Larou has a minion!

Erasure the Sluffy


The Chibi Jollin
Owner: Taters

Age: 8 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 12th, 2011

Adopted: 8 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: November 12th, 2011


  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 81
  • Defense: 39
  • Speed: 28
  • Health: 38
  • HP: 0/38
  • Intelligence: 71
  • Books Read: 65
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Jump Rope Untangler

CW I own

Head Pieces/Ears:
Skull and Roses
Washed Deadnettle Charm
Silvery Rotundus Ear Implant
Flawed Ear Implant

Stray Locks and Seashells
Cute Cinnamon Rolls
Apple Cider Bunnamon Locks
Sunset Roll Cake Strands
Delicious Pastry Locks
Romantic Auburn Side Curls

Cream Dacquoise Knot
Steamy Chai Bob
Iced Hot Cocoa Locks
Faithful Kaiken Strands
Intergalactic Space Buns
Acrid Muse Strands

Twiggy Bird Braid
Gilded Tribal Locks
Overlord Sassy Fox Strands
Whistling Echo Tendrils
Rebellious Tribal Locks

Enchanted Tribal Locks
Swirly Sky Ombre Teapot
Opaline Pumpkin Patch Strands
Mystical Snaily Strands
Mercury Laced Tea Curls
Radiant Locks of the Mysterious Pearl

Soothing Seashell Waves
Peridot Bunnamon Locks
Acid Bitten Rum Cake
Poison Pup Fluff
Sea Dollface Locks
Mirror Strands of the Sea Senshi

Wild Butterfly Teal Locks
Navy Bamboo Curls
Retro Pumpkin Patch Strands

Makeup/Body/Tattoo/Face Items:
Sublime Bug Eyed Lens
Lovingly Stitched Offering
Used Black Tweezers

Exquisite Candied Shadow
Lost Makeup Case of Hera
Pot of Drowned Souls
Pot of Adulterous Souls
Seer Makeup
Sketched Eye Makeup of Wrath

Ruby Heart Compact
Mischievous Brown Compact
Feral Fox Essence
Accursed Vampire Ruby
Polluted Oil Slick

Brass Knuckle Bruise Palette
Hard Worker Flush
Sweet Peachy Powder
Cutest Doll Makeup Container

Inking Feather
Seafoam Edgy Mousey Tattoo
Faulty Rainforest Glowstick

Neck/Back/Hand Items:
Large Neck Poofy
Stylish Silk Collar
Pure Heart Brooch
Pitty Puppy Stuffed Pal

Chest/Jacket/Dress Items:
Fabric of the Galactic Butterfly
Picky Little Piggy Pineapple Sweater
Senpai Cardigan
Vintage Decoded Fabric

Cookie Cat Sweater V2
Maknae Wool Sweater
Quell Rebellious Sweater
Heartly Cut Out Pullover
Moody Conspirator Messenger Bag

Cutethulhu Eldritch Sweater
Aromatic Birb Sweater
Home Skillet Yin Yang Halter
Harlequin Babydoll Top

Peacock Lace Overlay
Lacy Floral Fabric Scrap
Graveyard Wedding Gown
Sweet Lime Candy Dress
Windblown Silk of Persuasion
Amorous Skull Kitty Threads

Legs/Pants items:
Lazy Girl Teal Tights
Koalafied Right Tights
Night-Kissed Scratchboard Pantyhose
Deceitful Triangular Tights
Glassy Visionary Tights
Black Cut Out Jeans

Suave Turquoise Heels
Suave Sage Heels
Nom Nom Shark Heels
Nom Nom Golden Shark Heels
Nom Nom Peach Shark Heels

Ruined Foxy Heels
Clear Jet Shoes
Cream Feathered Flats
Hermes Winged Wicked Sneakers

Auspicious Koi Companion
Enchanted Ice Cream Covered Strawberry
Jungle Wonders in a Terrarium

CW selling
Bow-Tied Floral Teddy
Icy Macaron Locks
Old Horns of Ancient Cultist
Ocean Tattooist Waves
Triumphant Locks of the True Gamer
Whispering Skull Chest Plate
Crystalline Mime Shoes

Cw On Hold for Me
nonezies atm

Cw Slots waiting for
nonezo for now

Most Wanted Cw
Opaline Bitten Rum Cake
Smoky Holly Underlash Kit
Vertical Black Striped Tights
Needle Stitched Ink
Lost Thrice Named Pullover
Pumpkin Season Denim Shorts

Crystalline Jet Shoes
Peerless Innovator Braid
Warm Heart Brooch
Inked Lotus Injections
Ringleader Compact
Refreshing Ballerina Frock

Most Dreamed About Privates
Iridescent Bug Eyed Lens
Smoky Wolf Compact
Pot of Poisoned Souls
Iridescent Mid Heel Oxfords
Oceanic Teal Mid Heel Oxfords
Lovingly Stitched Tights

Notes to self on selling

CW I used to own

Pet Treasure

Box of Childhood Memories

Tub of Frosting

Pet Friends