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The Angelic Demi
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Age: 10 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: December 4th, 2011

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  • Level: 157
  • Strength: 390
  • Defense: 388
  • Speed: 388
  • Health: 387
  • HP: 379/387
  • Intelligence: 389
  • Books Read: 388
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Jeweler

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Profile Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay

On those summer nights when it was the worst, she would go to the top of the hill overlooking the lake and draw her bow across the strings in the moonlit night until the feeling subsided. She would pour her heart into the music she created, letting it ebb and flow and dance among the fireflies until her agitation was assuaged for the moment.

On certain days when she just couldn’t stand it anymore she would climb the tallest tree in Veta Lake and jump off the top, spreading her wings to glide among the treetops to finally land in the sweet smelling grass near the creek. As she lay near the water and listened to its burbling and jingling, she would blow into her pocket flute until her notes were in perfect harmony with nature’s song.

She knew though that no matter what she said or did, it would find her. She would see him walking or hear his laugh and it would start up all over again, that dissident feeling of longing and loss, of a love never attempted, never pursued and impossible.

Often Celeste found herself in trouble through no real fault of her own. She knew she was headstrong and willful, and once she made a decision she was rarely swayed off course. She knew these things about herself and did her best to work around them, attempting to only lock on to goals that were achievable and things that would not bring her family or herself shame. She knew if she let herself interact with him and he reciprocated her feelings she would never be able to honor the agreement made for her. She had no limits when it came to things she felt passionate about and there was no telling how far she would go.

She knew her role. She knew she was promised to someone that would make her family stronger and should be a suitable match for her, but the heart wanted what it did. She did her best to outrun that which could not be reasoned with but despite her best and vigilant efforts in winning the war against her heart, she still lost battles from time to time. Because of this she avoided his lavender eyes and bright smile like the Devil’s own plague and played out bits of her longing in music whenever she could.

She had never spoken to him and did not even know his name. She only saw him for fleeting moments in the village as he went about his daily life, generously and joyously. All she saw was millisecond vignettes into a world of which she could have no part, but it was enough to sway her loyalty soundly to him. She had once passed by him as he sang a merry tune in front of the music store, tapping his feet and swaying as the shop owner played the accordion in accompaniment.
Another time she watched him narrowly miss being trampled by a horse cart as he rescued a tiny doll for a young girl clinging to her mother’s hand. The girl never said a word as he handed the doll back to her but looked upon him much the same as Celeste did, with wide eyes filled with adoration. She watched him give his lunch to a hungry stranger once and another time rescue a tiny bird trapped in a knothole, smiling as he released it into the air. He took care in everything he did and he seemed to observe each person that passed with a fascinating concentration. He often seemed to search her out in the crowd but she did her best to elude him, heading the opposite way if she saw him coming or dipping into a store to peruse the merchandise instead.

Despite all her careful planning there was one powerful force that she had not considered. A soul grows best with dips in the road and pot holes that can’t be easily navigated. The Guardians, keepers of the skies, knew about this plot line for soul development even if Celeste didn’t and they used it often. Because of this it came to pass that all of her best laid plans to stay away from him indefinitely were laid to waste that sunshiny late Summer afternoon.

She had decided to hide in the forest away from Spirit's endless chore list that day. She was making the most of her escape draped across a tree branch lazily playing her flute along with the wind when a trilled whistle from below expanded on her melody with embellishments.

She almost fell from her branch when she realized it was he of the lavender eyes.
“Oh, hi!” He said pleasantly when he saw her above him. “I’m sorry I interrupted your song. It was just so beautiful I couldn’t help myself. You have quite a talent!”
“Ohhh it’s okay,” She breathed with a little laugh, “I think you just improved it with your whistled additions. I’ll have to remember that.”
She made a move to jump down but was so flustered by his appearance that she missed a vine snaked around her leg and stumbled instead. “Woah, I’ve got you!” He exclaimed as he caught her neatly in his arms.
They stared at each other breathlessly for a few seconds before they both burst into laughter.
“Oh my gosh, I’ve never been so clumsy in my whole life! Good thing you were here to make sure I didn’t break a wing!”
“If I’m not mistaken, fair lady, you fell because of me distracting you so it is the least I could do,” he replied with a smile. “I have to admit though that I am not accustomed to fair maidens falling from the sky.”
She laughed nervously, looking into his lavender eyes. “I’m Celeste.”
“Well Celeste, it’s nice of you to drop in, I’m Azure,” he laughed at her.

