Prosecutor Edgeworth
Legacy Name: Prosecutor Edgeworth

The Arid Neela
Owner: villain

Age: 12 years, 4 months, 3 weeks

Born: July 2nd, 2011

Adopted: 10 years, 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: August 8th, 2013


  • Level: 16
  • Strength: 43
  • Defense: 41
  • Speed: 44
  • Health: 86
  • HP: 84/86
  • Intelligence: 19
  • Books Read: 19
  • Food Eaten: 56
  • Job: Unemployed

Owned CWs


Eclipse Rook Chess Piece
Hellfire Lovebrace
Elemental Scroll of the Last Nomad
A Yandere How To: Volume Two

Sealed Sanguineous Swords of the Samurai

Circlet of the Gilded Vulture
Glitched Circlet of the Vapor Vulture
Circlet of the Stardust Vulture
Circlet of the Cinematic Vulture
Circlet of the Grim Vulture
Circlet of the Brooding Vulture
Crown of the Stardust Corvid
Crown of the Strangely Canine Corvid
Crown of the Cinematic Corvid
Crown of the Flustered Corvid
Crown of the Wonderous Corvid
Crown of the Angry Corvid
Crown of the Blushing Corvid
Imperial Circlet of the Wonderous Vulture
Imperial Circlet of the Blushing Vulture
Imperial Circlet of the Eggcellent Vulture
Brazen Smoke of the Kitsune
Strangely Canine Smoke of the Kitsune
Bloody Smoke of the Kitsune
Primadonna Smoke of the Kitsune
Abyssal Smoke of the Kitsune
Halo of a Grim Heron
Shungite Encompassing Ring
Citrine Encompassing Ring
Jagged Ruby Branch
Knotted Ruby Wreath
Sacred Spring Azumaya
Sacred Jade Azumaya
Sacred Somber Koi Ikeniwa
Seraphic Halo of Vengeance
Seraphic Halo of Danger
Seraphic Halo of Toxicity
Feathered Crosses of Flight
Golden Crosses of Flight
Spooky Rose Halo
Scarlet Rose Halo
Bloody Rose Halo
Hollows Cherry Sprig
Necrotic Brush Stroke
Pile of Stabby Things
Silver Moon Disc
Eclipsed Moon Disc
Pink Moon Disc
Blood Moon Disc
Crimson Mirrorless Frame
Traditional Tatami Mat
Cursed Idol of Baphomet
Forgotten Book of Hymns
Eventide Urban Memento
Noon Urban Memento
Urban Memento
Jazzy Urban Memento
Rocking Urban Memento
Heated Garnet Halo
Heated Candy Halo
Heated Gold Halo
Heated White Halo
Tranquil Ink Brush Bookmark
Ancient Ink Brush Bookmark
Spooky Ink Brush Bookmark
Vigilant Ink Brush Bookmark
Quiet Sakura Street JPG
Quiet Autumn Street JPG
Chaotic Slithering Tarot Card
Charmed Holy Laurel
Pure Holy Laurel
Tainted Holy Laurel
Holy Laurel
Bloodied Holy Laurel
Tarnished Holy Laurel
Cursed Dreamy Pipe
Fantasy Dreamy Pipe
Ominous Dreamy Pipe
Grandiose Dreamy Pipe
Maple Dreamy Pipe
Rosy Blush Dreamy Pipe
Sudachi Sakana Goldfish
Leaf of Cherished Memories
Leaf of Tender Memories
Daring Celestial Bookmark
Lonely Celestial Bookmark
Cherished Bat Safe Haven
Lantern of Festivals
Holly Ink Brush Painting
Just a Gilded Branch
Brand of the Believer
Night Time Starburst Halo
Chained Oblivion
Gothic Halo
Sakura Lantern of Love
Sakura Lantern of Water
Standard Camouflage Vehicle
Black Origami Throwing Bat
Memento of Summer
Black Stripe Horse Halo
Ominous Spider Lily Pot
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Companion
Crimson Triangles of the Past
Paradise Gateway
Forgotten Book of Curses
Brick Wired Circles and Stars
Blood-Ringed Halo

