Asfalot has a minion!

Helldog the Decapitated Puppy

Legacy Name: Asfalot

The Graveyard Kumos
Owner: Efferd

Age: 15 years, 3 weeks, 5 days

Born: December 23rd, 2006

Adopted: 15 years, 3 weeks, 5 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: December 23rd, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 169
  • Strength: 422
  • Defense: 422
  • Speed: 422
  • Health: 423
  • HP: 423/423
  • Intelligence: 63
  • Books Read: 63
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Unemployed

Name: Asfalot
Job: Self-proclaimed god, master, lord of darkness and evil, the threatening power behind all
Age: 35 (but looks younger)
Type: Zombie
Nationality: Danish
Personality: Diplomatic, cruel, omnipotent
Likes: Power, torture, anything that causes pain to others, innards, innocent persons
Dislikes: Pity, disobedience, real love
Lover: mainly Kjartan
Room: Third floor, next to Hadokles and Kjartan, always guarded by Murrugan; green-golden interior with very light wood and dark green marble with an adjacent dungeon
Weapons: Whips, small pistol, time bombs

Human form
Eyes: The left one yellow, the other dead, a pale yellow with a pale grey pupil
Hair: Pale blond, velvety, medium length; combed back and parted; clean-shaven
Skintone: Very light, almost translucent, nerved with veins; sometimes looks like it’s glowing
Body: Slender, agile, very tall
Clothes: Black tailored suits with dark green or black shirts
Special characteristics: Scar over the left eye, another not well visible scar around his neck
[x] by MAUL
[x] by roar
[x] by Jevonne
[old art] by me

Quad form
Eyes: One yellow, the other pale yellow with no pupil
Fur: Olive green tones, bloody markings
Special characteristics: There are eyes floating around him at all times, his head is not attached to the body
[x] by Burzum

Important facts: NA

Pet Treasure

Lily Lace

Lily Companion Doll

Do It Yourself Eyeball Necklace

Psychiatrist Rag Doll


Snow Fairy

Blind Eye See You Ring

Genetech Digital Cornea

Air Elemental Sticker

Snow Angel

Sensory Perception Core

Android Assassin Ocular Device



Bean Sidhe


Dead Person

Mighty Fine Booty Sticker


Harvested Eyeball

Creeping Shadowglen Vine

Crocodile Head Timepiece

Graveyard Kumos Beanbag


Delightful Muse

Baby Crocodile


Pile of Dead Eyeballs


Green Jellied Eyeball


Eyeball Lollipop

Tiny Villain Plushie

Innards Sandwich

Green Darkside Eye Burrower

Camouflage Bombs

Merbaby Quinn Plushie

Stink Bomb Sticker

Harvested Length of Intestine

Hustler Money Clip

Electric Meat Grinder

Single Blind Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Tangle of Eyes

Hazel Jellied Eyeball

Stuffed Stomach

Pile of Hazel Eyeballs

Brown Eye See You Ring

Bloodshot Jellied Eyeball

Oozy Intestines

Intestines Beanbag

Bladder Beanbag

Diseased Eyeball

Mermaid Beryl Plushie

Merman Jasper Plushie

Bloody Infectious Sample

Bloody Evil Eye Prosthetic

Lungs Beanbag

Kidneys Beanbag

Liver Stew

Intestine Pot Pie

Questionable Recipes

Severely Rusted Mutilation Shears

Rugged Mountain Outdoorsman Pills

Subject Eyeball

Yellow Darkside Eye Burrower

Evil Eye Sticker

Crooked Cat Contact Lens

Yellow Jellied Eyeball

Single Gold Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Golden Cat Contact Lens

MayQ Venom Finger Armors

Pet Friends

I'm thankful for your sacrifices

you are my nightmare

I hate you with all my soul

I'm afraid they corrupted you