Dexterity has a minion!

Mockingjay the Mockingbird

Legacy Name: Dexterity

The Common Aeanoid
Owner: Thestral

Age: 11 years, 2 weeks

Born: August 2nd, 2011

Adopted: 10 years, 11 months, 4 days ago

Adopted: September 13th, 2011


  • Level: 277
  • Strength: 651
  • Defense: 627
  • Speed: 580
  • Health: 648
  • HP: 648/648
  • Intelligence: 457
  • Books Read: 306
  • Food Eaten: 83
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

by Police

Charahub Information

She climbed the platform and took her seat in the victor's chair. Johanna Mason, the friendly but distant girl from a few towns over, was sitting next to her. She looked out at sea of young faces in the crowd before her. So many lives with such potential. Two of them would be reaped.

And those two would likely never return.

Dexterity was fidgeting in her seat. It was the same thing every year. Two tributes would be reaped. She would do her best to mentor them, coach them, and try to win them sponsors, and—despite her best efforts—the both of them would surely die. It grated on her, unnerved her. She had a tribute make it into the top four once, but he died the very next day. For a while, it was hard for Dexterity to get out of bed after that. She had high hopes for him. Ashton, his name was.

Dexterity watched the escort make his way up to the podium—she hadn't even bothered to learn his name—and pull the names from the reaping ball. The tributes made their way up, and she could tell that the girl—oh, crap. What was her name?—was trying to be strong. She actually reminded Dexterity a lot of herself, when she was reaped.


It was a rough few months for Dexterity. Inept mentors, horrifying stylists, and her quiet and secluded nature did little to help the sixteen-year-old as she went through the Capitol phase of the game. But she was oh, so happy when she was finally allowed to get into the arena, when she was finally allowed to shine.

Once she saw the playing field—a massive forest, not unlike the ones in District 7, her home—she knew she would be just fine. This was land that she could live off of. This was land that she could survive, and even thrive in. It turns out that she did just that.

Luckily, Dexterity had decided on her strategy early on in training. She was confident in her combat skills, almost to the point of arrogance, but she decided to let the other tributes do all the work. She would hide in the trees, living off the land, until the other tributes picked each other off.

It worked well, until the final four. When the Gamemakers decided that there wasn't enough action and froze most of the arena solid. The only safe zone was the Cornucopia, where the Feast had been laid out. She hadn't planned on attending. But, when her tree-top home was frozen solid, she didn't have much of a choice if she wanted to stay alive.

Dexterity didn't want to get involved in the bloodbath. She wasn't even going to get her bag. She didn't know what it could possibly contain. She wasn't injured or sick, so there couldn't be any medicine. Thanks to the axe she found on the first day, she didn't need a weapon, or food. She knew which plants were edible and was faring rather well off those.

So she sat back in the treeline and watched the other tributes, judging what was left of her competition. The boy from Two would definitely be the toughest, especially since he had just taken out the girl from Eleven with ease, breaking her neck with barely a flick of the wrist.

But, Dexterity had been granted a lucky break then. A knife came whizzing out of the opposing treeline and sunk its way into the boy's head up to the hilt, right between the eyes. The there was a bright auburn streak as a redheaded boy—what district was he from?—came barreling out of the woods.

Dexterity knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and she had to take it for what it was worth. So, she took aim, paused to kiss her axe, and took aim again, before putting all her might into the throw.

The boy's speed helped, as he was nearly at the Cornucopia before the axe had lodged itself into his right temple. Dexterity didn't even have time to process what happened before she heard the chopper blades, and the ladder descended in front of her.


But that was three years ago. She had seen six tributes come and go since then. But as she looked at the young girl who met her gaze with steely determination, Dexterity began to feel the slightest bit of hope.

Because maybe, just maybe, lightning would strike twice.

Story by: Rampage
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