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Legacy Name: Indignant

The Nightmare Telenine
Owner: Francine

Age: 11 years, 3 weeks, 3 days

Born: April 30th, 2011

Adopted: 11 years, 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Adopted: April 30th, 2011


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Art by shinteki

Indignant was a girl. A girl with a real problem with those she deemed under her. Don't let the upper class attitude fool you. Underneath it all she was a major bully.

Indignant walked through the high school like she owned the place. She might as well have, considering her father owned half the city anyway. Her store bought gaggle of friends followed her around, proclaiming how perfect and fashionable she was, and hanging on every shallow insignificant word she spoke. When she made a demand they fulfilled it, when she gossiped they listened with religious vigor, when she proclaimed something undesirable, they immediately shunned it. However, little did she know, her world would be thrown completely for a loop, and the once always in control girl would finally have something happen that she couldn't stop.

"But daddy, I need a car! No one else my age has one yet, and I've got to be first!" Indignant cried into her golden cell phone, putting on a show for her circle of friends. The friends smiled as the unmistakable answer of a giving in paternal figure reached their ears.

"Like, I don't know how you do it." Indignant's best friend, Impressionable, said. Her voice echoing down the hallway. "You're like, totally lucky."

"I know, right?" Indignant exclaimed, closing her phone and putting it into her white Versace purse. "I'm going to be honest, that was almost too easy. Usually I have to beg or threaten to hate him forever before he gives me what I want." Indignant said before she was cut off by the bell. "Well, better get to class..." She said, immediately not walking toward class, but instead going to the restroom. A few of her more academic friends broke off from the group, going toward class, but Impressionable stuck by her like a faithful pet.

They put their makeup on and did their hair, occasionally breaking off into conversation about boys or the other cliques.

Art by User not found: gryffindor

Indignant woke up in her room and threw her blue comforter off her plush bed. She could hear the housekeeper making breakfast, but she didn't have time for that this morning. She had places to go and shopping to do.

She quickly got dressed in a blue and orange ensemble and bounded down the stairs, stopping at the kitchen table to give her father a kiss on the forehead. "Morning daddy!" She exclaimed, promptly turning in her heels and walking out the door. She could here a shouted "be careful!" behind her, but she didn't slow as she opened the garage and unlocked the doors to her pink convertible. It wasn't exactly what she wanted, as she had asked for powdered blue, but her father promised to get it painted for her for Christmas, so she supposed she'd deal with it.

After a blissful afternoon of shopping, movies, dinner and clubbing, she decided to go off to the over-look. The Over-look was the most stereotypical teenager make out spot. Lots of cars parked near the edge of a cliff, fogged windows, shaking vehicles as those of more promiscuity explored each other, and a nice place for Indignant to gather her thoughts. No one knew that she used this spot, not for kissing or other things, but for designing clothes and drawing.

She had a secret passion for clothes, that not even her closest friends knew about. She didn't know why she wouldn't tell anyone of her talent, she supposed it was the last detail of her life that not everyone in the school knew about.

Indignant was feeling so relaxed that she found herself drifting to sleep...

Art by User not found: kitteh

A loud howling finally roused Indignant from her slumber, and she yawned loudly, rubbing her eyes. She was a little startled as she opened them to find she wasn't in her bed. Her windows were fogged up from her body heat and the cooler outside air mixing, and she couldn't see anything. Slowly she dragged herself out of her stupor and checked her phone. She had no signal, but she could clearly see the time was around 3AM. That was partly another reason she loved this spot so much, no annoying phone calls from her friends.

She took a few more minutes to gather her wits and took her old sweater from the back seat to wipe the windows. Finally having them clear, she could see that she was alone. She was secretly glad she had spent the day with the top up, because she would have hated to go to school on Monday covered in mosquito bites.

She started the car, slowly backed up out of the grass, and jumped as another wolf howl met her ears. She silently chastised herself for being so jumpy and put the car into drive, making her way home slowly down the dirt road.