Perfumed Monarch Doll
Void Ruler Doll
Sparkling Sovereign Doll
Majestic Sovereign Doll
Imperial Sovereign Doll
Adored Tyrant Doll
Glimmering Sovereign Doll
Frost Empress Doll
Beloved Imperial Doll
Cracked Blood Sample Vial
Vanilla Cherubic Body Blush
Mystic Daruma of Cranes
Seductive Ornamental Egg Draped Fabric
Show Stopping Speckles
Rosy Show Stopping Speckles
Charming Powder Puff
Undead Tied Bow
Rustic Neko Bento
Fierce Silk Fabric
Scarred Up Kit

Kpossum Power Pose
Kpossum Dark Power Pose
Kpossum Casual Power Pose
Kpossum Stupid Power Pose
Kpossum Thief Pose
Kpossum Spotless Pose
Black Denim Bell Skirt
Black Swan Dancing Pants
Chained Succulent Leather Pants
Extremely Secure and Bad Denim Shorts
Extremely Secure Chained Denim Shorts
Extremely Secure Darkest Denim Shorts
Black Strawberry Studded Shorts Cake
Giant Red Cockadoodle Mount
Black Fashion Catalog Heels
Demonic Casual Wear Magazine
Elegant Casual Wear Magazine
Cosmic Casual Wear Magazine
Rebellious Danger Stompers
Rebellious Origin Stompers
Rebellious Army Stompers
Rebellious Melancholy Stompers
Rebellious Outlaw Stompers
Rebellious Neon Stompers
Rebellious Nemesis Stompers
Rebellious Cotton Candy Stompers
Rebellious Omen Stompers
Rebellious Gambler Stompers
Rebellious Wanderer Stompers
Rebellious Demon Stompers
Rebellious Harbinger Stompers
Rebellious Twilight Stompers
Rebellious Trickster Stompers
Rebellious Bonbon Stompers
Rebellious Himbo Stompers
Rebellious Monochrome Stompers
Goth Pouty Alien Baby Pants
Favorite Date Night Heels V2
Rebellious Date Night Heels V2
Classic Date Night Heels V2
Black Edgy Skirt
Maroon Plaid Edgy Skirt
Gothic Skort
Covert Nightrunner Joggers
Vintage Ground Buttons
Vacation Boots With Torn Shorts
Lustrous Stance of the Traveler
Stance of the Cultist Traveler
Dashing Stance of the Traveler
Occult Stance of the Traveler
Brand New Chelsea Boots
Dashing Chelsea Boots
Lovely Chelsea Boots
Houndstooth Chelsea Boots
Rainy Weather Chelsea Boots
Dangerous Chelsea Boots
Shiny Chelsea Boots
Balanced Chelsea Boots
Lumberjack Chelsea Boots
Fancy Chelsea Boots
Phantom Chelsea Boots
Individual Chelsea Boots
Mythic Chelsea Boots
Royal Chelsea Boots
Immortal Chelsea Boots
Noxious Chelsea Boots
Distressed Chelsea Boots
Himbo Chelsea Boots
Glacial Chelsea Boots
Noisy Chelsea Boots
Shiny Stuffed Ornament
Sharp Demon Leg Summoning Manual
Garlic Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Burnt Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Spicy Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Cursed Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Olive Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Cottage Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Camembert Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Red Studly Studded Shorts
Lacy Studly Stunning Shorts
Licorice Rubbery Lollipop
Broken Dreams Grunge Rockstar Jeans
Broken Dreams Mainstream Rockstar Jeans
Broken Dreams Split Rockstar Jeans
Broken Dreams Black Rockstar Jeans
Flirty Finch Skirt
Speedy Snail Sneakers
Lovely Snail Sneakers
Spicy Snail Sneakers
Hot Snail Sneakers
Spooky Captain Kitty Slacks
Regal Captain Kitty Booty
Chill Captain Kitty Slacks
Tartan Captain Kitty Slacks
Royal Jester Pantaloons
Socialite Stance
Beloved Socialite Stance
Shadowy Constricted You Rock My World Jeans
Bloody Constricted You Rock My World Jeans
Carefully Tattered Studded Shorts
Best Lil Friend Flirty Bottoms
Best Lil Friend Darker Bottoms
Best Lil Friend Golden Bottoms
Best Lil Friend Rouge Bottoms
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Bottoms
Heart Broken Kicks
Brown Picnicking Boots
Ebony Ripped Rebel Shorts
Assassin Kicks of Stealthy Elegance
Charming Chained Mary Janes V2
Crazed Logical Sage Boots
Sash of Biker Legends
Basic Oni Slayer Attire
Grumpy Guy Monochrome Pants
Fiery Greaves of the Dominant

