Kiwi Cuppycake has a minion!

TrueLove the Giggle Monster

Kiwi Cuppycake
Legacy Name: Kiwi Cuppycake

The Common Experiment #3485
Owner: StripeyKneeSocks

Age: 11 years, 5 months, 2 weeks

Born: June 8th, 2011

Adopted: 11 years, 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: June 8th, 2011

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  • Level: 13
  • Strength: 25
  • Defense: 24
  • Speed: 22
  • Health: 23
  • HP: 23/23
  • Intelligence: 13
  • Books Read: 13
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Surfboard Rental Clerk

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Well, well, well...
What has you so interested in me that you would stop by for a visit? Let's see... Is it my dazzling wit and charm? Or my super uber squishiness? Or is it a mutual love of the soft, moist, irresistible yumminess that is a cupcake?

I am whipping up a batch now... full of sugar and spice and everything nice topped with a dollop of frosting. Mmmmmm!

Pet Treasure

Festive Cupcake With Sprinkles

Mini Fancy Cupcake

Lemon Bubble Brew Cupcake

Cherry Bubble Brew Cupcake

Sour Apple Bubble Brew Cupcake

Grape Bubble Brew Cupcake

Blueberry Bubble Brew Cupcake

Lovely Lemony Cupcake

Blue Raspberry Glam Cupcake

Cupcake Sticker

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake with Extra Frosting

Yellow Sandy Cupcake

Plum Glam Cupcake

Frozen Cupcake

Single King Keith Cupcake

Smiley Cupcake

Strawberry Glam Cupcake

Fireside Cupcake

Pastel Vesnali Cake Slice

Sweet Blueberry Vesnali Cupcake

Candy Chick Cupcake

Candy Lamb Cupcake

Candy Bunny Cupcake

I-Love-You Cupcake

Adorable Cherry Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Blueberry Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Rainbow Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Coconut Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Grape Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Raspberry Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Lime Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Orange Vesnali Cupcake

Adorable Lemon Vesnali Cupcake

Sun-Sun Cupcake

Blob Kitty Cupcake

Adorable Chocolate Vesnali Cupcake

Velvet Cupcake

Blue Sandy Cupcake

Orange Sandy Cupcake

Pink Sandy Cupcake

Green Sandy Cupcake

White Sandy Cupcake

Red Sandy Cupcake

Vanilla Chai Cupcake

Cappuccino Cupcake

Caramel Mocha Cupcake

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