Slowly chills began to run up her spine and she felt like she was being watched. Was those eyes she just saw ahead? No, couldn't be.

Without warning, something ran out of in front of her car. She screamed and slammed on the brakes, feeling a bump as she hit something. "Oh god, oh god please don't let that be a person!" she said to herself, but did not leave the car. She wasn't stupid, what would a person be doing on this dirt road in the woods at 3AM? She would not see if they were okay. Besides, it was probably an animal. Yeah, that's it, an animal, she reasoned with herself. It was while she was reasoning that the car began to shake.

Indignant looked around wildly. Was the person coming back to attack her for not stopping? She hit the gas as hard as she could, but the car did nothing but spin tires. Wait a minute, spin tires? It hadn't rained, why would they spin? It was at that moment that she realized that her back tires were spinning because they were off the ground. A loud pop assaulted her ears and she turned to look back, seeing that her car was now on the ground, but off center. She just knew that one of her tires were popped. That was the last straw for her, completely freaked she opened her cell phone before remembering that she got no reception out here. She cursed to herself and breathed deeply. She could find a way out of this mess. As long as her door was locked and her windows up, the person outside couldn't get her. She knew that eventually the person would get bored and leave, and she could wait all night if she needed to.

She tried looking behind her and to the sides, trying to see what was giving her so much trouble. It wasn't until the thing jumped on the hood of her car that the full capacity of her plight really reached her brain. It wasn't a person, well, it kind of wasn't. It was a giant wolf that rose up on it's back legs, howled, and slammed back down on her roof, staring at her with bright yellow eyes and dripping jowls. It was the scariest thing Indignant had ever seen. The large shaggy beast spent a few seconds breathing heavily on her windshield.

Indignant wasn't stupid. She knew a werewolf when she saw one. It didn't even matter that she didn't believe in them, because right at this second, she was convinced of their existence. Unfortunately for her, she didn't have to marvel at her revelation for long.

Without warning, the large wolf jumped off the windshield to her driver side door and slammed its paw through her window, dragging her out of it. Indignant screamed as glass cut her from the broken window, sending blood splattering all over the broken glass and mixing in with the pink of her car. The smell of blood seemed to drive the beast even more insane as he held her up by her neck. He seemed to smile a demonic, evil, smile before taking his other paw and slashing her across the chest, opening five deep claw wounds and tearing her outfit. He dropped her, and fell to all fours, standing over her as she screamed and wallowed underneath the creatures body.

The beast howled over his prey. It was at this moment that Indignant took the time to wiggle out from under his body. Her movement alerted him, and he growled, grabbing her by the leg with his powerful teeth and dragging her back next to him. Indignant's mind raced. She knew the lure of werewolves, but only from movies, and she had no wolfsbane on her. Wait, what was the other thing werewolves hated? It started with an "S"... it was... SILVER!

Without warning, she reached into the pocket of her skirt, retrieving her cell phone. She gripped it tightly, waiting for her chance. The werewolf raised up on his back legs, and lunged at her throat for the killing blow. He wasn't counting on her having a bit of luck and shoving the yellow cell down his throat instead. As he screamed and coughed, Indignant backed up, feeling the adrenaline course through her body. Her pain seemed to dissipate as her mind went into self preservation mode. She made herself hobble over to her car, as blood gushed out of her leg and chest. She leaned through the window, over the broken glass and wincing as more glass cut through her. Ripping her rear view mirror off the inside windshield, she removed a huge silver necklace her mother had given her.

The werewolf finally recovered from the cell phone attack, coughing it up and leaving a puddle of cell parts and vomit on the dirt. Angered and hurt, he backed up, ready to make the killing blow. He ran full speed toward the car, ready to pin Indignant between himself and the door and ripping her apart. As he ran toward her, Indignant had a moment of clarity. She could do this. As he made his final jump, she wrapped the overly large necklace around the creatures neck, dodging out of the way and pulling the creature with her.