Half Baked Mesh Top
Eclipse Bishop Chess Piece
Vamped Up Vest Top
K.O. Combat Turtleneck
Skintight Combat Turtleneck
Seductive Combat Turtleneck
Jailbreak TNT Turtleneck
Villain TNT Turtleneck
Evil Sticky Sweet Sweater
Jumping Ivory Puppy Scraps
Jumping Rosy Puppy Scraps
Jumping Brown Puppy Scraps
Jumping Crimson Puppy Scraps
Jumping Cotton Candy Puppy Scraps
Jumping Cherry Puppy Scraps
Jumping White Puppy Scraps
Designer Sk8ter Tee
Sunflower Sk8ter Tee
Sunny Side Sk8ter Tee
Heart Out Sk8ter Tee
Dusty Jabot of Sacrifice
Edgy Redesigned Blue Jay Crop Top
Edgy Original Blue Jay Crop Top
Solid Thermal Tea Shirt
Danger Zone Thermal Tea Shirt
Soff Thermal Tea Shirt
Toxic Thermal Tea Shirt
Ochoko of the Rebellious Maiden
Partially Wrapped Bubble Waffle
Chained and Neutral Bubble Waffle
Half Wrapped Bubble Waffle
Limited Edition Glitter Tee
Limited Edition Alien Tee
Limited Edition Introvert Tee
Limited Edition Do Not Tee
Limited Edition Angel Tee
Limited Edition Kawaii Tee
Classic Vampire Treat
Day of the Dead Minidress
Licorice Gumdrop Buttoned Top
Cherry Gumdrop Buttoned Top
Sweet Gumdrop Buttoned Top
Navy Business Bird Sweater
White Business Bird Sweater
Powder Business Bird Sweater
Trendy Brew Button-Up
Bad Boy Brew Button-Up
Classic Kitten Sweater
Black Swan Sheer Shirt
Skin and Bones Sheep Sweater
Good Boy Sheep Sweater
Optical Illusion Sheep Sweater
Safe and Sleepy Sheep Sweater
Trippy Sleepy Sheep Sweater
Disastrous Cuddling Bunny Ruffles
Booby Trapped Top Dog
Lipstick Ribbon Wrapped Boba Tea
Gray Sleeping Kitten Lolita Blouse
Sleeping Kitten Lolita Blouse
Onyx Kitten Lolita Blouse
Smiley Tucked Pullover
Error Tucked Pullover
Grumpy Tucked Pullover
Party Animal Tucked Pullover
Too Edgy For You Button Up Shirt
Too Vigilant For You Button Up Shirt
Too Devout For You Button Up Shirt
Too Majestic For You Button Up Shirt
Plaid Little Dress-Up Friend
Fantasy Ruffled Fabric
Claymore of the Vengeful
Claymore of the Spy
Hail the Striped Sweater
Hail the Cool Sweater
Renegade Assassin Threads
Royal Last Minute Date Apparel V2
Classic Last Minute Date Apparel V3
Last Minute Date Apparel V2
Cloudy Last Minute Date Apparel V2
Occult Last Minute Date Apparel V2
Bad Boy Dragon Scraps
Regal Dragon Scraps
Spicy Teachers Pet Tee
Bitterheart Teachers Pet Tee
Brokenhearted Teachers Pet Tee
Festive Teachers Pet Tee
Kissyface Teachers Pet Tee
Wrap Me Up Ivory Top
Passionate Trimmed Tank
Howling Tied Top
Bitten Tied Top
King of Lions Nightmare Armor
Cursed Folded Sweater
Stray Ninja Pullover
Bee Ninja Pullover
Ace Class Student Blouse
Best Lil Friend Flirty Shirt
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Shirt
Gray Aristocratic Shirt
Beloved Socialite Sleeves
Macaque Night Tunic
Take the Cake Ivory Top
Take the Cake Rose Top
Original Garment of the Rogue Ninja
Outlawed Garment of the Rogue Ninja
Blossomed Garment of the Rogue Ninja
Assassin Fabric of Stealthy Elegance
Fabric of the Punisher
Cutesy Simple Corgi
Cutesy Religious Corgi
Blood Sample Syringe
Clean Samurai Sarashi Wrap
Sexy Black Long Sleeved Wrap Top
Floral Lattice Mesh Crop
Hot Guy Chest Bandage
Grrl Power Striped Crop Top
Goddess Brassiere
Elegant Usagi Fabric
Cerulean Dragon Slayer Chest Plate

