Hemic has a minion!

Siren the Manglera


The Hydrus Lasirus
Owner: Creature

Age: 5 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: September 18th, 2014

Adopted: 4 years, 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: December 25th, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
July 23rd, 2019


  • Level: 116
  • Strength: 99
  • Defense: 98
  • Speed: 108
  • Health: 98
  • HP: 53/98
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Books Read: 3
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Register Clerk

I was dreaming again.

The air was warm and soothing, caressing my leathery wings. Water glistened in the moonlight beneath my flight path. My life had recently changed drastically, and sometimes it was nice to drift away. Changing from a bloodred Lain to a hydrus Lasirus was an exceptionally difficult thing to do. For example, it was hard to defy the lingering fear of water, yet the hydrus breed was meant to occupy it. I was never a strong swimmer so I chose to keep to the skies as much as possible. The thought of sinking to the bottom and never resurfacing terrified me, although I wasn't one to admit to such trivial things out loud.

With even a brief contemplation of fear entering my thoughts, my peaceful dream morphed into a savage nightmare. The water swelled upward in front of me, and a screech of panic escaped my jaws as I flapped furiously to avoid it. It was no use. The tide grappled my wings and pulled me under.

Suddenly everything was disorienting. Chilly water funneled into my large ears and swarmed my eyes, distorting my sight and muffling my anguish. I slashed through the icy chains that held me as I desperately tried to resurface, but the dim moonlight was so far away and my echolocation was useless. I battered against the water with my wings, unsure if I was swimming towards air or drifting further into the depths of the ocean. My panicked shrieks had left me with no breath, and my time was running out. I could feel my struggle growing weaker by the second; the last reserve of oxygen escaped my trembling maw as a frigid liquid tomb greedily took its place. Pain burned my lungs, and black cracks danced across my remaining vision as the world crept away...

When my eyes snapped open I scrambled in terror, taking deep breaths as I tried to avoid slipping from my perch. A tiny trickle of water dribbled down from a crack in the rocky ceiling, caressing my back. I cringed away from it uneasily. How could I ever learn to love the thing that has always terrified me the most?

An excited bark pulled me from my dark thoughts. Twenty feet below a small Manglera howled happily, its fin-tail wagging.

"Siren!" I laughed, shaking the looming feeling of impending doom and releasing my sturdy tail grip on the stalactite perch to swoop down and meet her. She splashed eagerly in the shallow water on the cave floor, seeming to gain more enthusiasm the closer I got.

Siren has always been my best friend. I have always adored that pup more than anything in the world. Enthusiastic and friendly, she embodies everything that I'm not. I've never been very good at making friends; my sarcastic persona and dry humor tend to keep others away. Yet Siren always stood beside me, no matter how awful I could be.
Watching her splash about in the puddles made me reconsider my own fear. If she could dive right in with no worries, what was stopping me?

I hovered in place briefly, considering this question before I nodded nervously at Siren. "I'm ready to try again. What do you think?"

The little minion jumped up and down, seeming to vibrate with encouragement. I grinned at the little monster, letting her scramble onto my back before I flew further into the depths of the cave. This dwelling had been home to me for quite some time; I had explored every tunnel and become comfortable with the layout. Deeper within was a large room with an endless chasm filled with water. I had tried several times to gain my comfort in water, but every time I panicked. Swallowing nervously, I allowed Siren to leap into the depths before I let myself follow behind. As she disappeared into the blackness she left behind little ripples that expanded over the surface of the pool. My heart hammered in my chest as I scanned the surface with uneasy eyes. Taking a deep breath I dipped towards the water, folding up my wings and plunging in.

The panic threatened to build inside of me, but I choked it back and began to glide through the waves with more ease than I had anticipated. Despite my horrible dream, my eyes were built to see in the depths, even as far as the darkest corners. There was no vision distortion, and no icy chill. The view was absolutely breathtaking.

Many fish made their home here, and the bottom of the watery cave was lined with coral. Many tunnels expanded throughout the chasm, and I could feel my own excitement rise. There was so much more to my home than I had ever known existed. So much to explore. And amazingly enough, I felt no choking; no desire to surface for air. I was completely awe struck when Siren swam over to me, wiggling happily. She snuggled against my face, her bright eyes exuberantly shining.

From that day forward, I vowed to try all sorts of new things that made me nervous. The world is a dangerous place, but that doesn't mean you should hide from it. Sometimes when you embrace your fear, beautiful things happen. All the greatest challenges in the world become so much easier when you have a good friend standing beside you.

Name »

Hemic Hawkins

Age »


Birthday »

March 20, 1997

Gender »


Orientation »


Alignment »

Chaotic Neutral

Abilities »

Echolocation, Elemental Water & Air techniques

Description »

Hemic is a sight to behold, with his vibrant violet eyes and barnacle dusted pelt. His ears are large and triangular, edged with jagged spikes that can swivel and move with flexible ease. His chest is adorned with sleek brown fur, coated with a water resistant oil to assist him while gliding through currents of water. Lighter lines mark his lower back, extending toward his long, reptilian-like tail. The four obsidian horns that extend from his head seem to absorb any light that touches them. Although slow on land, Hemic is incredibly fast if given the opportunity to take to the skies or plunge into a body of water.

