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The Nostalgic Velosotor
Owner: Foxtrot

Age: 8 years, 10 months, 1 week

Born: July 22nd, 2011

Adopted: 2 years, 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Adopted: May 9th, 2018

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  • Level: 149
  • Strength: 371
  • Defense: 367
  • Speed: 363
  • Health: 394
  • HP: 394/394
  • Intelligence: 610
  • Books Read: 601
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist


but young at heart

Comrades of a

"He's a nippy one, Brandon." The young scientist wiped coiled golden locks from his brow with a smile.

"Well shit, now ya tell me!" Brandon yanked his hand back, curling it protectively against his chest. "What did ya teach him that for?"

Maynard chuckled, "he's a prehistoric predator who hasn't eaten since eight." He tapped a finger against his temple, garnering a scowl from Brandon.

Both men bent down, peering more directly into the cage. "His name is Tahl. and the wings are a side effect of using bird genomes."

Brandon smirked, "You read my mind."

"Hey, watch this."

The little dinosaur followed Maynard curiously with big brilliant red eyes. He suddenly let out a terrified croak, his pupils turning to slits and his jaw slack with horror. He looked frantically around the room, his little toes clacking on the cage's metal floor.

"Peek-a-boo!" Maynard shouted excitedly, revealing his face.

The reptile jumped back in surprise, gurgling at a high pitch. He cocked his head, displaying an impressive array of feathers and flashed a huge smile at both of the men.

"He truly is magnificent!"

Maynard stood back up with a nod of agreement, straightening his glasses and once again brushing blonde locks from his view. He took a breath, intending to speak, but Brandon cut him off.

"Can't wait til' headquarters sees 'im." Brandon squinted for a second in confusion, "how old is he?"

Maynard shifted uncomfortably, straightening his lab coat with sweaty palms. "I... Maybe-" he trailed off.

Brandon was always the 'cool adventure guy', going out and collecting samples while he remained in the lab. He was muscular, charismatic, suave... everything Maynard wasn't, and yet he still treated him like an equal. The last thing Maynard wanted was Brandon's disapproval.

"What is it?" Brandon stood up, moving his eyes from Tahl to a very uncomfortable Maynard.

The blonde scientist glanced quickly at his colleague's green eyes before staring at the floor. White hot blood rushed through his veins.

"You get so nervous around me May," Brandon laughed, clapping a strong hand on his shoulder. He bent down to obstruct Maynard's view of the floor. "You know I see you as a brother, right?"

Maynard flinched in surprise, his tightly clenched fists almost jumping out of their lab coat pockets. Tahl squawked at the movement.

"You do?" He tried to sound cool and casually pet Tahl, but his voice came out squeaky and his movements were more robotic than human.

Brandon smiled, his eyes narrowing with compassion. "Of course I do. You've spent your whole life being smarter than everyone else and a lot of people were shitty to you because of it."

He stood again, tightening his grip encouragingly to get Maynard standing tall. "And I know everyone thinks I'm some macho meathead that lives for a good time at the bar with a pretty lady."

Maynard giggled a bit in embarrassment. Brandon tried to teach him once how to be a 'ladies' man', but it was a bit of a disaster.

Brandon laughed, "I know what you just thought about. Hehe, that WAS pretty funny. No offense."

The scientist raised a hand in dismissal, he knew Brandon meant well with his jibe.

Tahl chirped at the laughter, his feet clanging on the metal every time he jumped. Maynard pulled jerky sticks from his pocket and ripped them into smaller pieces, making the little mischief-maker eat slowly and not chomp down on his fingers. It seemed to quell his anxiety.

"But as I was sayin', there isn't much you don't know, and there isn't much people haven't said to ya. Everybody thinks you're some awkward bookworm who can't have fun and doesn't have friends, but you're my best friend." He nodded in reassurance as he spoke, watching Maynard try really hard not to smile while he fed Tahl. "When I've got something on my mind, you're the only one that wants to hear it. When I need something, you already know what it is. And when holidays come around... you're the only one that doesn't get me some stupid gift with my sports team on it. You know that gyroscopic navigation thing-a-ma-jig you got me for the magnetic fields where the compass doesn't work?"