Impulsive Ear Piercing Set
Hellfire Studlets
Vallorond Baroque Filigree V2
Vallorond Celestial Filigree V2
Vallorond Cosmic Filigree V2
Katana Earring Kit
Devilish Ears of the Warrior Nun V2
Ceremonial Ears of the Warrior Nun V2
Backup Thievery Tools

Blood Soaked Cotton Bud
Brush of the Adoring Prankster
Brush of the Imperial Prankster
Xoxo Rosy Blush
Xoxo Shy Blush
Xoxo Neutral Blush
Xoxo Button Nose
Repurposed Shell Casing
Noxious Specs
Mathilde Specs
Cloudy Blue Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Red Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Black Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Green Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Pear Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Plum Vision Tarot Card
Maple Cloudy Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Abyssal Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Orange Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Teal Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Green and Blue Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Monochrome Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Brown and Green Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Pink and Blue Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Cinematic Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Dark Red Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Catty Vision Tarot Card
Oddly Cloudy Sunset Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Red Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Gold Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Gold Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Green Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Cloudy Blue Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Fiery Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Blue Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Pink Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Electric Blue Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Glitched Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Blue Ice Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Gilded Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Steel Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Oddly Gilded Vision Tarot Card
Darkened Oddly Ruby Vision Tarot Card
Lightened Icy Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Void Tainted Portrait
Loving Taunt
Intense Bun Stare
Ominous Bun Stare
Calm Bun Stare
Gentle Bun Stare
Mask of Bloody Sacrifice
Blackberry High School Crush Lipstick
Lychee High School Crush Lipstick
High School Crush Lipstick
Sour Lipbalm
Holy Lipbalm
Sweet Kiss Lipstick
Visual Vial of Twisted Destiny
Visual Vial of Blinded Destiny
Visual Vial of Bonded Destiny
Visual Vial of Raging Destiny
Visual Vial of Absolute Destiny
Visual Vial of Hidden Destiny
Visual Vial of Peaceful Destiny
Fancy Glasses Case
