Aeric has a minion!

Taveny the Firefox


The Reborn Montre
Owner: Shantal

Age: 5 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: November 25th, 2014

Adopted: 5 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: November 25th, 2014

Pet Spotlight Winner
November 18th, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 1
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Morostide is the only time of year he ventures from his shadowy abode in the caverns of Darkside. It is not the promise of treasure in the Pumpkin Patch, the delicious variety of pumpkin-themed morsels, or the terrifying variety of costumes that entice him but a combination of these traditions of the season. A flimsy rubber mask and tattered cloak give him all the disguise he needs to mingle with Subetans he would generally avoid.

It is the only holiday he knows as he has never left his home continent. He has never seen the face of the sun nor felt grass beneath his toes.

Aeric's fear of deep water has haunted him all his life. The mere sight of Subeta's vast ocean makes him feel ill and he refuses to eat seafood of any kind. He can tell a hydrus pet by the salty tang that clings to them no matter how well their costume hides their appearance. When Merana's denizens go running through Jaxon's field, he makes it a point to do his own searching in a far distant section.

It is not unfair to say he is much like Jaxon, surly and aloof, yet willing to make an acception for the duration of Morostide. His willingness to socialize ends with the dusk of Morostide night.

His home is a wretched little cave over which the red haze of Darkside hovers. He collects the bones of small creatures, arranging the skulls in gruesome displays to turn away visitors. The perimeter of his land is coated in a foul-smelling black slime that takes weeks to wash out of even the shortest coat. He has learned the hard way that these precautions will not turn away the most determined explorers which is why Aeric has mastered the art of setting traps.

His arsenal includes snares, nets, snap traps, and a scattering of well-hidden pits. There are even a few disruptive crystals to ensnare the bold cadogre who can easily cut through a bit of rope with the swipe of metallic claws. He creates a special paint with local materials to make his devices invisible, keeping a detailed map in his mind so that he never falls victim to his own genius.

It is in the early morning hours of the day after Morostide that the scent of an intruder hits his nostrils. He begins to growl well before the captured kanis comes in sight.

He has smelled her before which only increases his anger. She is one of those sorts that won't recognize a warning when it is three inches from her nose and snarling. It is no wonder half the fur on her face was turned white by a blast from Maleria's own wand.

She cowers away from the flames building on the surface of his coat. "Please, sir. I meant no harm. I was only having a look around."

He shoves his muzzle right in her face, letting her feel the full affect of his burning gaze. She flinches from the heat of his body. "Get off my land."

The flick of a claw releases her. He has no patience for her limping pace, lunging forward to take a snap at her tail. He's ruthless in his pursuit, guiding her down the shortest path that takes her beyond his claim.

Taveny greets him with a yawn as he enters the cave. He has his minion well-trained to be just as unwelcoming of anyone who manages to gain the cave entrance. The firefox never crosses over the invisible line that separates their living quarters from Aeric's personal collection.

His assortment of golden wonders puts the greediest dragarth to shame. He can tell true gold from counterfeit at a glance and never allows his jar of gold polish to run out. He couldn't care less if there are ash flakes in his bed but they are never allowed to settle on the surfaces of his prizes. He wears special leather gloves to handle the pieces of his collection, taking every precaution to ensure they never come to harm.

The sea chest sits in the rear corner, its ugly rotted planks a stark contrast to the surrounding golden glory of his collection. The golden coins inside shine as brilliantly as they did on the day they were minted, but he never runs these through his paws. This chest is the root of his fear of the sea, yet he cannot bring himself to discard this source of bad dreams. He paid too high a price for it, lungs burning and eyes fogging over as the stench of salty swill threatened to extinguish his flame forever.

He'd been just a pup then, stupid enough to believe that youth could truly make him invincible. A few fun days of swimming in shallow water gave him too much confidence. When the creature formed of malice and seaweed gripped his body, he did not know how to fight and even the gleam of gold could not give him the strength to break away. It was through sheer luck that a giant squid came along at just the right moment, looking for a midday snack.

He holds a paw over the chest and snatches it back with a shudder. It is as if he can still feel the hate-filled gaze of the creature protecting this former relic of the deep.


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Story by Pureflower
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Pet Treasure




Trio of Golden Statues

Golden Sun Throwing Star

Gold Mystery Bud

Gold Sai

Bairin Simple Gold Ring

Gold Jeweled Masquerade Mask

Gold Long Beaded Necklace

Gold Fourth Anniversary Icicle Lights

Fantastic Gold Sparkler

Gold Triangle Necklace

Gold Rose Trinket

Small Gold Mouse Trinket

Solid Gold Bird Trinket

Gold Avocado Trinket

Delicate Gold Feather Trinket

Gold Meditating Bear Trinket

Kirin Scale

Gold Trinket Box

Gold Strawberry Trinket

Gold Pear Trinket

Gold Leaf Trinket

Strange Gold Fish Trinket

Gold Flower Trinket

Delicate Gold Leaf Trinket

Gold Nest Trinket

Gold Stump Trinket

Multi-Strand Gathered Gold Necklace

Gold Countdown Necklace

Gold Chain Belt

Gold Lovely Pendant

Gold Pearl Cuff

Gold Incense Burner

Gold Pirate Earloops

Gold Absurd Novelty Chain

Gold Pirate Noseloop

Gold Plated Bracelet

Gold Pearl Double-Strand Bracelet

Gold Angelic Puff Wings

Gold Wing Ring

Golden Mask Beads

Gold Pearl Single-Strand Bracelet

Multi-Strand Gold Anklet

Delicate Gold Bead Mask

Gold Vibrant Marble

Pulled Gold Teeth

Gold Pirate Eyebrowloops

Single Gold Coin Earring

Gold Medallion Trinket

Gold Double Anklets

Single Golden Sprocket

Simple Gold Wedding Band

Swirly Pale Gold Engagement Ring












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