They talked and walked for quite a distance, discussing favorite subjects and people and sharing stories about their families. They kept walking until the road diverged into two and they discovered that their destinations would take them down opposite paths. She looked up at him wistfully as she bid him goodbye.
“Wait!” he said, “Wait! I just met you and we have so much in common. Would you meet with me again in the forest tomorrow?”
She hesitated, and tried to make her mouth say no, it’s not a good idea, I’m promised to someone else, but all that came out instead was,“Yes, of course, I’d love to!”
His whole countenance brightened with his smile and he agreed, “Okay! See you tomorrow!”

She walked until he couldn’t see her anymore and then stopped to catch her breath. She knew his name. She had fallen into his arms. He was even more handsome up close than she had imagined, and what a conversationalist! She was in BIG trouble, she knew, but there was no way she wouldn’t meet him again. She had done her best but it was too late.

They met in the woods the next day, and then the next, and the next. They flew through the skies together and she shared all her secret forest hideouts that no one knew but her. He brought along his favorite instruments and they created beautiful songs together as her heart was suddenly full of melodies and his quick fingers could accompany with the best of them.

One night several months after that fateful meeting he met her at the top of the hill overlooking the lake and listened to her play her violin in the moonlight in awe.
“What a gift you have, Celeste,” he breathed when she was done, stroking her cheek with the tips of his fingers.
When she didn’t shy away from him, he leaned in and placed his lips very carefully on hers.
She sighed into the kiss and swayed toward him, and suddenly they were holding each other in the moonlight, reveling in the knowledge of each others adoration.
They went down to the dock and sat on the pier, swinging their legs in the water. She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed. He placed his hand over hers and gave her a troubled look.
“What is it, Azure?” She asked, slightly panicked. “If you didn’t mean to kiss me, it’s okay,” she whispered, her heart frozen in her chest. “No, I meant to,” he soothed back. “I love you, Celeste.”
“And I love you too,” she replied. “Why does that make you troubled?”
His eyes fluttered closed at her declaration of love and he clung to her hand for a minute.
“I thought, maybe if I meet her I won’t feel this way about her. Maybe if I get to know her she won’t be as great as I imagined. Maybe we’ll just be friends, and I won’t love her. Maybe I will just love her silently and never tell her, maybe she won’t feel the same way about me…”he whispered to her, trailing off.
She stared at him in silent understanding, encouraging him to go on and tell her the rest.
He took a deep breath and continued, “But you do love me, and you are as great as I imagined you would be. We are friends, but I could never keep my love from you. It is too powerful, and so much bigger than myself. I don’t know how to tell you the rest. I should have told you in the beginning but I knew it would change how you acted toward me and I couldn’t bear it.”
“Please,” she whispered. “Tell me the rest. We will get through it as best we can, I promise, because I have felt the same way about you that you have about me.”
He looked at her questioningly but said, “I have been promised to another. She lives in this village but I have not met her yet. I initially traveled here from Bridgewater to seek her out but I have had nothing but eyes for you ever since I saw you playing at the fete and dancing. I could never catch your eye and you always walked away from me, not towards, like you were purposely avoiding me and I could never understand it. You were purposely avoiding me, weren’t you? What do you know that I don’t?”

“Oh, Azure!” She cried as she threw herself into his arms. She didn’t know that pain could feel like this, with her heart breaking into pieces, but at least he understood because he was in the same predicament.
“Oh, Azure,” she tried again, running her hands over his face and looking into his eyes. “I too am promised to another. I have tried my best to stay away from you but I have not been successful. I have tried not to watch you for months. I am supposed to meet him at the Winter Ball in four months. What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know,” he whispered back, “but we won’t go down without a fight.”
They held each other and gazed into the water, counting the ripples as they reflected off of the large bright moon, rejoicing in their love and despairing in their plight.

Celeste and Azure met as often as possible. They snuck out into the woods, met at coffee shops, did their chores on the fly and raced to crash together, lips and hands clinging to each other, as their time ran slowly and desperately shorter and shorter. Summer slowly ebbed to Fall and then to Winter with no solution appearing to the young lovers bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders.