Unlucky Kiseru of Consequences
Kiseru of Consequences
Haunted Kiseru of Consequences
Sexy Bad Boy Fang
Brooding Black Winky Palette
Eyes of the Melancholic Dog
Eyes of the Grumpy Dog
Eyes of the Lucky Dog
Eyes of the Angry Dog
Eyes of the Wary Dog
Eyes of the Apathetic Dog
Eyes of the Luxurious Dog
Eyes of the Cunning Dog
Eyes of the Balanced Dog
Eyes of the Thoughtful Dog
Eyes of the Conniving Dog
Eyes of the Vengeful Dog
Eyes of the Indifferent Dog
Silent Crow Painted Mask
Brave Crow Painted Mask
Diligent Crow Painted Mask
Devoted Crow Painted Mask
Patient Crow Painted Mask
Wise Crow Painted Mask
Loyal Crow Painted Mask
Angry Little Fella Eyes
Letter for my Rival
Expired Vampire Tincture
Fair High-End Lash Kit
Lovely High-End Lash Kit
Elegant High-End Lash Kit
Fair Low-End Lash Kit
Jolly High-End Lash Kit
High-End Lash Kit
Sleek Black Glasses
Inhuman Bandage Patch
Inhuman Face Bandages
Iconic Fanged Smile
Kawaii Red Fox Face Makeup
Kawaii Black Fox Face Makeup
Serpent Attitude Vanilla Compact
Contour Stick 02
Simply Charmed Lip Gloss
High-End Mascara
Desert Serpent Gaze
Sight of the Infinite Skies
Socialite Stare
Socialite Stain
Deluxe Nude Lip Tint
Bitey Bites Origami Mask
Smug Girl Glance
Best Lil Friend Flirty Balm
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Balm
Best Lil Friend Original Balm
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Eyes
Somewhat Precise Eyebrow Pomade
Chaotic Oni Print Mask
Ghostly Gaze Drama Queen Billboard
Gaze of the Vampire Prince
Bearly Night Makeup
Dark Brown Mysterious Brow Gel
Batty Black Speckle Blush
Amethyst Wink of Eternity
Icy Dicey Emerald Wink
Assassin Wink of Stealthy Elegance
Soft Chewy Berry Smilie Gum
Soft Chewy Melon Smilie Gum
Obsidian Dagger of a Bounty Hunter
Silver Dagger of a Bounty Hunter
Vertical Labret Snakebite Painting
Overflowing Blood Sample Vial
Burned Out Match
Harmless Smile
Smuggin Lip Gloss
Extra Smuggin Lip Gloss
Grumpy Guy Original Eyes
Grumpy Guy Monochrome Eyes
Used Handkerchief
Dark Decisive Eyebrow Pencil
Stoic Fox Mask of Protection
Monotone Max Strength Mascara
Aggressive Brow Pencil
Bloodied Scoop of Eye
Handy Neutral Lip Balm
Nobody Nose Contour
Yummy Strawberry Bubble Gum
Yummy Pineapple Bubble Gum
Yummy Double Bubble Gum
Yummy Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum
Ocean Melty Eye Palette

Slouchy Cream Knee Highs
White Misfit Docs
Stitched Black Misperception Docs
Black Misperception Docs
Red Misperception Docs
Straight Outta The Coffin Winklepickers
Straight Outta The Coffin Gold Buckled Winklepickers
Tarnished Sacrificial Boots
Pure Black Tied Geta
Blossom Tied Geta
Hermes Winged Dusk Sneakers
Octo Boots
Noir Teddy Boots
Rad Panda Kicks
Socialite Stance
Beloved Socialite Stance
Socialite Monochrome Stance
After School Kicks
Pop Colored Eclipse Soles
Prized Running Shoes
Fashionable White Boots
Darling Fawn Booties
Teeny Half Monochrome Oxsies
Milady Black Heels

