold Crystal Flower Bracelet

Ruby Crystal Flower Bracelet

Amethyst Crystal Flower Bracelet

Emerald Crystal Flower Bracelet

Rose Quartz Crystal Flower Bracelet

Elegant Small Bracelet

Hazel Ornate Noon Arm Bangle

Icy Touch Necklace

Innocent Sovereign Armbeads

Icy Touch Ring-Cuff

Rainyday Verdure Anklet

Rainyday Desert Rose Anklets

Bridal Earrings

Glamorous Earring Box

Fanciful Hummingbird Ear Cuff

Lunar Tear

Onyx Leaf-Tipped Earrings

Gold Leaf-Tipped Earrings

Beauty Diamond Earrings

Dangling Black Earrings

RoQ Candy Turvey Earrings

Rainyday Tropical Earrings

Elegant Lady Pearl Earrings

Marble Stoned Earrings

Snow Queen Earrings

Fashionable Earrings

Icy Touch Earrings

Hazel Jelled Drippy Shell Earrings

Garnet Ring

Elegant Ring Box

Onyx Cabochon Ring

Emerald Cabochon Ring

Ruby Cabochon Ring

Aquamarine Cabochon Ring

Amethyst Cabochon Ring

Citrine Cabochon Ring

Rose Quartz Cabochon Ring

Rose Quartz Solitaire Ring

Emerald Solitaire Ring

Pearl Solitaire Ring

Citrine Solitaire Ring

Aquamarine Solitaire Ring

Onyx Solitaire Ring

Sapphire Ring

Innocent Sovereign Rings

Donna Pearl Ring

Archduchess Ring

Swirly Pale Gold Engagement Ring

Colonial Ring

Delicate Tinkering Ring

Brides Wedding Ring

Calavera Bride Lace Belt

Rainyday Verdure Belt

Innocent Sovereign Belt

Bridal Garter

Hazel Heartstring Garter

Atebus Nomad Chance Box

Vanity Posy Shoes

Bridal Slippers

High Elf Silver Sandals

Forest Sprite Clawed Heels

Scientist Chunky Heels

Claire Nightgown

Claire Gown

Bridal Gown

Bow-E Plumeria Crumpled Slip

Hazel Uneven Lace Slip

Snow Queen Ritual Dress

Innocent Sovereign Dress

Luna Floral Dress

Junko Ensnared Lace Top

Loose Lacy Vest

Calavera Bride Lace Skirt

Vanity Cinnamon Skirt

Embroidered Gray Ball Waist Petticoat

Embroidered Black Ball Skirt

Feisty Heroine Lace Wrap

Elegant Lady Shawl

Lacy Wrap

Lacy Shawl

Glamorous Faux Fur Wrap

Pink FlowerJack

Spring FlowerJack

Blue FlowerJack

Coral FlowerJack

Golden FlowerJack

Purple FlowerJack

Gray Billowy Shrug

White Billowy Shrug

Yellow Billowy Shrug

Pink Billowy Shrug

Cream Billowy Shrug

Hazel Uneven Lace Shrug

Innocent Sovereign Gold Leaf Tunic

Rainyday Rainstorm Wrap

Verdi New Bloom Bustle

Flashback Material Girl Bra

Verdi New Bloom Lace Brassiere

Maids Lacy Bra

Colonial Lace Undies

Junko Ensnared Lace Leggings

Violet Ombre Stockings

Bluebell Ombre Stockings

Hydrangea Ombre Stockings

Orchid Ombre Stockings

Daffodil Ombre Stockings

Rose Ombre Stockings

Lacy Green Leggings

Lacy Black Leggings

Lacy Brown Leggings

Lacy Blue Leggings

Lacy Red Leggings

Archduchess Stockings

Flapper Lace Applique Stockings

Verdi New Bloom Tights

Hazel Uneven Lace Stockings

Hazel Jelled Pinstockings

Vintage Stockings

Blue Floral Embroidered White Stage Stockings

Colonial Stockings

Hazel Ornate Noon Stockings

Vanity Cinnamon Stockings

RoQ Candy Ventura Sheer Stockings

Lililace DeKonstrukted Scrap of Lace

Geeky Flower

Lace Fruit

Shy Crystal Fruit

Night Sky Flower

Deathhand Lily

Carnivorous Flower

Giant Freesia Beanbag

Bag of Hydrangea Seeds

Daisy and Hydrangea Seed Bags

Dying Hydrangea

Dying Pink Hydrangea

Dying Blue Hydrangea

Dying Purple Hydrangea

Glowing Pitcher Fruit

Candied Rose Petal

Bubble Egg and Nest Candle

Incomplete Dahlia Carving

Party Poppy Popper

Incomplete Calla Lily Carving

Pearl and Citrine Brooch Necklace

Incomplete Bluebell Carving

Periwinkle Double Layered Skirt

Pinned Gold Gown

Pinned Gray Gown

Rowboat Cloak

Lotus Petal

Love Flower Sticker

Marquesa Rose Signet

Monks Hood

Noir Long Tiered Skirt

Nuclear Mahar Ring

Opal and Black Pearls

Opulent Casablanca Cameo

Orange Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Pet Friends