Maynard bit his lip, successfully stopping himself from blurting out the proper name.

"I'd been bitchin' and moanin' about getting lost in those damned fields for years before you showed up here, and now I'm back two days early." Brandon laughed loudly at the look he got, "Yes, even -I- get lost sometimes."

Tahl interrupted with a throaty chortle, almost as if he was following the conversation.

"Oh you think that's funny little fella?" Brandon put up his fists and started shadow-boxing with Tahl. The dinosaur lept to and fro, puffing out his feather crest and pretending to act ferocious, but his big smile gave him away.

Brandon grinned back at Tahl, "Can I pet him?"

"You two are hopeless," Maynard shook his head in defeat, speaking loudly to overpower the echo Tahl's tail made banging against the cage. "There won't be any peace and quiet with both of you troublemakers in cahoots." He paused, "You got him all riled up but I think he trusts you now."

Brandon's chest swelled with excitement and his heart raced as he slowly reached forward. The dinosaur cocked his head quizzically as if to nip, but instead gave Brandon's hand a light headbutt.

Brandon gasped, "He's so soft!" Tahl's scales were surprisingly smooth and his feathers were softer than down... satin even. It felt like he was running his fingers through clouds.

Tahl began to coo lightly, his eyes closed tight. "Oh, and he purrs."

Brandon's jaw dropped in amazement. He ogled over the creature before him, lifting Tahl from the cage and clutching him against his chiseled chest. Both of them grinned at Maynard.

Maynard looked at Tahl, his crestfallen eyes barely visible through the glare on his glasses.

"I almost forgot May, what were you tryin' to say earlier?" Brandon spoke softly, he could tell Maynard's mood had changed.

"I-", he took a determined sigh. Out with it. "We can't show him to Periton."

Brandon squeezed Tahl tightly, the relaxed dinosaur chirping in surprise. His wide eyes looked up at Brandon.

"I know." Maynard's eyes locked Brandon's with a confidence that left even himself surprised.

"Periton and all of her other goons will poke him and prod him, and eventually they'll want to dissect him."

Maynard scoffed, "the first part is true but the second--"

"You've done it once, May. They know you can do it again..."

The heart in Maynard's chest moved to his feet, he hadn't thought about that. He was too busy thinking of what tests they would perform and what environment they would simulate to bother himself with human nature. That was Brandon's area of expertise.

"I know you don't think about those sorts of things May, it's not how you tick, but I'm tellin' you I've been down there and they don't give a rat's ass about this guy." He wiggled Tahl up and down to catch his gaze, staring into his eyes. "They don't give a damn at all beyond the research money and their fancy graphs." He paused to look at his friend. "Or you. They'll lock you up down here and turn you into a Jurassic factory."

Maynard finally swallowed the lump in his throat leaving it scratchy, he hated those movies. "I know." He walked slowly over to the sink, filling up a glass and taking a gulp. "Why did you change your mind?"

Brandon sighed, "I gotta be honest. I thought you were crazy when you started this project- wanting to bring back a predator with a brain the size of a walnut... Sorry," he whispered downward.

"And then I saw Tahl and I thought you'd brought a monster back to life, but he's not some mindless killing machine." He stared down lovingly at the purring dinosaur sleeping in his arms, rocking him softly.

"He feels things. I mean he's gonna get big, he's gonna eat a lot, and quite frankly he's loud as shit, but we gotta hide him."

Tahl yawned and nuzzled into Brandon's chest.


A terrified look raced across Maynard's face and he turned paper white.

Brandon's hand cupped tightly around Tahl's snout before he could screech, "You're a terrible liar, but they don't think I'm back yet. I'll make sure he doesn't make a sound. You can do it, May." Brandon clutched Tahl to his chest and raced through the dimly lit hallway to another part of the lab.

Maynard gulped, bullets of sweat already forming on his brow. He tried to brush the blonde locks away, but they were stuck to his skin. He wiped his palms on his lab coat, feeling the lumpy pockets and hastily tossing the remaining jerky in the trash.

