Millie has a minion!

Revival the Vita

Legacy Name: Spiritualist

The Sweetheart Feli
Owner: Batsquatch

Age: 5 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: November 16th, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 7 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: November 16th, 2015


  • Level: 51
  • Strength: 127
  • Defense: 11
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 101
  • Books Read: 99
  • Food Eaten: 2
  • Job: Brilliant Bedazzler

and all i can do is read a book to stay awake
and it rips my life away,
but it's a great escape


Millie is a witch who hopes to specialize in necromancy. Her heart is in the right place, but she ends up doing more harm than good.

Profile template by Lea.

Pet Treasure

Pretty Blue Tea Set

Wind Shard

Saheric Sand Moth

Saheric Spiced Tea

Book of Aeromancy


Magical Study Notes

Forgotten Magic

Raindrop Cookies

Blue Princess Beetle

Fresh Fruit Blueberry Pie

Incomplete Bluebell Carving


Captured Wisp

Cece Raven Plaid Necklace

Blue Glowing Bug Eggs

Water Shard

Light Bluebells

Blueberry Pressed Flower Shortbread Cookie


Luna Moth

Baby Crocodile

Book of Terramancy

Knobby Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag

Compiled Ingredient Notes

Mimic Demon

Mystical Mushroom

Mint-N-Moss Mason Sparkler

Green Alligator Plushie

Volatile Bog Brew

Willow Twig

Delightful Muse

Elven Sunrise Dew


Homegrown Veta Vanilla

Verdant Skeleton

Overgrown Mammal Bones

Necromantic Grimoire


Useless Spells

Fungus Frog

Lovely Classic Teacup

Wisteria Witch

Lovely Classic Teapot

Painted Songbird

Bringing The Harbinger

Opposing Summoning Stones

Patch-Haunting Owl

The Skeleton Vase


Gourd Witch Golden Light

Overgrown Ram Skull

Baby Breath

Psychic Bubbles

Vesnali Spirits

Blueberry Floral Pie

Enchanted Owl

From Death to Life

Peony Flower Pressing

Soothing Petal Water

Mori Spirits

Candied Begonia

Pink Bottled Butterfly

Shengui Guo Cursed Sake

Lovely Pastel Teapot

Flowering Sweet Pea Seeds

Pink Sweet Pea Sprig


Storm Honey

Peach Bearded Iris

Hemp Milk

Field Guide to Sentient Plants

Necromancer Ensorcelled Bone Pile

Bleached Stuffed Moth Toy

Patch-Haunting Cat

Blooming Cake

Verdant Remains Beanbag

Dying Survival Daisies Marshmallows

Vase of Dead Snapdragons

Fresh Vesnali Strawberry Lemonade

Spring Lace Flower Crown

Mini Fairy Tale Pumpkin

Patch-Haunting Mouse

Clover Honey

Gourd Witch Household Spells

Experimental Dew

Blush Peony Sticker

Succulent Skull

Garden Spirits

Heartback Frog

Mint Nocturnal Water Lily

Marez Itzatul Feathered Bracelet

Baking Starter Kit

Pink Peony

Wrinkled Peach Cheesecake

Field of Flowers Umbrella

Fresh Fruit Strawberry Pie

Bubble Gum Delight Yarn

Strawberry Pie Tart

Pink Betamon Biscuit

Broad Toadstool

Peach and White Gladiola

Mango Raspberry Marmalade

Lost Poetry Page

Broad Sickener

Old Straw Hat

Lotus Petal

A History of Necromancy

Tattered Old Book

Pile of Treasured Tomes

Common Noktoa Elixir

Unnervingly Cheery Skull

White Verevolf Tooth

Grave Reminder


Ice-Carved Snoohok

Professor New Witching Hour Raven Skull




Rreign Tamer Carved Tooth

Silver Skull Collar Clip

Krampus Snow Fairy Remains

Snow Crow

Gourd Witch Garden Notes

Opal-Horned Skull

Gourd Witch Silver Liquid

Life Shard

Life Mage Amulet

Unearthed Bones

Carved Planchette

Magic Hinges

Gourd Witch Sage Stick


Useful Herbs

Book of Life

Fungus-Infested Skull

Wooden Mortar and Pestle

Brown Twine Corn Husk Doll

Hessian and Lace Owl Beanbag

Gourd Witch Family Journal

Mastering Death

Honey Comb Harvest Ale

Artisanal Honey

Book of Subetan Folklore

Fresh Vesnali Honeycomb

Demons of Autumn

Honeyed Mead

Bee Hive Cornbread

Fresh Fruit Peach Pie

Lion Tooth

Peach Eggnog

Luminous Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag

Skull Candle Holder


Candle Leading to a Secret Passage

Stolen Pieces of Bone

Rat Skull

Pet Friends

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