Hippocampus has a minion!

Minion the Perla

Legacy Name: Hippocampus

The Hydrus Legeica
Owner: Pinocchio

Age: 54 years, 3 months, 2 weeks

Born: December 31st, 1969

Adopted: 11 years, 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: December 4th, 2012


  • Level: 85
  • Strength: 210
  • Defense: 203
  • Speed: 204
  • Health: 202
  • HP: 202/202
  • Intelligence: 25
  • Books Read: 8
  • Food Eaten: 6
  • Job: Scuba Instructor

Heartbeat of the ocean

Pet Treasure

Desert Island Book

Mermaid Kelp-Wrapped Mirror

Special Skin Care

Boot with Foot Inside

How to Tame Spirits

Undersea Journal

Gilded Kelpie Watery Scrap

Gilded Kelpie Dripping Scrap

Waterlogged Teddy Plushie

Dripping Lock of Hair

Waterlogged Daisy

Strange Watery Flute

Waterlogged Discarded Doll Head

Wet Photograph

Waterlogged Feather

Used Dentures

Romero Shipwreck Tattered Net

Crystalline Mummy Tear

Romero Shipwreck Safe Water Mark

Salted Turquoise Eye Drops

Dripping Elder Tome

Waterlogged Book

Tide Rider

Dripping Ocean Comb

Basket of Waterlogged Crops

Very Vetan Textbook

Everlasting Ocean Water

Keeping a Clean Ship


Dripping Sea Lettuce

Water Defense Baguette Crystal

Water Defense Brilliant Crystal

Water Defense Cabochon Crystal

Water Defense Moonstone Crystal

Water Defense Tear Crystal

Water Defense Marquise Crystal

Flowing Hydrus Seaweed

Glass Fishing Net Buoy

Bog Bean Tangle

Drops of Drool

Free as the Ocean Sticker

Water Spirit Beanbag

Hippocampi: A Different Kind of Seahorse

Glowing Hydrus Sea Glass


Vial of Dark Water

Forgotten Magic

Water Shard

Swirling Ocean Bead

Water Magic


Phaloroceas Rain Charm

Water Soul Stone

Pet Friends