Growley has a minion!

Sweetpea the Kenta

Legacy Name: Growley

The Nostalgic Tigrean
Owner: slippy

Age: 13 years, 2 days

Born: March 3rd, 2008

Adopted: 13 years, 2 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: March 3rd, 2008 (Legacy)

Nominate Pet for Spotlight


  • Level: 892
  • Strength: 2,184
  • Defense: 2,183
  • Speed: 2,183
  • Health: 2,184
  • HP: 2,184/2,184
  • Intelligence: 2,648
  • Books Read: 2254
  • Food Eaten: 3052
  • Job: Director of SAI

My first and best pet! :)

I have been training him and doing a few battles with him. He really loves to read. :)Background Labs

Pet Treasure

Item Hunters Staff

Item Hunters Shield

Item Hunters Sword

Item Hunters Monocle

Red Tackle Box

Tactical Tome of Phoenix

Item Hunters Wand

Scarab of Scholars


Golden Amulet

Dawn Mahar Tome

Mermaid Tear

Rainbow Gems

Magical Hikei Glow

Elven Sunrise Dew

Dark Matter Tombstone of Smacking

Black and White Candy Scythe

Black Ghost Morostide Candy Coin

Dark Magma Potion

White Coda Caves Crystal

Renaissance Scroll

Chaotic Umbrella of Poking

Platinum Bracelet of Mass Subjugation

Death Shard

Golden Seal

Sun Pearl

Gold Stump Trinket

Dark Feather


Shytake Spores

Dark Dreamcatcher

Banana Plant

Magma Charm


Glass Starfish

Box of Untold Secrets

Blue Party Streamers

Purple Doubloon

Mystical Mushroom

Magical Snowflake

Miniature Beer Stein


Blue Witchs Brew

Black Witchs Brew

Purple Witchs Brew

Pink Witchs Brew

Red Witchs Brew

White Witchs Brew

Green Witchs Brew

DIY Breathing Kit

Black Coda Caves Crystal

White Coda Caves Crystal

Blue Coda Caves Crystal

Shinwas Helper


Magical Broomstick

Bucket of Polar Water

Blue Sponge Capsule

Carving Pumpkin

Autumn Harvest Owl Ale

Small Colcannon Clover Piece

Siren Song

Baby Crocodile

Pink Snow Fairy

Orange Coda Caves Crystal

Jade Bead

Angel Kumos Tree Topper

Mobile Winter Warmth Canister

Snow Fairy

Glacial Crystal Totem

Phoenix Tail Feather

Icicle Knife

Ice Mice

Purple Marble

Red Snow Fairy

Green Celestial Flask

Green Snow Fairy

Vesnali Egg Bomb

Slots Trading Card

Yellow Snow Fairy

Shinwas Helper

Dark Crystal Shard

Pepper Spray

Item Hunters Wand

Solid Gold Bird Trinket

Blue Mouse


Dark Matter Ocarina

Strange Animal Figurine

Lumineve Trading Card

Happy Balloon

Yellow 2010 Shot Glass

Psychic Battle Star

Darker Matter

Purple Cell Phone Sticker

Purple 2010 Shot Glass


Pink Beach Chair

Baseball Bat

Cherry Spectacular Sixth Cupcake

Note Encased Coal

Frozen Rose Key

Living Permafrost

Small Scrap of Paper

Twilight Hikei Eraser

Yellow Bunny Basket

Shadow Dust

Golden Metal Paint

Orange Witch Bunny Plushie

Zombie Shield

Snow Covered Presents Knickknack

Gold Helmet

Ice Stone

Shinwas Earrings

Oversized Soft Vinyl Experiment 3485 Toy


Green Decorative Medal

Shinwas Helmet of Protection

Phaloroceas Flower Charm

Frozen Rose Key

Rainbow Spork-O-Poking!

Shinwas Power Book

Silver Flipper Coin

Essence of Melody


Shinwas Lightblade

Grave Robbers Charms

Grave Reminder

Delicate Gold Feather Trinket

Shinwas Flute

Classic Phonograph

Decorative Egg Light

Item Hunters Quill

Very Fresh Pearl

Lovable Sql

Spiders in the Dark

Pumpkin Morolantern

Pile of Ashes

Shinwas Flute

Chocolate Gelt Tree

Essence of Melody

Lifetime Achievement Award

Shinwas Amulet of Mercy

Ghost Ship Terrarium

Sun Tigrean Plushie

Jack O Lantern Succulent


Neon Purple Glow Chalk

Mahar Seeing Eye


Dried Harvest Flower

Stress Balloon


Pine Marten Fire Rock Totem

Candy Corn Bow Tie

Purple Doubloon

Salvaged Shrine Tokens

Ghost Pencil

Poison Perfume

Shrine of Apollonia

Candy Corn Scamp Beanbag


Bog Creature

Helpful Radish Bear

Spring Oil Diffuser

Penguin Candle Holder

Purple Doubloon

Wood-Fired Pizza Fuel

Donadak Second Anniversary Celebration Figurine

Fairgrounds Tree Blub

Pet Friends

Best friend

big sister

little man
little brother


adopted sister