Phineas Flynn has a minion!

Perry the Platypup

Phineas Flynn
Legacy Name: Phineas Flynn

The Sun Feli
Owner: Pinocchio

Age: 12 years, 7 months, 5 days

Born: November 8th, 2011

Adopted: 11 years, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: September 18th, 2012


  • Level: 136
  • Strength: 346
  • Defense: 116
  • Speed: 110
  • Health: 113
  • HP: 113/113
  • Intelligence: 662
  • Books Read: 647
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Astrodynamicist

Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!

Pet Treasure

Detectives Journal

Mini Portable DJ Station

Carefully Packed Picnic Basket

Empty Bottle of Sunscreen

Blue Drum Kit

Simple Shovel

Fourth Wall Breaking

Stone Carving Chisel and Hammer

Schematic Art Book

Remote Control Car

Great Googely Moogely Sticker

Almond Brittle

Hairdryer Of Melty

Black Box of Jewelry Tools

Platypus Cuddle Buddy

Bagged Goldfish

Toymakers Tools

Circuitboard Tool Kit

Circuitboard Soldering Gun

Circuitboard Blank Sheets

Tenacious Bakers Tools

Horticulturists Tools

Unliving Alchemists Tools

Mad-Science Multitool

Miniature HLPR Bot Blueprints

Classic Hero Sword

Tyrannosaurus Rex Ornament

Grilled T-Bone Steak

Red Licorice

Flower Laces

Blue Hip High Tops

Rift Queen Utilirobo

Suave Leather Fedora

Luminaire Music CD

A Lotta Latkes

Vetan Hockey Stick

Safety Helmet with Headlamp

Veggie Samosas

Diggers Hat


Expert Tinkerers Tools

Elwood Promotional T-shirt Cannon

Gifted Prodigies Tools

Figgy Pudding

Ghost Story Kit


Model Airplane Kit

All About Sports

Sibling Sticker

Beige Pirate Ship Sticker

Black Pirate Ship Plushie

Twilight Gamepet

Oddly Heavy Egg

Malibu Bow Tie

Masquerade Food Menu

Green Electric Guitar

I Carried a Watermelon Sticker

Tide Water Blaster

Water Gun Sticker

Heavy Duty Water Gun

Grape Gelatin

Twilight Orca Plushie

Blue Inflatable Dolphin


Subeta Dictionary I

Japanese Dictionary

Little Painted Boat

Wooden Tugboat

Flying Snowball

Classic Tin Rocketship

Artist Brushes

Baseball Bat

Frank Sticker

The Haunted Mansion

Atebus Motorbike and Sidecar

Golf Shirt


Book of Records

Black Bowling Ball

Hikei Lance

Billowy Dark Train Smoke

Green Lazy Buns Beanbag

Orange Lazy Buns Beanbag

Burnished Acoustic Guitar

Monkey Brain

Sun Wheelieblades


Gold Helmet

Unruly Gray Beard

Large Bushy Beard

Unruly Chestnut Beard

Black Pirate Bicorn Hat

Pirate Treasure Map

Storm Mummy Sleeping Bag

Libraries Around the World

White Haircut Shears

Guitar Picks

Blue Electric Guitar

Upright Piano


Junior Archaeologist Tool Kit

Turtle Hat

Dilophosaurus Ornament

Iguanadon Ornament


Time Travel Device

Time Travel and You

Heart-Shaped Grilled Cheese

Happy Birthday Card 1

Birthday Card Sticker

Bigfoot Plushie

Chubby Morostide Mummy Plushie

Ringleader Blue and Gold Top Hat


Snowman Building Kit

Bubble Gum Snow Cone

Pile of Snow


Sewing Machine

Blue Phone Touch

Blue Building E-Book

Blutex Laser Wrist Watch

Blue Gaming Headset

Blue Rad Wireless Controller

Red Rad Game System

Digital Camera

Blank CD

Sun Gamepet

Subeta Web Design

Subeta Word Processor

Red Webcam

Useless Wires

Subeta Art Shop

USB Adapter

Retractable Cable




Blue Game Controller


Computer Projector

USB Memory Stick

Red Headset

Red Rival Plastic Raygun

Gray Goggles

Shining UFO

Build Your Own Spaceship


Atebus Space Suit

Slicing Light of Dark Doom

Red Telescope

Microphone of The Voice

Rusted Pumpkin Morostide King Film

Trophy of Triumph

Music Sheet

Golden Radio-Controlled Car

Centropolis Race Car Beanbag


Bowl of Cereal


Flamin Hot Guitar

Yellow Pencil


Red Striped Surfboard

Liberated Garden Gnome

Delphi Sticker

Sun Sand Castle

Bucket and Sand Beanbag

Flaming Swimming Trunks

Tree Plushie


Gaslight Wrench

Crude Components

Red Fantastic Tricycle


Peanut Butter


Metal Workers Kit



Cityscape Skateboard

Black Natural-Soled Ice Skates

Miniature Saheric Slider Puzzle

Hovering Board

Blue Toothbrush

Socket Wrench

Cross Head Screwdriver

Flat Head Screwdriver

Claw Hammer


Crescent Wrench

Roller Coaster Sticker

Ferris Wheel Sticker

Miniature Ferris Wheel

Red Rubber Snake

Blue Rubber Snake

Black Rubber Snake

Green Rubber Snake

Orange Rubber Snake

Blue Toy Bumper Car

Red Toy Bumper Car

Purple Water Balloon

Turquoise Water Balloon

Fuchsia Water Balloon

Box of Copper Scraps

Box of Brass Scraps

Box of Iron Scraps

Field Metal Paint

Twilight Metal Paint

Dawn Metal Paint

Sun Metal Paint

Cream Metal Paint

Golden Metal Paint

Arid Metal Paint

Marsh Metal Paint

Box of Dawn Scrap Metal

Box of Cream Scrap Metal

Box of Dusk Scrap Metal

Box of Arid Scrap Metal

Box of Golden Scrap Metal

Box of Field Scrap Metal

Box of Lilac Scrap Metal

Box of Sun Scrap Metal

Red Celestial Flask

Yellow Celestial Flask

Purple Celestial Flask

Green Celestial Flask

Blue Celestial Flask

Single Arid Sprocket

Single Twilight Sprocket

Single Marsh Sprocket

Pet Friends

Ferb Fletcher

Perry the Platypus

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Candace Flynn