Peaberry has a minion!

Coffee Cake the Smo-N-Ore

Legacy Name: Peaberry

The Custom Chibi Illumis
Owner: Bug

Age: 6 years, 4 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 27th, 2017

Adopted: 6 years, 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: November 27th, 2017


  • Level: 171
  • Strength: 169
  • Defense: 171
  • Speed: 174
  • Health: 252
  • HP: 252/252
  • Intelligence: 185
  • Books Read: 26
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Welcome to the Cafe!

A peaberry (also called caracol, or "snail" in Spanish) is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. Normally coffee beans grow two to a fruit, flat against each other like halves of a peanut, but a funny thing happens in about 5% of the world's coffee, and a bean is born an only child.

And, perhaps just like that only child, the peaberry beans get kind of spoiled by not having to share with anybody else. They tend to be smaller, denser, and, let's face it, just a little bit cuter than their flat cousins.

--- from Serious Eats, "What Makes Peaberry Coffee So Special?"

Cover image from Design Love Fest. Overlay was drawn by another cool bean. Coding by Bug.

Pet Treasure

Sprinkled Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Nutty Crunch Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Drizzled Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Classic Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Black and White Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Cherry Dipped Pretzel Sticks

Chocolate and Cream Cake Balls

Pinkaberry Cake Balls

Strawberries and Cream Cake Balls

Luscious Cherry Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Candy Pane Cookie

Amaretto Mocha Ground Coffee

Almond Butter Ground Coffee

Cookies and Cream Coffee Beans

Tiamo Coffee Beans

French Vanilla Ground Coffee

Caramel Nut Ground Coffee

Coconut Creme Ground Coffee

Cappuccino Truffle Ground Coffee

Cinnamon Hazelnut Ground Coffee

Toasted Pecan Ground Coffee

Nude Assorted Box of Chocolates

Expired Coffee Beans

Vanilla Cake Cocktail

Strawberry Dipped Pretzel Sticks

Fusion Frenzy

Homemade Peppermint Cocoa

Decadent Cinnamon Latte

Wing Latte

Treble Clef Latte

Milky Coffee

Leaf Latte

Eggnog Latte

Special Order Coffee

Heart Latte

Flower Latte

Cream Coffee Pot

Elegant Nouveau Hot-Choc

Elegant Nouveau Cappuccino

Elegant Nouveau Babycino

Deluxe Iced Coffee

Sweetheart Cappuccino

Star Latte

Skull Latte

Simple Milk and Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Elegant Nouveau Mocha

Elegant Nouveau Latte

Coffee with Whipped Cream

Coffee with Marshmallows

Classic Coffee

Cherry Latte

Broken Heart Latte

Caramel Frappe Coffee

White Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie

Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie

Caramel Hot Chocolate

Lovely Lemon Snack Mix

Lemon Candy Pane Cookie

Chocolate Topped Chocolate Cream Puff

Chocolate Dipped Star

Melodys Special Brew

Mocha Coffee Beans

Snowflake Latte

Gold Dusted Chocolate Leaves

Cinnamon Coffee Beans

Cinnamon Cappuccino

Cappuccino Cupcake

Cappuccino Cupcake

Cappuccino Cupcake

Cappuccino Cupcake

Cappuccino Cupcake

Cappuccino Cupcake

Fancy Coffee Cake

Luscious Buttercream Dipped Strawberries

Double Chocolate Swirl Bonbon

Dollop of Chocolate Frosting Skirt

Curled Chocolate-Flavored Tart Strands

Curled Cherry-Flavored Tart Strands

Curled Plum-Flavored Tart Strands

Curled Coffee-Flavored Tart Strands

Curled Peach-Flavored Tart Strands

Curled Bubble Gum Flavored Tart Strands

Curled Banana-Flavored Tart Strands

Curled Mystery-Flavored Tart Strands

Pet Friends