Insectivorous has a minion!

SunDew the Snap-Dragon

Legacy Name: Insectivorous

The Glade Aeanoid
Owner: HPY

Age: 9 years, 5 months, 3 weeks

Born: April 29th, 2011

Adopted: 9 years, 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: April 29th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
July 6th


  • Level: 5
  • Strength: 14
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 20
  • Health: 20
  • HP: 20/20
  • Intelligence: 27
  • Books Read: 27
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


Insectivorous (adj.) –
1. Adapted to feeding on insects.
2. Botany. Having specialized leaves or leaf parts capable
of trapping and digesting insects,
as the Venus flytrap, the pitcher plants, and the sundews.


It was just another day for Insectivorous. She woke up, brushed her teeth, and washed her face. The woman walked into her bedroom to find something to wear. Her clothes weren’t really extravagant or expensive because she spent most of her time in her garden. A pair of cutoff overalls, a bright yellow shirt, and some work boots. That would do. The woman grinned as she examined herself in the mirror. Sandy blonde hair; bright, chocolate brown eyes, and a killer smile greeted her. Then the woman looked down at her body. She certainly wasn’t a size zero by any stretch of the imagination, but she was glad for that. She ate far too well to be anything but chubby.Insectivorous decided to forego perfume for the day. No, she knew that she was going to get pretty smelly out in the yard, and if she was being honest, she was kind of counting on that.

Insectivorous wandered down the stairs, out of her home, and into her garden. Her vast, glorious garden. Most of her property was taken up by flowers and plants of all kinds,
anything you could think of. Her small,two-story home occupied a meager space on the front of the territory, and in the far back corner there was a tiny shed full of…
Well, that’s not important.

She scurried to her plants, tending them, watering them, feeding them. She had to make everything just right. If the plants weren’t perfect, the bugs wouldn’t come. Insectivorous loved watching the Insects wander through her garden. She liked watching the butterflies and bees visit the flowers, the ants crawling along her garden paths, even the worms wriggling their way through the soil.

She grew especially giddy when an insect got close to her. And boy, did they love getting close to her. Insectivorous wasn’t quite sure what it was about her scent that drove the bugs crazy, but she didn’t waste any time asking questions.

As the Sun rose over the horizon, Insectivorous was able to take stock of what kinds of visitors she had today. Creepy Crawlies, Hungry Flat Worms, Aeons, and Pyllars abounded,
some of her usual guests. But as she looked around, she saw one bug that she had never seen before. It looked like an ordinary butterfly, but much more graceful, more delicate. Its wings were adorned with a unique and vibrant pattern of browns, blacks, oranges, reds, and even white splotches.

This new visitor—a Painted Lady, perhaps? certainly intrigued Insectivorous. She started to run around her garden, gathering the prettiest, most vibrant flowers to try and attract the Painted Lady. She needed the flowers, sure, but she also needed to work up a sweat, to get her scent into the air. t wasn’t long before the little Painted Lady had taken an interest in the chunky blonde lady with the flowers.

Insectivorous had to be careful. One false move could startle the little creature and make it fly away for good. So kept still until the bug was deep inside one of the lilies in her hand. Once the little minion was safely tucked away, the woman made a B-line for the small shed at the very edge of her property.

No one was allowed inside the shed except Insectivorous, and when she took the padlock of the chain that had been wrapped around the plywood blocking the door handles, it was clear why.

She opened the door to reveal a tiny, twisted diner of sorts. Well, twisted if you were an insect, that is. Rolls and rolls of fly paper hung to the ceiling, and even more were lining the shelves, waiting to be deployed. The room was filled with a sickeningly sweet odor. It smelled like rotting meat and… fresh-cut flowers? The woman was starting to get comfortable. She had frozen in place, and the weirdest thing happened then. A zipper seemed to appear on the top of her head, and her whole body looked like it split in two as the zipper made its way down her frame.

Before she knew it, the Painted Lady was staring right into the mouth of a hungry Aenoid! Insectivorous licked her lips as she opened her jaws wide and swallowed the hapless little minion whole. She licked her lips again as she savored the textures and tastes that flooded her mouth.“Hmm… sweet, crispy outside, juicy inside… But still, something missing.”Insectivorous sighed then. She had been at this for years, pulling on a human suit, cultivating and perfecting the perfect garden to lure unsuspecting insect minions into her shed before devouring them whole. She had come across plenty of delicious bugs and had come to consider herself something of an insect connoisseur. She longed to find that perfect bug. She had come close a few times, but several insects had also fallen flat. The Juicy Worm was anything but. The Amethyl had a delicious flavor, but it was a little too crispy for her liking. The best bug she had come across so far was the Smoochie. The outside was crisp; the inside was tender and juicy; and the flavors… Absolutely divine. Insectivorous was sure that an even better delicacy could be found, and she didn't care how long it took to find it.

She had plenty of time, flowers, and human suits.

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