Personality »

With a knack for sarcasm and a taste for chaos, Hemic is not the first person you would want to turn to in a sensitive situation. He is often crude and silly, trying to make light of bad scenarios with humor. Despite this he usually has genuine intentions to help if you are his friend. He can be mischievous and careless at times; it is almost a guarantee that if there is a heart to a miscalculated plan, he will be somewhere near the center of it. He is fiercely loyal to those he loves, and despite his own well hidden insecurities he would do anything to protect them, even going against his own instincts of fear.

"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water."


Noktis is an interesting creature. Featuring a head on either end and the ability to sway natural luck in either direction depending on which head bites you, Noktis is well known for using her abilities to teach a valuable lesson to greedy folk. Hemic is usually underwater, so he doesn't see Noktis much, but when he does they get along well.


Confidence and charisma are Thermogenic's natural talents. He is sly and outspoken, and can often be full of himself. Even though he and Hemic are elemental opposites, these two are nearly inseparable when they aren't in their own personal dwellings.


If a thunderstorm could have a personality, it would be Deirdra's to hold. Often contemplative but rough around the edges, she can come off as distant and uninterested. Hemic considers her a good friend and enjoys creating powerful whirlpools to accompany her electrified skies.


Syiren's icy footsteps keep her away from Hemic and his home most of the time. Although she loves her brother, she realizes there is real danger in bringing her icy elemental powers near his home. She speaks to him when he visits her on her mountain during his occasional trips through the sky.


Supersonic is a lovable creature that could befriend anyone in a matter of seconds. She is perpetually happy and good natured with a desire to brighten others lives. She can be a little overbearing to some, but most fall for her charms quickly. Hemic adores his sister and protects her fiercely.


Stitchies was the result of some experimentation in his own personal lab. He eventually became an animated inanimate creature filled with plastic beans and stuffing. Despite his strange new life he considers his secret experiment a great success. Stitchies works closely with Prickled, so Hemic is a familiar face.


Beautiful and often admired for her soft personality, Sooki's elemental ability to control plants and fauna is often used to bring smiles to the younger animals that share her forest home. Sooki is friends with everyone, so it isn't shocking that she managed to get past Hemic's sarcastic exterior.


Sirine is a positive thinker with a cheerful demeanor, making her home in the forest with Sooki. She is often right by the Earth elemental's side. Sirine is possibly the only thing that could rustle Sooki's fur enough to cause a level of protective viciousness. Hemic has learned to be friendly but cautious with her.


If anger had a face, it would probably be Scylar's snarling hiss, as the most temperamental of her siblings. Her family is fiercely loyal to her despite how unpleasant she can be. She has a soft spot for Hemic's sarcasm and sense of humor.


The smell of grave rot lingers in the air around Putridity. As her necromancy abilities flourished, her own body deteriorated over the years. She is constantly patching herself as needed. Hemic does not have a very close relationship with Putridity, who often spends a lot of time in isolation due to her scent.


Kaleidoscopes is perpetually upbeat, which is either loved or hated depending on which sibling you speak with. Kaleidoscopes pays that no mind, living in her blissful rainbow euphoria with her best friend Festaval. Although Hemic loves her, he can find her fairly intolerable to be around at times.


Gwar used to be a military man, but shifted lifestyles many moons ago. Eventually, he grew to see a higher purpose in the world and his desire to be a part of something bigger. He has left his fate to the cosmos ever since, and they have yet to guide him wrong. His brother Hemic likes to tease him for his definition of enlightenment.


Graice is incredibly adventurous with an appetite for in the moment situations that often get her into trouble. She and Hemic are close friends. When in flight they can often be seen soaring the skies together and hunting for food.


Festaval is the other half of the rainbow pack, with a perky personality and a soft heart. He cares deeply for others even if they do not care for him. Hemic often lumps him into the same category as Kaleidoscopes, but tends to overlook his good traits.


Pixiey revels in madness, finding humor in both good and bad actions. She has the ability to see the future and enjoys twisting it to suit her own purposes. Hemic finds himself uneasy around her large, crystal ball like eyes and finds her ability to read him unsettling.


Dobbie is a slow, friendly fellow, with a demeanor that is sluggish and often timid. Their ability to emit light and use it to their advantage makes them a friend to most living creatures. Hemic finds Dobbie fascinating, often enjoying a perch near the clearing they are often found in.


Incubis is the master of mental manipulation, able to temporarily input thoughts, images and false memories into any living things brain. Being close with Pixiey, Due to Incubis's closeness to Pixiey, Hemic usually steers clear.


Levyna is a beautiful sight, but can be dangerous when her powers are not under control. She withers living things away when utilizing her abilities. Plants become sunken and crunchy and animals loose a lot of their will to fight. Although her abilities alone do not kill her enemies, the recovery and exposure often does. Hemic occasionally admires her work from afar, finding a nice forest perch to watch the leaves change color.


Lucien is haunted by the shadow of darkness, making him seem distant and often vacant. Hemic finds his brother incredibly creepy, unable to hide his skin crawling when he is nearby.


Prickled is a bookworm with a love for the mechanical and ancient. Despite being the youngest of his adopted siblings, you can often find him at his personal work bench welding and crafting away. Hemic provides his adopted brother with cold water to assist in his smelting activities.

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