He answered the door, grabbing a fly swatter near the entrance last second and pretending to be even more out of breath. "Oh hello, I wasn't expecting you so soon!" His cheesy smile and unkempt appearance were met with odd looks.

"Oh, hehe," he bashfully held up the flyswatter, "little bugger almost got the best of me." Maynard laughed oddly in the awkward silence, his mind quickly covering his tracks, "I got him though." He tried to smile wider, but his face wouldn't allow it.

"Madam Periton to see you." The four men clad in all black suits stepped aside, their sunglasses reflecting the lowering sun. Maynard gulped, staring at the black limousine straight ahead. He hadn't seen it through the wall of muscle.

Stay calm. Stay calm. He waved furiously at the beautiful shapely woman walking towards him. Her sharp heels crunched on the concrete and her sharp eyes focused on Maynard.

"Welcome Mrs.-"

"Madam." Her cold stare froze Maynard to the core but he barely skipped a beat.

"Madam Periton, how great to see you again!"

She stared at Maynard with obvious displeasure, expecting an explanation for his current state.

"Oh, um, there was a fly." He lifted the flyswatter with a quick laugh before fumbling to place it back on the wall.

"Where is the egg." Her inquiry was more statement than question and Maynard knew it was coming, but the calculated brevity of her words still chipped away at his anxiety.

"You're a day early Madam, but-"

"I always arrive on time," she interrupted him and paused for emphasis, her bright red lips pursed. "No matter the time."

Maynard welcomed her moment of self-grandeur. It gave him time to think.

"Did you get my report Madam?" His eyebrows lifting his face innocently into a soft smile. "I sent a video report of the hatching last week... the failed hatching." His eyes downturned in feigned disappointment.

Periton scowled maliciously at Maynard. She peered past him but saw no sign of an egg in the incubator. "Next time you send a report, CON-FIRM that it has been delivered." Her inch-long nail drove deep into Maynard's chest until he winced.

"Yes ma'am, er Madam," he stammered.

Periton swept her face close to his, deriving pleasure as he cringed. She turned to leave.

"Ehhh, Madam?"

She whipped around, daring him to speak. "What?", she hissed.

Stupid, stupid.

"I need birds." He spoke again before she could. "A wide variety. The genome in the dinosaur genes that I can't isolate, I- I need birds to do it. Macaws, parrots," Maynard tried to think of the noisiest birds he could, "even a cockatoo would help."

Periton's eyes glittered, "whatever gets me my dinosaur Dr. Scott." She snapped her fingers and the entourage followed. Maynard shut the door, peering out of its peep hole to make sure both vehicles were long gone.

"It's safe!", he shouted. "Where the heck...?" Maynard patrolled through the different rooms in the lab until he found Brandon with Tahl cuddled up in his lap.

"Shhhhhh, you'll wake him," Brandon pressed a finger against his lips.

"I got birds," Maynard whispered.

"I heard. It'll do for now."

"For now?"

Brandon sighed and lifted a book from his hip. "Tahl's a Utahraptor."

Maynard raised a brow, impressed that Brandon used the identification materials properly.

"We can't hide a 23 foot long, 2,000 pound noisy lizard here. He needs freedom to run and... do dinosaur stuff." Brandon stroked the soft feathers on Tahl's head. "You just had to bring back the biggest one."

Maynard shrugged, "It's what Periton wanted."

"Of course she did. Evil cunt."

Tahl stirred at the sharpness in Brandon's words.

"There's a forest in the magnetic fields."

Maynard gasped, "how- what, that's n-not possible."

Brandon looked into his eyes, "it's in my report... The one I haven't submitted yet." He looked down again, "it's plenty big for a dinosaur."

Maynard nodded firmly, "when he's big enough to travel, we go."

"No," said Brandon. "When he's big enough to travel, we RUN."

Art Credits
Art by me using lines from -this- Aywas base.
(Relined, 75% Edited, Reshaded, Recolored)

Other Credits
Profile by Paula
Story by Foxtrot
Background (Aztec) from pngtree
Background 2 (Floral) from GraphicThumb

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