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What is waiting for us, the sea keeps silent;
Thirst to live drives hearts to their bottoms,
But life here costs nothing
— the life of others, but not yours!

Thar be a legend t' be said about th' sea, one o' many more t' try 'n explain its glory 'n another t' be said about its creatures. I be nah natterin' about fish or sharks here, no, but somethin' deeper than th' usual. Har! Grab ya chair 'n sit tight fer th' tale, heartie, fer 'twill explain lots more than ye reckon.
I was jus' a normal lad in me younger days, I lover o' th' sea 'n great admirer o' those tales jus' like ye, me bucko. I would sit by th' boats 'n hear all about th' fishermen tales o' mermaids 'n sea creatures, wha' can says I, I was quite th' adventurer back then. I joined a crew o' pirates t' go out thar when I was a bit older 'n try me luck wit' treasures 'n island expeditions, cutlass fightin' 'n who knows I might even draw attention o' th' pretty lasses from th' village.
Th' thin' be, I was a nice lookin' lad — I still am, despite th' sea growths here 'n thar... Ahem, well, I was nah too smart t' realise th' crew hands would be harassin' me. See they were all scarred or smelly or had some rotten tooth or no teeth at all, so I was fresh meat. Th' cap'n hisself was a mighty jealous scallywag, fer they were all so used wit' ugliness 'n creep. Funny he seemed so excited t' welcome me t' th' rest o' th' crew.
At me first day, I got pushed t' me limit - th' humiliatin' rite o' passage included a lot o' punchin'. Th' cap'n then came t' me, aft I was well-nigh drowin' in me owns blood, 'n showed me this pretty shillin' he had.

See 'twas a different kind o' a shillin' fer sure. 'twould shine as brightly as any diamond, yet its metallic glow could nah be said t' be gold nor silver nah bronze. 'twas somethin' different. Exotic I'd dare t' say! "Ye see newbie, I don't care who joins us, fer it ain't in me power t' decide yer worth; 'tis th' ocean's itself", th' cap'n said wit' a smirk, his rotten breath so close t' me ear I could be sick, if I wasn't numb enough. "We'll flip th' shillin'; head ye live, tail ye die".
Aye me fellow companion, I was in th' middle o' th' ocean that time, no where t' run. All I could do that time was keep it together 'n pray fer th' most enlighted bein' up thar in th' sky t' help me 'n save me soul, fer I was damned either way. They flipped th' shillin'.

Funny thin' about this whole thin' be, th' shillin' fell t' th' ground straight t' a hole in th' middle o' th' plank t' th' floor, so 'twas neither heads nor tails. Th' crew all together put on a blank face, 'n one could nigh-on smell th' fear in th' air. Th' cap'n seemed t' be in shock. He turned back 'n ran t' th' wheel but 'twas way too late then. Th' sea was turnin' 'n a storm seemed t' come our way. Uh, I was too weak t' do anythin', so I jus' lied thar, lookin' at th' strangely positioned shillin'. Everybody was frenzied 'n rushin' thar tasks t' set sail back t' solid ground but thar was no time left, har, fools.
Somethin' dragged th' galleon t' its side but whence I stood I could only see a pale-ish tentacle graspin' its way up, 'n I could hear th' most beautiful voice I'd ever heard. I didn' make much o' it, lad was I numb from all th' hittin' 'n kickin' t' me face. But I was smart enough t' hide th' shillin' safely in me pocket. Th' tentacles grabbed me 'n I passed out.

Me queen saved me, or as she said, she claimed me t' her 'n I be bound t' eternity by her side, me rescuer 'n tormentor. Wit' th' lucky shillin' by me side, I mutated 'n turned t' a loyal servant o' th' sea thanks t' her. 'n now, I be free t' roam th' ocean in th' search o' adventures 'n treasures, o' course, under th' eyes o' me queen. But aft all... That be th' life I always wanted. Ne'er could I picture it this way, sure, yet 'tis surprisingly good.

And during the last instant
a wave rose,
And a shout was heard:
"Land is ahead!"

— — —

Adopted from vvitch!
Story and art by me (Haiku);
Profile coding: FallenSamurai;
Background image from Images Pond;
Lyrics: Schtiel (translated) by Rammstein.

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