The werewolf began to burn from the silver, and he thrashed about trying to break her hold. Indignant was exhausted, and the jerking from the wolf made her lose her grip on the necklace. All was lost she was sure. She slowly started to black out from blood loss and exhaustion. "This is it..." She told herself "At least I'll get to see my mother soon..." She thought as her body collapsed to the ground and her eyes finally closed.

Art by elakristi

Indignant awoke, staring up an immaculate white room. She heard an intercom and the talking of people. She looked over and saw her father asleep in a chair next to her. "Dad?" She squeaked out. He didn't stir, so she cleared her throat and tried again. "Daddy?" she said a bit louder. Her father jumped and looked over at her. "Baby! Oh my one and only! You're awake!" He jumped up from his chair and walked over, placing his large hand on her head and caressing her hair. "How do you feel, baby?" He asked in a soft voice, laced with unshed tears.

"Kinda sore, honestly... what happened?" Indignant asked, not really sure what was going on. "Well honey... the police think you were mugged, they found a body next to your car. At first I though that the body they found was you--- I----" Her father couldn't continue, as his body was racked with sobs. "I--- I thought I lost you" He finished, looking down at her. Indignant wanted to reach up and give her dad a hug, but she was very sore. "How is my leg?" She asked her father, expecting the worst.

He raised a brow at her. "It's fine, darling. Why, did the mugger hurt it?" The concern was evident in his eyes. Indignant felt another cold chill and looked down at her leg. It was as perfect as usual. No bite marks, no claw marks. She looked at her chest. Nothing there either. Had she dreamed the whole thing up?

"Dad, what did the police say happened?" Indignant asked, looking up at him. "Well, they were pretty vague, but apparently a naked man assaulted you, broke your car window and tried to steal your mothers necklace. For some reason, he then choked himself to death with it or something or allergic to silver. I don't know..." He looked away, swallowing and clearing his throat, as if building up his courage to say something unbelievable. "Honey, I know you might find this hard to believe but... did you know werewolves exist?"

Indignant coughed, looking up at her father. Was this some kind of joke? "Honestly? Yeah, after last night, I do." Her father frowned and nodded. "I was afraid this was going to happen, after your mother passed I thought I could keep you safe, but it appears I have failed you."

Indignant looked at her father, seeing a tear escape his eye. "Dad, whats going on?" She asked.

Her father sighed heavily, sitting on her hospital bed. "Well, when I met your mother, she was a young vibrant creature. However, she was a werewolf. I didn't care though, I loved her more than anything. It's my fault she's dead." Her father began to sob, covering his plump face with a dirty handkerchief. "I tried to make a cure. I hired all sorts of scientists and chemists and even a witch or two to try to help her. One day I was approached by a man who claimed to be a powerful wizard. I didn't know that he was actually the werewolf leader of a rival pack who was trying to usurp your mothers position in her own pack. Your mother was a very strong and powerful woman, you see. He claimed to have a cure for the affliction. I guess he was half right. That night, when you were about two years old, I administered the cure under the light of a new moon. I guess you could say it worked, your mother was cured, but she died from the poison and silver nitrate that was all in the supposed medicine."

Indignant frowned. She had been told her mother had died from a severe illness. She took a moment to process all this new information. A tear escaped her own eye and she lied still, listening to her father continue.

"I've wanted to tell you of this for a long time, but didn't think you would believe me. Ever since then I've had to be careful. We changed our names and moved away. I knew that your mothers enemies wouldn't be satisfied until they had you under their power, for you have the same powerful nature as your mother. You weren't a werewolf, but I just knew if they could get you, they would kill you to stop you from one day trying to take them over or they would try to change you so they could control you. It seems they underestimated you though, just like your mother you are." Her dad stopped, taking a huge breath, finally glad to get this story off his chest.

"So this means I'm a werewolf huh?" Indignant asked. "If you got bit, then I'm afraid so." her father said simply, looking down at her.

"This is going to be a long school year." Indignant said, leaning back on the hospital bed and looking up at the ceiling.


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