Edgy Original Blue Jay Ring

Bloody Elemental Handprint
Book of Forbidden Arts
Flaming Kitsune Orbs
Selfie Ready Dusty Pink Blossom Pile
Selfie Ready Royal Red Blossom Pile
Selfie Ready Pure White Blossom Pile
Selfie Ready Precious Gold Blossom Pile
Selfie Ready Coal Black Blossom Pile
Selfie Ready Burnt Orange Blossom Pile
Selfie Ready Icy Blue Blossom Pile
Selfie Ready Pretty Purple Blossom Pile
Misunderstood Crow Fog
Angelic Crow Fog
Forgiven Crow Fog
Picky Crossed Cat
Lantern of Neurotic Hope
Lantern of Fiery Hope
Interrupting Tortie Cat Companion
Sharp Knife Choker


Spilled Blood Flask

Locks of the Jellyfish
Cursed Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Trouble Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Blood Orange Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Ripoff Unlucky Strands
In Debt Unlucky Strands
Kaching Unlucky Strands
Brutally Unlucky Strands
Black Swan Alluring Locks
Black Swan Ghostly Locks
Elegant Croc Locs
Bloo Croc Locs
Murky Croc Locs
Ghostly Croc Locs
Void Planetary Buns
Super Moody Catboy Hairstyle
Super Cute Catboy Hairstyle
Super Weird Catboy Hairstyle
Super Split Catboy Hairstyle
Charming Celebrity Swoosh
Beachy Celebrity Swoosh
Alternative Celebrity Swoosh
Romantic Celebrity Swoosh
Abysmal Nest of The Raven
Cruel Nest of the Raven
Hot-Blooded Boar Prince Tuft
Emo Boar King Locks
Sullen Boar Prince Locks
Chaotic Foxy Tuft
Bitter Foxy Tuft
Crowned Locks of Desperation
Crowned Locks of Adaptation
Daft Pretty Boy Haircut
Kuro Ojou Strands
Golden Sneaky Snaky Strands
Pearly White Rhincodon Strands
Subdued Gunslinger Locks
Maddening Yandere Strands
Pepper Apothecary Locks
Abyssal Locks of the Cocogoat
Sheared Abyssal Locks of the Cocogoat
Egg Froggy Locks
Dark Froggy Locks
Cream Froggy Locks
White Froggy Locks
Cruel Froggy Locks
Teddy Froggy Locks
Sweet Froggy Locks
Bewitching Demented Locks
See-Saw Black Hair Tonic
Spirited Satchel of Stars Hair
Broody Beanie Bangs
Bleached Beanie Bangs
Snake Oil Salesman Nightshade Locks
Literal Pile of White Hair
Literal Pile of Platinum Hair
Literal Pile of Black Hair
Secret Agent Badge
Double Agent Badge
Burnt Pazuzu Strands
Coal Undead Talisman Braids
Yolk Diva Chops
Devil Diva Chops
Midnight Diva Chops
Rockstar Accidental Mullet
Gloomy Accidental Mullet
Partied Too Hard Accidental Mullet
Prankster Accidental Mullet
Wild Accidental Mullet
Vengeful Accidental Mullet
Truffle Jeweled Strands
Espresso Jeweled Strands
Shadow Jeweled Strands
Empress Jeweled Strands
Innocent Black Braided Buns
Licorice Cocktail Curls
Dark Warrior Pup Locks
Moonlit Boundless Locks
Badass Shark Strands
Black Sanguine Strands
White Sanguine Strands
Tangy Sanguine Strands
Black Dahlia Petal Infused Locks
Demon Conqueror Ruby Locks
Demon Conqueror Steel Locks
Demon Conqueror Marble Locks
Bloody Charcoal Sand Glass Locks
Deranged Ocularist Visual
Bucolic Puppy Twists
Unworldly Baby Hawk
Wickedly Sinful Cupcake Cut
Midnight Ragged Ponytail
Seaweed Ragged Ponytail
Elegant Sake Strands
Best Lil Friend Flirty Hair
Best Lil Friend Flirty Locks
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Locks
Light Jitte Locks
Dark Jitte Locks
Poison Jitte Locks
Dark Brooch Locks
Vibrant Wolf Mane
Suspicious Black Horns
Bloody Locks of Sacrifice
Misunderstood Crow Strands
Angelic Crow Strands
Forgiven Crow Strands
Locks of the Cosplay Prince
Locks of the Summer Prince
Locks of the Vampire Prince
Malicious Gentlemans Locket
Brown Green Tea Locks
Shabby Duella Birdcage Bob
Spoiled Little Kitty Locks
Truthful Redbird Locks
Logical Housekey Locks
Kpossum Strawberry Locks
Disinterested Snakeboy Strands
Sheer Cut Shreds
Greasy Sheer Cut Shreds
Unseen Golden Cookie Locks
Devilish Angel Strands
Morning Coffee Topknot
Delicate Strands of the Curious Kitten
Two Faced Love Lock
Grumpy Guy Monochrome Coiffe
50-50 Lucky Strands
Heroic Aves Locks
Uber-Vicious Black Kitty Tail
Burnt Kuzumochi Bun


