Nerri has a minion!

RIP the Chavee

Legacy Name: Nerri

The Custom Sweetheart Demi
Owner: Dragyn

Age: 12 years, 11 months, 1 week

Born: August 14th, 2011

Adopted: 12 years, 11 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: August 14th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 14th


  • Level: 58
  • Strength: 145
  • Defense: 143
  • Speed: 142
  • Health: 142
  • HP: 142/142
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Books Read: 4
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


RIP Nerri aka Nerilka 2000 - 2011

Hi all! *tail wiggles frantically* My name is Nerri and this is my story!

I don't remember much of the time before I met my hooman but I remember the smell of my dam and having to fight for every drop of milk because we were part of the largest litter they had seen in some time. My littermates would tell me stories of what would happen to each of us when it was time for us to leave the puppy pile. One of our older siblings loved to torment us by telling us we were to go next door to guard those spoilt giant balls of fluff and sharp claws - the CATS!

One sunny morning we were all roughing each other up and pouncing on our dam and sire's backs when we were all herded back to the pen and our dam started cleaning us so quickly I ended up on my back which of course made my siblings laugh waaaay too hard! Suddenly, I saw a strange hooman bend over and gently set me to rights. She had the best smells imaginable - sausages and bread and smells I couldn't begin to describe but all I knew was she smelled so good :D

She picked me up sat me on the grass in front of her along with 2 of my siblings but I was determined to reach her lap first and I did! I don't know why that was so important but it felt right and warm. My siblings were trying their best to get her attention but she found all the best places to scratch and before I knew it, I was woken up when she placed me in a box full of warm blankets and fun toys I couldn't wait to get my teeth into!

The next thing I knew I was carried outside and placed near the biggest bowl of water I had seen in my entire life! I looked frantically around for even one of my littermates but soon realised it was just me. I didn't know whether to feel sad or excited or alone but soon the pressing need to go to the toilet presented itself so I found the best spot. The lovely smelling hooman began patting me vigorously and telling me what a clever pup I was. Throughout the next few days the same thing kept happening so it didn't take a genius to figure out that inside was NOT where one went potty. Not only did I get lots of pats and praise, I also had as much to eat as I could fit into my belly and the best thing was, I had it all to myself! Blinking slowly, I realised that THIS was what my older siblings were talking about except none of them had a yard big enough to get lost in or a bowl of food that magically filled any time I got hungry. This hooman was MY hooman and I knew I wasn't going anywhere!

Many moons after the best hooman in the world picked me, I was woken to the cries and yips of a strange new dog. His name was Reggie and he was almost as big as me but he smelled much younger. I didn't have time to be puzzled though - as soon as his paws hit the floor he came running towards me in excitement and knocked me flying! He tried apologising and licking me but I had no desire to see what new havoc he could do so I jumped on the couch on my warmest blankie and tried my hardest to ignore him.

I'd like to say I stayed strong but the next day I finally laid down on the floor bed with him and started cleaning him as it looked like he hadn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. I took him outside and showed him the best places to do his business and where a bunch of grasshoppers hang out for us to play with. This became our favourite game - seeing who could jump the highest and catch the most grasshoppers (of course the winner was always ME!). Our hooman loved to call us her kangaroo pups and often introduced us as her pups that were half kangaroo!

One day, my brother and I went on the longest trip of any dogs on the planet. I had no idea where we ended up but all I cared about was making sure my Reggie was with me and that we would find our hooman again. Our hooman later told us it was only a couple of hours but to us it was an eternity! When we were delivered to her, we found ourselves in a really tall house with lots of stairs. I had longer legs than my Reggie so I was fine but it took him a lot longer to stop sliding down the stairs. I thought it was funny and thankfully Reggie didn't care. As long as he had a full belly and a warm lap to sleep in, he was in heaven. Since that was my favourite place to nap too, we learned to compromise - that our hooman had the final say and we had to like it!

On the best day ever, our hooman took us to the best place in the whole wide world - the BEACH! I was happy to know this would be a daily sometimes twice daily event. The smells all around us were too numerous to name but all I knew was I wanted to bury my nose everywhere and discover where such delicious smells were coming from. Wherever I went, Reggie was right beside me. He loved bringing anything he found back to our hooman and to chase the waves yelling his head off while I loved rolling in the strongest smells I could find. While I thought I smelled amazing, my hooman would wash off all my hard work as soon as we got home.

Reggie and I spent a few years in paradise but eventually we returned to our previous home except this time we lived on what my hooman called a 'Farm'. All I knew was it had cows who produced the best smelling leavings of any animal I had encountered. I lost count of the number of times my hooman would undo all my best efforts rolling around in old and new cow pats but it didn't stop me from trying! The next best thing was when we went for walks and got thirsty, we could drink from any pond or river we saw. Occasionally we would catch glimpses of what our hooman called platypus but they never came close enough to talk to even though we tried to stay as quiet as possible. She called them special - I called them RUDE!

I remember my last day as if it were yesterday. Reggie and I had our breakfast and headed outside to play but something was different. The front gate was wide open and since I knew that wasn't right, I frantically called for my hooman to fix it but my Reggie had other ideas. Before I knew it, he pounced through the gate and told me he was going to find some kangaroos. I knew we were being naughty as we took off but ... KANGAROOS! We had never caught one but it wasn't for lack of trying! I may have the keener nose for sensing them at a distance but my Reggie had the better ears so we raced on. I don't know how long we ran for but we came close once or twice! I heard a slight rustling in the tall grass so of course I investigated nose first. I smelled a lizard like smell, but somehow it was different so I leaned closer and felt a white hot sharp pain in my muzzle! Oh how it burned and throbbed. My Reggie kept licking me anxiously and we both decided home was the best place.

By the time we got home, I could hardly place one paw in front of the other and I was breathing like I had run all the way up the road and back again. My Reggie was getting increasingly worried but he never stopped encouraging me. My hooman came flying down the stairs just in time to catch me before my wobbly legs stopped working altogether. All I could do was cry and lick her anywhere I could reach. My hooman carried me to the car and put Reggie on the floor in front of me so he could lick my toes. All I could smell was fear and worry and all I could feel by this time was pain. I closed my eyes for only a little while as I was so sore and tired until all of a sudden the pain and the worry and the fear smells faded away. I opened my eyes and looked around me but my hooman and Reggie were nowhere to be found. I walked up to a regal Doberman lying at the base of a brightly coloured bridge. 'Welcome Nerri. This is where we wait for our hoomans to meet us at the Rainbow Bridge. You will never feel pain or thirst or fear or hunger ever again. When your hooman arrives, you will both walk across this bridge to the last home you will ever need'.

Farewell my Nerri girl - may we meet at the Rainbow Bridge where you, me and Reggie will find our forever home together :)

Story by Dragyn
Photos by Dragyn
Art by Ares
Profile by Weesha

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