Starscream. has a minion!

I am a better leader than the Banshee

Legacy Name: Starscream.

The Nostalgic Endeavor
Owner: Thundercracker

Age: 9 years, 4 months, 3 weeks

Born: August 29th, 2011

Adopted: 7 years, 1 month, 1 week ago

Adopted: December 13th, 2013


  • Level: 42
  • Strength: 33
  • Defense: 21
  • Speed: 32
  • Health: 27
  • HP: 27/27
  • Intelligence: 242
  • Books Read: 241
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Post-Fight Clean Up

Pet Treasure

Black Mortarboard

Evil Blade of Doom

Nostalgic Endeavor Toy

Ruling Through Fear

Monkey Brain

Bringing The Harbinger

Conflicted Journal


Lord Phug

Space Oddity Sticker



Grudge Plushie

An Idiots Guide to Constructive Criticism

Crystal Shard

Hunters Ring of Stars

Raw Spinel

Asmodeus Concoction Base

Nightmare Fuel

Ziaran Lady Model Airplane

SPLAT! Sticker

Steamwork Laptop

Box of Space Dust


Questionable Green Ooze

Melting Kettle

Mesaa Planet Plushie

Plastic Molders Kit

Raw Diamond

Silver Star Sticker

Slayer of Souls

Soaring Mallarchy Model Airplane

Stun Gun

Dark Crystal Shard

Dark Moonrock

Illuminating Star Sticker

General Error Plushie

Wind-Up Rocket Roller

Orange Cog-Shaped Hard Candy

Volatile Bog Brew

Dusk Jackboots

Romero Post Mortem Warhead

Tiny Ruby Crown

Starlight Telescope

Build Your Own Spaceship


Deceptive Kitty Plushie

Baby Brunhilde The Blue Plushie

Baby Bloodhungry Plushie

Dibbala Planet Plushie

Lord Phug

What is Out There?

Space Pirate Map

Galaxy Fruit

Clean Typewriter

Darkness Soul Stone



Battered Metal Disk

Raw Spinel

Scientific Notebook

Tousled Lab Coat


Solemn Albatross

Frosted Down Feather


NO Storm Cloud Sticker

Space Oddity Sticker

Lightning Pistol


Mad-Science Multitool

Pretend Area 62 Laptop

Ornate Loosely Draped Cloth

Peculiar Petri Dish

Plasma Grenade Launcher

Stone Coal Killer Sticker

Crystal Cadogre Boomerang

Dazzling Bejeweled Tiara of Ultimate Malevolence

Haunting Nightmare Illumis Cocktail

Corrupted Birdie Plushie

Brave Explorer Giant Boulder

Eyeball Carved Pumpkin

Space Oddity Sticker


Travel Mug

Red Fireworks

Nostalgic Endeavor Toy

Black Bandit Plastic Raygun


Black Laptop

Endeavor Gauntlets

Get In Formation Sticker

Romero Post Mortem Warhead

Purple Celestial Flask

Sword of Sparrows

Crown of Ultimate Evil

Modern Science Volume II

Torn Instructions Page III

Bringing The Harbinger

I Rotate for You! Sticker

Propellor Bot Plushie

Model Airplane Kit

Princely Booty

Jabbering Skull

Princess Booty

White Long Feather

Screeching Noise Trading Card

Pilot Phug

Experimental Laugh Dead Lolly

Rocketship Ornament

Bottled School Girl Shriek

Book of Aeromancy

Bitter Heart Charm


Wooden Biplane

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Princess Booty

Space Oddity Sticker

Eternal Struggle

How to Escape Homicidal Maniacs

Pale Infectious Sample

Phoenix Pinion Feathers

Gold Laurel

Airman Windblown Scarf

Tousled Lab Coat

Mardi Gras King Crown

Wooden Biplane

Flask of Liquid Shadow

Love Rocket

Comedic Muse

Royale Verano Crown

Scroll of The Stars

Mischievous To-Do List

To Serve Aliens


Royal Sire Snowball

Dark Marquise Crystal

Chitinous Infectious Sample

Model Airplane Kit

Get In Formation Sticker

Mischievous Frost Spirit

To Serve Aliens

Realistic Souvenir Model Blue Building

Identifiers Transmorph Elixir

Romero NOVA Experimental Alloy

Backstabbing Bird Crown

Roman Soldier Cape

Red New Years Bird

Kitty Fruit

Pet Friends