Tarnished Hat of Sacrifice
Azure Hat of Sacrifice
Gilded Hat of Sacrifice
Spectral Hat of Sacrifice
Violent Hat of Sacrifice
Cyber Halo of the Hacker
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Adornment

Crafty Decadent Rose Thief
Crafty Gentle Rose Thief
Curse of the Old Gods
Broken Lolita Bow
Overcast Lolita Bow
Milk Lolita Bow
Pumpkin Lolita Bow
Cutesy Lolita Bow
Crimson Lolita Bow
Ursi Lolita Bow
Ghostly Lolita Bow
Suspicious Crumbling Bust
Glitched Young Wings
Possessed Trunk of Feathers
Gone Batty Head Wings
Finned Burnished Vessel
Kuro Sakura Fox Belled Ears
Roseyposey Kitsune Sakura Crown
Hellfire Laurel Horns
Corrupt Laurel Horns
Lustrous Laurel Horns
Single Crow Feather
Favorite Stuffed Bunny Ears
Cursed Halo of the Goddess
Illuminating Halo of the Goddess
Symbol of the Unworthy Seven
Treacherous Possessed Mask
Horns of Red Death
Wrathful Bad Apple Horns
Gilded Hornswoggled
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Ears
Enshrining Desired Roses
Enshrining Cloudy Roses
Monochrome Fawn Essence
Ears of the Tabby Lynx
Left Sly Kitsune Bell
Right Sly Kitsune Bell

Corrupt Villain Blade
Standard Issue Firearm
Elegant Blade of the Guardian
Tainted Blade of the Artist
Wise Blade of the Guardian
Corrupted Blade of the Guardian
Tainted Blade of the Guardian
Ambitious Blade of the Guardian
Somber Blade of the Guardian
Imperial Blade of the Guardian
Murder Chicken Stick
Crimson Emblem of the Soldier
Terror Teddy Bloody Sylvan Bat
Kwan Dao of the Royal General
Kwan Dao of the Loving General
Best Lil Friend Flirty Sword
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Sword
Best Lil Friend Enamored Sword
Single Red Rose
Corrupted Katana
Blooded Rapier of the Sun
Lustrous Rapier of the Sun
Darkened Rapier of the Sun

Stealthy Ferret Fishnet Tights
Angelic Casual Wear Magazine
Cosmic Casual Wear Magazine
Tough Guy Bandages
Scorched Boba Boy Regal Shoes

Rough Ruby Vine
Vermilion Embellished Aphotic Fabric
Gold Embellished Aphotic Fabric
Hellfire Laurel Tail
Corrupt Laurel Tail
Lustrous Laurel Tail
Best Lil Friend Flirty Veil
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Veil
Sleepy Kitty Satin
Best Lil Friend Sleepy Tail
Grumpy Guy Monochrome Tail

