Heartbreak has a minion!

Songbird the Green Lovebird

Legacy Name: Heartbreak

The Custom Bloodred Montre

Age: 7 years, 8 months, 1 week

Born: January 9th, 2013

Adopted: 5 years, 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: December 20th, 2014


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Isaac has been in love four times in his life.


The first was when he was in high school. He fell head over heels for his best friend, a boy by the name of Robert. That love was reciprocated. They began a secret relationship that lasted six years. One day, they were found out by a couple of other college students. They mocked the lovebirds and threw rocks, calling them rude names. Isaac tried to shake it off, but Robert decided that he did not want to live in fear and misery. He called off the relationship.

It broke Isaac's heart, the fact that Robert let the bullies win. Isaac couldn't help but continue having feelings of strong adoration for the man. He confessed this to Robert, and Robert admitted he still had feelings for the black haired man. But, Robert had said, he did not want to be in relationship with him anymore. He had went to church and was cured. This only deepened Isaac's misery, but he agreed that they could remain best friends.

And best friends they remained. Isaac was Robert's confidant about his new crush. Isaac was Robert's wingman in acquiring the lady Robert crushed on. Isaac was Robert's third wheel on a few dates here and there. Isaac was Robert's best man at his wedding. Robert was satisfied. His new bride, Sandra, was satisfied. Isaac was not. He still loved Robert, and he felt that there was no one who could replace him. Isaac hated Sandra with all in him. Isaac had often had fantasies about killing her, with Robert returning back to him.

But Isaac knew such things would never be possible. Robert had moved on, or so it seemed. It was a Christmas party when Robert drunkenly revealed to Isaac that he still had feelings for the man. They made love in the upstairs bathroom, with the guests still talking amongst themselves downstairs, not knowing what went on. The next day, Robert called Isaac and apologized. He said that the whole thing was a mistake and he preferred for them to be friends. He loved Sandra, not Isaac. Isaac's blood was boiling he hung up the phone. He remembered ripping the phone from the hook and throwing it across the room, sobbing the entire time.

It was only a few months later when Sandra revealed she was pregnant, at Robert's birthday party that next year. Everyone cheered and applauded. They asked questions and babbled on like the mindless lot they were. At least, that's what they were according to Isaac. He forced a smile and spit out a congratulations. Robert took him aside and asked if he'd be the godfather to the child. Isaac agreed bitterly. Robert saw nothing wrong with this and thanked him.

Isaac vowed that next morning to get over Robert. They were done. He had a family. He was never going to love Isaac the same way. Isaac wanted to die. He decided instead to bury himself in his work. He also decided to never see Robert again.

Isaac got a phone call a week later. Robert. Robert asked if he would come over and help Robert and Sandra to set up the new baby room. Yeah, Robert chuckled, we're having problems setting up the crib. Isaac, feeling his heart race all over again, refused but was pestered into it. He went to help. He... He couldn't leave Robert hanging right? They were best friends. As Isaac set up the crib he realized that Robert hadn't called to ask if he was okay, or during Isaac's time helping them. Isaac was hurt. Sandra asked if something was off with him. Isaac bluntly replied no. There was no more questions.

Isaac sat at his desk a few weeks later, fuming. He put all his rage and misery into his work, just like he did every night. He felt used, betrayed, hurt. He had even begun driving past Robert's house at night. God, was he insane? No, Isaac swiftly answered himself. Isaac's dreams only formed from these feelings, often having dreams where he murder the new family. These dreams were beginning to eat him alive. He stayed away from Robert, fearing his own self.

Months past. Not a single call from Robert. Then one came on his answering machine: Hey! We're having the baby shower in a month. We'd love for you to help us buy and set up the stuff! Isaac didn't return the call.... At least. Not right away. He listened to the voicemail about twenty times before he called back: Okay.

Isaac found himself launched back into Robert's life, helping him out almost constantly. He was invited to the holiday events, he was even there when Sandra had to be rushed to the hospital. He waited in the hospital waiting room with Robert. Robert chatted excitedly. Isaac just nodded tired the entire time. Twelve hours later, the doctors arrive. Baby boy. Layton. Robert was over thrilled. Isaac wasn't. He tried to leave before he saw the baby, but Robert insisted he stay.


The second time he fell in love, he looked down at the newborn boy. Isaac felt utter adoration. The kind that a father would feel toward his child. Robert beamed at Sandra. That's our boy, Robert whispered to her. Isaac closed his eyes and pretend Robert spoke to him instead. It was then he snapped back into reality. Isaac was insane. Absolutely insane. He excused himself and left, much to the new parents' confusion. He loved a child that wasn't his like it was his. Isaac felt disgusted with himself. This has gone too far, he mumbled to himself as he paced his home.

