Scuffs has a minion!

Jae the Veil

Legacy Name: Scuffs

The Angel Cadogre
Owner: Thundercracker

Age: 9 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: June 2nd, 2011

Adopted: 4 years, 5 days ago

Adopted: January 11th, 2017

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 21st, 2018


  • Level: 2
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 45
  • Books Read: 44
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Candy Maker

The King is Dead! All Hail Serrated!

“DIVE! Dive off the cliffs!” The hoarse bark of the clan elder ordered.

Without thinking, Scuffs dove off the edge of the cliff, unfurling his broad white wings to catch the cold wind as it rushed by.
Together the drakes of the north dove vying for space in the panic rush of flight to survive.

"Do not look back!" The elder’s voice drifted over the crashing ocean. "Keep going and do not look back!".

Icy spray from the whitecaps crashing into the rocks bit into his scales. Scuffs had no intentions of looking back, or around. Too afraid of the murderous shadows chasing him and his clan mates. Pumping his wings as hard as he could and to stay low, mere meters above the cold gray Atlantic. He had always been a high flyer, but that was before.... he shook his head using his body and tail to steer around ice burgs.

The disheartening howl of Polydactyl erupted followed by a splash of water. Scuffs was not looking back to check on his friend, if he stopped flying or slowed down, then Serrated would catch him.... it would be over. That couldn’t happen! He kept flying, whispering mournful prayers to the bitter wind in his face.

A blast of fire shot past him, narrowly missing, forcing him to tuck up his feet closer to his body. The fire blast hissed and fizzled as it hit the cold ocean water. The fear of being caught and killed drove him to bet his wings faster and ignore the cold creeping past his scales. Another shot of fire breath zoomed past his wings, hitting an iceberg to his left; melting a hole into the side. Scuffs didn’t cry out, refused to turn around to see if the shadow falling upon the iceberg was his own or his pursuers. He lost track of everything as he zigged and zagged into the night farther than he ever dared venture away from his home.

The cold arctic winds died down giving way to warmer currents; he stayed low to the dark water, even as the sky started to lighten. The beating of his sore and tired wings, the thumping of his terrified heart and the rush of wind were the only companions he had as the hours went by.

Not daring to slow down and snatch a fish as it leaped out of the water despite his belly protesting for food. The sun rose, burned, dimmed and set before he caught sight of the far away rim of land. ‘Finally a place to rest.’ he thought. ‘ Just a little bit farther and I can rest my wings.’

The rocky cliffs, smaller than the ones he had left, greeted him with a sandy beach below. Ignoring the beach and the tide temperament, he angled his wings, stretching his stiff legs faintly wondering if they would hold his weight as he fought the wind buffering him to land on the top of the cliffs.

Long grass ticked his claws as he skimmed lower and lower before finally beating his wings in great upward arcs. Touch down! He landed in the grass away from the edge; his legs not able to hold him upright as he crashed heavily onto the ground. Wincing at the strain and tingling sensation of frozen scales hitting too hard against the ground, even covered in grass, was far from soft.

Scuffs panted with exhaustion. His icy blue eyes trying to see anything around him for a land mark. Flat green greeted him touching the blue sky. He was safe, for now. Closing his eyes, he let his wings spread and sag, he wasn’t going to move. Even if Serrated was about to kill him, he couldn’t move. He was too exhausted from the cross continental flight.

He had thought of little else but flying, fleeing to think of why he had left. And now settled with the ocean waves and buffing winds his only company he could think and try to wrap his head around the horrifying events that sent him and others fleeing for their lives from their own kind that dared attack and murder those who opposed them.

Scuffs sighed heavily as he dreamed of the nest he left, of the family and friends he could only guess died under the new rulers’ heavy serrated claws.

Profile & Story: Thundercracker
Coding help: Frenchi & Bug

Pet Treasure


Love Soul Stone

Emperors Egg


Survival Yellow Daisy

Garden Path Stones




Chibi Mortiking Plushie

Skull of Gold Coins

Pirate Treasure Map


Blue Soft Petaled Flower

Ice Encased Narcissus


Little Treasure Hunter

Mystical Leafy Sea Dragon


Stolen Pieces of Bone

Red Dragon Scale

Green Dragon Scale

Rreign Tamer Carved Tooth

Endeavor Gauntlets

Battered Shield

Harvested Congealed Blood

Fire Bubbles

Broken Stone Wings

Uncharted Land Map Piece 9

Snail Shell

Angelic Torrent Plushie


Little Blue Vesnali Companion

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Elk Hightower