DIY Spiked Collar Kit
Cutthroat Kiss
Prodigal Son Choker
Bloodstained Knife
Hellfire Lovelace
Lovely Necklace of Affection
Lovely Necklace of Purity
Dark Lord Dingle Dangle
Edgy Original Blue Jay Choker
Inhuman Neck Bandages
Punk Angel Collar
Neck Cross Ink
Gothic Bunny Pendant
Stolen Amber Choker
Magical Accent Makeup
Loving Silver Tea Infuser Chain
Gothic Bunny Choker

Adorned Bat of the Innocent Soldier
Bat of the Silent Soldier
Bat of the Blooming Soldier
Bat of the Pure Soldier
Bat of the Primal Soldier
Bat of the Blackout Soldier
Bat of the Daring Soldier
Bat of the Broken Soldier
Bat of the Corporal Soldier
Bat of the Blushing Soldier
Bat of the Romantic Soldier
Bat of the Fallen Soldier
Jacket of the Hunting Tiger
Picky Little Piggy Khaki Sweater
Twisty Long Tailed Croc Coat
Wishy-Washy Bundled Up Chick
Wide-Eyed Bundled Up Chick
Merry-Berry Bundled Up Chick
Spooky-Scary Bundled Up Chick
Perfectly Gifted Crossed Cardigan
Perfectly Gifted Studded Cardigan
Perfectly Gifted Boyfriend Cardigan
Perfectly Gifted Sakura Cardigan
Very Chill Shark Jacket
Fish are Friends Cheetah Jacket
Skeleton Cheetah Jacket
Knockout Cheetah Jacket
Glowstick Cheetah Jacket
Confidently Free Draped Jacket V2
Confidently Perfect Draped Jacket
Confidently Reborn Draped Jacket
Confidently Conflicted Draped Jacket V1
Confidently Conflicted Draped Jacket V2
Confidently Conflicted Draped Jacket
Moody Snake Sweater
Raiments of the Vampiric Rogue
Bloody Tossed Out Jacket
Cursed Tossed Out Jacket
Favorite Froggo Jacket
Cozy Striped Panda Cardi
Black Princely Floofcoat
Crimson Princely Floofcoat
White Princely Floofcoat
Striped Black Varsity Pouch
Regal Captain Kitty Coat
Crimson Captain Kitty Coat
Skelly Bunny Bundle
Free Spirited Rockstar Guitar
Dearest Snuggly Jacket
Wilderness Dhole Parka
Misunderstood Crow Cloak
Angelic Crow Cloak
Forgiven Crow Cloak
Corgi Vanilla Wrap
Vintage Get Off My Swamp Jacket
Assassin Bundle of Stealthy Elegance
Scorched Boba Boy Special Tea
NeKoZy Paw Jacket
CEO Suit-And-Tie
Mafia Boss Suit-And-Tie
Agent Suit-And-Tie
Pink Flower of the Bad Boy
Bloody Military Jacket of the Hawk
Dignified Military Jacket of the Hawk
Oni Slayer Sword Fabric
Crying Inside Denim Jacket (Base 2)
Diluted Luxurious Varsity Jacket
Grumpy Guy Monochrome Jacket
Shadowy Eclipsed Cloth

Paradise Starlight Cape
Voodoo Starlight Cape
Rose Cloak of the Pure Princess
Rose Cloak of the Noble King
Rose Cloak of the Obsessed Maiden
Rose Cloak of the Phantom Thief
Darkly Dapper Poff
Cold Shoulder Spikes
Cloak of the Arctic Lion
Cloak of the Blue Lion
Tarnished Cape of Departure
Tarnished Cape of Arrival
Cursed Cape of the Goddess
Gilded Rose Drape

Malicious Marten Belt

Pet Treasure

White Jabot

Pink Suit Jacket

Black Slimline Glasses

Crime Scene Tape

Trophy of Triumph

Chess Board

Hoarded Books

White Marauder Jabot

White Plain Cravat

Archduke Jabot

Bloody Flashlight

Small Travel Chess Board

Standard Issue Firearm

Pet Friends