The night before the ball, Celeste clung to Azure. “I can’t do this,” she whispered. “I can’t go. I won’t leave you.”
“Don’t forget,” he said sadly, “I will be there as well, meeting my betrothed."
She can’t have you, Azure. You are mine! How do we get out of this?” She asked the question again, the one they’d been asking over and over to each other.
“We have to go to the ball, Cele. Maybe we can get our betrothed to fall in love with each other? Maybe after we meet them we can plead our case to our parents and somehow get out of this. Maybe we can run away. I don’t know but I haven’t given up yet. Let’s meet after the ball so we can plan.”
“Okay Az, I will meet you here after the ball. I don’t care how late it is.”
“He looked into her eyes solemnly. “Will you save a dance for me?”
“Of course, my love, of course I will,” she whispered brokenly, placing a hand on his cheek. They parted ways without looking back.

The next evening, Celeste looked into the mirror at someone who did not resemble herself. Her new ball gown of azure blue was the best she could do to declare her preferences under the circumstances. As she got into the carriage with a heavy heart, she had no idea how she was going to smile throughout the night.

Angel, with her guardian wings tucked behind her, smiled at Celeste in the carriage. “I am so glad I was able to get this night off for your grand event! My dear, are you excited to meet the Earl of Bridgewater, your betrothed? He’s a charming boy with great manners. I just know you are going to fall in love with him.”
"I’m thrilled, Mother, really."
Angel narrowed her eyes at Celeste, with a slight twinkle. ”I understand that this may not be your first choice of entertainment for tonight but you will thank me for this later, I promise. “
“I hope so, Mother. Despite the reason, I am really glad you could make it tonight.”
Celeste did her best to dry her over watering eyes and looked out of the carriage window as it bounced along the trail to the ball.

Upon entry and being announced, Celeste made her way into the main hall to await her betrothed impatiently. Let’s just get this over with so I can get back to Az, she thought to herself. She couldn’t believe her parents had done something so old fashioned as a betrothal for her as if she wasn’t capable of picking out her own suitors. She understood with her station came responsibility but hadn’t that been drilled into her head from a young age? Really! She seethed silently behind her smiling mask and continued to scan the crowd for Az. He hadn’t yet appeared either. She wondered who he was meeting tonight. She looked around at the girls from her village and assessed them all as she waited.

Suddenly the trumpet fanfare started, signaling the announcing of another ball room guest. “Attention, guests! We all bid welcome to the esteemed Azuril Camden, Earl of Bridgewater!” cried the butler.
Celeste turned around and raised her eyes to the front of the room to see her betrothed but he had already gone. Azure had slid in however, and was standing there looking at her with love. She inconspicuously drifted to the staircase to meet him but was intercepted by her Mother who grabbed her hand and towed her over the rest of the way to Az.
To her surprise, her mother greeted Azure warmly and said, “Hello there, dear, it has been a while! I would love the honor of formally introducing you to Lady Celestele Daniels, my daughter,” Angel said. “I believe you two may have already met?”
Celeste’s gaze flew to her mother’s, but as she was not without manners, dropped a graceful curtsy to her beautiful Az, who was looking at her like he’d been hit with a hammer.
She gracefully and discreetly stomped on his toe and he recovered himself. “Charmed, my lady,” he grinned at her, recovering. “Azuril Camden, Earl of Bridgewater, at your service.”

It was Celeste’s turn to be shocked. “Earl of Bridgewater?!” She threw herself into his arms.
He grinned sheepishly. “Azure is my name,” he explained. “Everyone calls me that. I try not to use formal titles unless absolutely necessary.”
She gazed at him with a smile. “You didn’t think it necessary to mention your title to me?”
“Well, “he said, “I didn’t see how it would help things, Lady Celestele!”
“Oh yeah,” she grinned from his shoulder. “That. I guess we both should have asked more questions along with just falling madly in love.”

“I mean really! “Angel enthused. “You didn’t really think I was going to betroth you to someone you wouldn’t love, did you? You actually thought I didn’t know about the two of you? I may be your mother but I am also a Guardian now, remember? Head of Soul Development?” She winked at them as Spirit arrived to spin her off into a waltz, trails of star dust evaporating in her wake.

“Well, my lady and my love, may I please have this dance? “Azure bowed over her hand.
“Of course, my Lord, my love.” She breathed, “this one and all the others.”
He swept her up and the ball guests eased back to give them room for their first dance as a betrothed couple. ♥️

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