Legacy Name: Shiver

The Custom Glacier Mahar
Owner: Kitten

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: April 6th, 2011

Adopted: 10 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: April 6th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
April 17th, 2014


  • Level: 121
  • Strength: 302
  • Defense: 298
  • Speed: 296
  • Health: 295
  • HP: 294/295
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Books Read: 7
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Come to me... Young hero, bring me the fate of your life. The fate of humanity and inhumanity..Come to me..

The door burst open, flurries of snow brought in as they found a new home to accompany themselves with. She looked up with a light gasp of surprise. She held tightly the apple as she fed the youngest of her kin. The whelp whined with delight as it bit into the ripe juicy piece of fruit. She looked to her side, letting out a frozen breath. Patting the whelp on the head, she left the apple on the ground for him to continue to feed himself. She flicked her wings behind her body and walked toward the person invading her domain. Her heels clicking with every step leaving a path of ice crackling behind her.

Beneath her dragon head helm her icy eyes became eclipsed and unable to read. She approached the man, taking in his form. He was thin, with medium length spiked down black hair. Facial hair gathered under his nose and around his mouth, making a circle to his chin and exceeding outward to the base of his jaw line. His skin was as pale as the vapour which emits from her mouth. His eyes tinted a light blue and a small ball that showed no resistance under his lip. He wore a thick black coat with a white fur puff that failed to cover two evenly situated bite marks on his neck. Beyond that he had a fishnet shirt with a very odd collection of belts covering his chest, a heavy duty belt which held up a pair of white polished pants and black combat boots.

"State your business," she demanded, her voice as icy and shallow as her breath.

He collapsed to the ground in front of her. Down on his knees he bowed before her expecting her to offer exceptional pity upon his weak and fragile form. She paused before him and leaned down, whispering something inaudible that was obviously her native tongue, Dragonic. He moved his head against the icy black armor covering her chest. Quietly he slipped a dagger into his hand from the inside of his sleeve. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, he moved his hand up to touch her. She didn't flinch, until the dagger penetrated her skin. Making its way from skin, past bone it missed, landing right beside her heart.

She hissed jumping backwards, transforming into a huge dragon lined with shards of ice, blue as the ocean. She brought her wings up, eyes fixed on him, and turned to let out a ferocious roar of anger. Light began to cascade inside her chest as she built a flame, the light emitting from her chest and moving up. She opened her mouth and let out a horrible screech as she blew flames from her mouth. He was quicker than she expected. He dodged the ball of fire even as she moved her head back and forth attempting to lay everything in her path to waste.

He darted across the room looking to find an opening to jump on her back. He decided to go for the tail, which was quickly met with a swift slam across the room. His body flailing as it flew through the air, he landed hard against the wall, sliding to the floor like a lifeless ragdoll. She hissed and let out another roar as she returned to her human form. She clicked her heel and whipped her wings behind her back, walking back to the whelp.

She was interested in nothing more than the life of her kin. It made her weak, it made her foolish. She leaned before the whelp smiling and patting him on the head, speaking to him in a delightful dragonic voice. Nothing like how she'd approached the assassin that had come to kill her. She caught a hint of cold air and her gaze returned to the wall where she left her attacker. The wall had a dent in it where he'd been but he no longer lay still against the wall.

Before she could react, a hand reached her shoulder. The touch created a void of darkness that began to consume her veins. Her blood quickly became replaced with black sludge. She coughed out a mixture of tinted blood, ice and her own blue blood. She dropped to the ground below her, lifeless, leaving the whelp screaming behind her.

Completing the ritual, he whistled an eerie tune spinning the dagger in his fingers. Tracing with his eyes where her heart would be, he took the dagger and dragged it straight across her chest. Expanding her rib cage, he ripped out her still beating heart. He spun the knife around and cut into the heart, removing a small blue crystal from it. He placed the crystal in a wire necklace, and bit into the heart. Consuming it, blood dripped down his chin. He let out a joyful noise as he finished, licking his fingers after. He put the necklace around his neck. His eyes turned red as he rose from the ground, leaving just as he had arrived.

Shiver, Born out of love. A myth that tricked travellers with promises of immortality. Removal of the shiver created the complete opposite. Born out of hate and lust, The dragon heart consumed any soul that dared to steal it.

Dragon art by Shalashaska/Profile Art by User not found: amarone/Profile by Chrissy/x by Skylinne/x by Lotties

Pet Treasure

Hoarfrosts Poleyns

Hoarfrosts Shardglimmer

Ice Tear Crystal

Ice Defense Baguette Crystal

Ice Bombs

Ice Urchin

Bottled Ice

Snow Fairy Wings

Hoarfrosts Helm

Ice Dragon

Icy Freezing Rod of Doom

Frozen Twig

Frozen Matter


Doom Bug

Arctic Frost Jeweled Egg

Snow Queen Ring

Glaciers Kiss

Ice Dragon Plushie

Ice Stone

Hoarfrosts Iced Tassets


Hoarfrosts Fracture

Hoarfrosts Encasing Boots

Hoarfrosts Couters

Hoarfrosts Breastplate

Hoarfrosts Bevor

Frost Berry Bunch

Freezing Baguette Crystal


Frostberry Vodka

Frozen Petal


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