Pasgen has a minion!

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Legacy Name: Pasgen

The Darkmatter Legeica
Owner: Iridescent

Age: 11 years, 9 months, 2 weeks

Born: April 16th, 2011

Adopted: 11 years, 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: April 16th, 2011


  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 22
  • Defense: 14
  • Speed: 13
  • Health: 13
  • HP: 13/13
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 1
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Pasgen is the most beautiful Legeica you'll ever see. And he knows it. Modesty is not his best trait and neither is tact. He says what he thinks and follows what he believes with unswerving devotion. He is a known flirt and even Iridestra is not immune to his charisma. Though what he is doing speaking to her in the first place makes you wonder.. Both are powerful spell casters, she a self-made sorceress and he a prince of the Dark. Call it chemistry, call it disaster, but keep it to yourself. He can be moody but it's tempered with a grinning playfulness that is disarming even to those who know him best. He is a charmer and uses it to his advantage. He has had moments though, where his inner goodness shines through. Moments where you can't help but think he can be redeemed, whether or not he would will it. The solidness, the loyalty, those are what will keep you coming back for more.


The compulsion took him on a winding path into the forest. He snuffed in disdain at the earthy smell and dirt. His tail flicked about impatiently as he tossed his head, looking into the darkness that was only as dusk to him. His hooves were covered in leaves and mud, he kept following a glowing orb and a feeling. Due to his own nature he was immune to it's effects. Hell, he thought, whatever trick was going on here was pretty damned amusing. He snorted.

Pasgen was a young Legeica prince of the Dark Court's Citadel. He was as strong as he ever had been, handsome as all his line were, and had been quite comfortable roaming the countryside making havoc out of boredom when the assistant he had procured through a compulsion of his own had suddenly wavered out of his projected path and gone strolling right off the road. Of course Pasgen followed him. It would have been an easy thing to pull his subject's mind back but Pasgen had a rampant streak of curiosity. Now he found himself deep in the woods of a marsh in the dead of night and really as amazingly inconvenient as it was it was also horribly, insatiably, delightful.

There was a light up ahead. It glowed a dim green. The wandering creature under the spell made a beeline for the final orb but before he could get too close a small dark creature stepped forward. Glowing green and blue globes floated around it as it stood in their path. The boy stopped. A shadowy figure stepped out into the weird green light thrown from the little creature. They stepped towards the boy and stopped. They turned and looked right at Pasgen instead.

"Who or what are you?" A sharp feminine voice said to Pasgen.

She sounded irritated he thought, how funny. He stepped forward and he heard her mutter something under her breath and before he could take another step a ring of globes set around the perimeter of the clearing lit up with blue-green light. It was enough to make him hesitate but only for a moment.

He strode forward boldly and said, "I am Pasgen, Prince of the Dark Court." He lifted his nose. "Who are you and what have you done to my servant?"

She had immediately begun scowling at the start of his introduction and had done so throughout the entire thing. At the mention of his servant however a flicker of doubt fled over her eyes. Perhaps she wasn't as sure of herself as she thought. Interesting.

"You are trespassing." She said frowning at him. "As for your servant he must have been on my land to have heard the call that brought him here. If not-" she shrugged, "-Then he is weak-minded indeed. I'll try not to judge his master as likewise for this intrusion."

Pasgen's mouth hung open. By the time he had it closed and was about to say something she was already talking again.

"I will release your servant as he is most definitely not what I am looking for," she said pointedly turning to give the young man a look of dissatisfaction, "Then the both of you need to be on your way. I do have a few questions for you first."

She flicked her tail impatiently as Pasgen snorted, his mouth curving into a smile revealing sharp pointed incisors. He turned and looked at his servant. Of course, even if she released him from his compulsion he was still under the spell that Pasgen had set. He had no more use for him anymore though. He stared into the young man's eyes and said, "Change of plans, lucky for you. You are going to go back to where you came from. You won't remember me and will only think that you fell asleep. Now go." The man nodded, Pasgen hadn't bothered to learn his name, and then he turned and began walking back through the forest. If he was lucky he wouldn't get eaten but the black destrier honestly didn't care. He was thinking of other things. He stared at the annoyed, glowing female in front of him, smiling his handsome fanged smile once more, this should be fun he thought.

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The conversation was unfortunately short lived. He was called back to his own dimension and had to leave after only a few clever quips. He was a pawn to his royal family, a face to parade when needed, advice giver every now and then. For the most part he was fine with it, he was one of four other heirs, and he had little design on the throne. His interests were with dark magic and forbidden portals. I mean, they were forbidden which only made them more fun.

Travel between worlds was outlawed and talking to outsiders without killing them wasn't allowed and tonight he'd done both. Let the Prince's bicker and compete for the throne's attention, he had more exciting things to play with. He was gaining ground with the stability of the portal but had a ways to go before it was safe to let anyone else cross over. At least he assumed that's what the dead bodies meant. He chuckled to himself and thought about that marsh light creature. Not Light, but light, lit-up, to be precise. She was no daughter of Light, though from what little he saw of the creatures and the landscape there was plenty of Earth in there. She was a mixture of things, he could tell, a sorceress, and an enigma. He'd have to pay her a visit very soon indeed.

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Symphoni Nacht DesireDenial Ravencrest Brooch

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