He got therapy. Because Isaac was a lot of things, but he wasn't going to remain crazy. The therapist's answer was to stay away from Robert for a while. Go on vacation, anything. Isaac agreed, and decided to travel the world. In fact, he was in the United Kingdom when Robert called him in a panic. So hysterical Isaac couldn't even understand. Isaac hopped on the first plane home. When he got there, Robert was waiting for him at the airport. He proceeded to spill everything: how much Sandra was annoying him, and how the baby was aggravating him. Isaac listened the entire time he drove Robert back to Isaac's home (where Robert begged to be taken to).

Isaac felt nothing. He did not sympathize with Robert, and he was not angry at Sandra and certainly not Layton. When they were at Isaac's house, Robert confessed he still had feelings for Isaac. Isaac refused to fall for it this time, and asked Robert to leave his home. After a short and angry conversation (I thought you loved me too!), Robert left. Isaac broke down that night. He got a call the next day. Robert apologized curtly. He also invited Isaac for dinner. Isaac reluctantly agreed.

Isaac sat the table that night, watching in silence as Layton was fed food. Layton gurgled, looking at Isaac almost intently. The three adults had an ordinary conversation. He almost jumped at some point, feeling a hand on his leg under the table. He glanced at Robert, who was sharing a story about his job. Sure enough, Isaac only saw one hand on the table. Sandra was laughing, not noticing anything. Isaac felt sick. He excused himself, feeling Robert's eyes on the back of his head.

He called Robert that day and asked to meet him privately. Robert complied, showing up at the near empty park the next day with Isaac waiting for him. Bravely, Isaac said he did not want this relationship to change. He told Robert that he couldn't do that to Sandra or Layton. Robert laughed and teased him for thinking that he wanted another relationship. We're best friends, dumbass. Robert joked. Isaac swallowed his pride and apologized for for thinking otherwise.

After that day, though, there were no more touches or confessions from Robert. Isaac felt at ease. He realized he didn't love Robert anymore. Not like that. He was free to continue visiting them- his best friend and his best friend's wife- everyday. Layton was even calling him uncle. Isaac didn't mind babysitting the kid, when Sandra and Robert went on dates. Isaac was in a better place. He was happy. He was sane.

Sandra announced her third pregnancy a few years later. Isaac cheered and applauded with the rest of the friends and family they gathered. Isaac helped to set up the new baby room. He attended the baby shower and everything else they wanted him to be there for. He even waited outside in the hospital waiting room with Layton, playing with the kid while Robert accompanied Sandra.


The third time Isaac fell in love was looking at his best friend's newborn. Clarc. Isaac was overjoyed, and even bought everyone breakfast that day. It was like they were a big happy family. Isaac finally got his happy ending.


Sandra and Robert began fighting a lot more. Isaac found himself taking the kids out of the house whenever things were getting too heated. The boys didn't mind, they loved spending time with Uncle Isaac. Isaac was concerned, but said nothing of it. He just made sure the boys remained blind and ignorant to their parent's feuds. If Isaac was honest, he cared more for the boys than he did for their parents. He sometimes found himself wishing their parents would die so he could have custody. That was silly thinking of course.

Years past. Robert and Sandra stayed unhappy. Isaac realized it was beginning affecting the boys, too. He forced the two to talk out their issues in couple therapy. The two agreed. Isaac found himself as a confidant once more to Robert. Robert complained about his wife and his kids constantly to Isaac. They're annoying brats, Robert snarled one night to Isaac while the two were alone. I wish I never had them. I wish I stayed with you, Isaac. Perhaps, a few years ago, Isaac would have loved to hear those words. But Isaac only felt fury. He had never hated someone more in that very moment. Fuck the fact that this man played with his feelings all these years. Fuck the fact that this man knew he had Isaac on puppet strings. Robert. Didn't. Like. His. Sons. The two people Isaac would die for. Isaac, finally fed up, voiced his anger.

And was kicked out of the house. It was the middle of the night, Sandra was out with the boys, and Robert had drove him here. Robert would refuse to give him a ride, so that was out of the question. Isaac walked home, still stunned over the revelation that had just happened. How? How could somebody not love their own children? Especially ones as amazing as the ones Robert had been blessed with. That night was cold. Just like their confrontation. At least as the evening couldn't get worse, could it?


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