Lucy has a minion!

Powder the Laskie Puppy

Legacy Name: Fashionable

The Blacklight Jollin
Owner: Batsquatch

Age: 7 years, 1 month, 3 weeks

Born: April 29th, 2014

Adopted: 5 years, 6 months, 2 days ago

Adopted: December 23rd, 2015


  • Level: 11
  • Strength: 19
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 74
  • Books Read: 69
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Stylist

some boys try and some boys lie but
i don't let them play
only boys that save their pennies
make my rainy day


Profile template by Lea.

Pet Treasure

Smoking Charge Card

Ruby Lee Bouquet

Bright Rose Print Pumps

Spectral Fruit Summer Drink

Best Friends Mugs of Hot Chocolate

Iced Spectrafruit Tea

Sexy Peka-Boo Cocktail

Stone of Elements

Rainbow Galaxy Tights

Party Pup

Peka-Boo VIP Lanyard

Off-Kilter Street Team Tee

Cool Chunky Plastic Earrings

Turquoise Guitar Pick

Graffiti Sushi

Lolly on a String

Muskmelon Vodka Jelly Shot

Over the Rainbow

Super Feathery Spectrum Boa

Glow Ring Set

One-Shoulder Rainbow Top

Celebratory Bubbly

Rave Sticker

Homemade Rainbow Mirror Ball

Rainbow Candy Heart

Pretty Straws

Spinning Spectrum Illumis Cocktail

Candified Jollin Plushie

Spectrum Berry Pie

Rainbow Lollipop

Rainbow Deluxe Boa Feather

Dance Person Plushie

Candy Matter

Rainbow Zebra Knee Highs

Neon Blue Heels

Blacklight Paint Splatter Cat Plushie

Blacklight Octopus Ale

Dancin Queen Sticker

Purple Neon Rope Dress

Blacklight Spotted Cat Plushie

Rave Matter

Blacklight Ringed Cat Plushie

Neon Floral Jacket

Blacklights and Glow Paint and You

Galaxy Hair Spray

Green Glowstick

Neon Green Eye Kit

Closed Black Floral Jacket

Neon Green Lip Set

Bag of Spectrum Chocolates

Spectrum Love-Me-Lots Chai Plushie

Spectrum Jumpsuit

Rainbow Daiquiri

Rainbow Mirrorball Sparkle Hat


RoQ Candy Palette Sweater

Stack of Cash Plushie

Suspicious Mushrooms

Hustler Money Clip

Gin and Tonic

Silver Disco Ball Beanbag

Homemade Mirror Ball

Skull Vodka Bottle

Ridiculous Receipt

Flashback Material Girl Earrings

Arid Jackboots

Cocktail Shaker

White Electric Bass

Flashback Material Girl Top


Pineapple Gummy Chais

Sparkly Diamond Plushie

Professor New Old-Skool Shutter Shades

Hairdryer Of Melty

Onyx Sequin Party Dress

Flashback Material Girl Bra

Classy Black Dress

Black Lace-Up Boots

Black Leopard Print Wig

Jitterbug Note Earrings

Electric Piano

Zebra Quilt Scrap

Fleece Zebra Throw

Zebra Cuddle Buddy

Black Hikei Print Leggings

White Hikei Print Strapless Mini

White Tiger Grrr Candy Heart

Flashback Wild One Long Scarf

My Little Arid Hikei

Red in Houndstooth Coat

Red in Houndstooth Shoebox

Heart Sunglasses

Pink Glowstick

Raspberry Heart Lolly

Kiss Me? Candy Heart

Ragdoll Pretty Pout

Glitter Sushi

Making the Perfect Cocktail

Junko Energized Chunky Sunset Earrings

Cursed Double-Sided Lipstick

Centropolis Essence

Tooth Decay Pellets

Luffle Starlight

MusiNews Issue 3

Dee Layla Brew It Eye Pencils

Dee Layla Brew It Lipstick

Large Collar Crop Top

Blacklight Light Bulb

Argo Purple Heart Lip Stain

Argo Purple Heart Anti-Frizz Spray

Mori Choker

Purple Strengthening Nail Polish

TRAPPIST Other Worldly Martini

Drage Print Crop Top

All The Best Things Glow Sticker

Purple Date Night Lipstick

Sweet Matter Wine

Neon Purple Fauxverly Fluffy Coat

Bright Purple Skinnies

Purple Glowstick

Getting Drunk With Style

Purple Sweet Street Platforms

Banshee Kiss

Amethyst Leopard Tank

Amethyst Jeweled Cuff

Pardice Tunic

Ballsy Sticker

White Sushi Pajama Top

Leopard Print Footless Tights

Fleece Leopard Throw

Giselle Thrift Rat Faux Tiger Coat

Pet Friends


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