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Kanra the Suspicioid

Izaya Orihara

The Nightmare Keeto
Owner: CycloneX

Age: 10 years, 3 months, 1 week

Born: February 23rd, 2010

Adopted: 9 years, 11 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 27th, 2010


  • Level: 575
  • Strength: 1,437
  • Defense: 1,437
  • Speed: 1,432
  • Health: 1,436
  • HP: 1,367/1,436
  • Intelligence: 280
  • Books Read: 273
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Let's play a game.
A simple bet.

It's something as simple as betting on the outcome of a coin toss.
The probabilities are pretty much 50-50, just guess what it'll be.
For example, from now, I'll beat up the first person to come by the entrance of this mansion.
It'll be like betting on whether that person will get mad and beat me up in return, or run away crying.
Yeah? It's a simple bet, isn't it?
The item we're betting on here is- the heart.
The actions people will take and the flows of their emotions.


That blank look you're giving me is kind of worrying.
Well, let's just say that you'd like to know this. "Is it possible to buy the hearts of everyone with money?"
The most important point here is "everyone".
The answer you're thinking of is "there are times you can, and times you can't", right?
People can accumulate 10 billion yen and still keep their pride and good sense, and also kill over 1 yen. It's like that, isn't it? Even though they're all human, they change depending on the time and situation.
The people who lose the game of life mostly decide that that's the answer, and are fixed on it. People who stick to that idea and hold on to it are still better than those who say "you can't buy love with money" or "you can buy love with money" and refuse to see anything else- they lose the game. Choosing only one answer to worship, in exchange for enlightenment, narrows one's vision to the smallest point. Easily understood merits and demerits.
When you think about it this way, people's hearts seem to become things you can bet on, right?
Of course, knowing about the people concerned- whether or not you know them will probably give you advantages or disadvantages, rather like how obtaining information about the competing horses before a race makes a difference.

Nah, even though people will probably get angry if you say "people's hearts likely have the same probabilities as the chances of a coin turning out heads or tails" - in the end, it's the same. Rather than saying what if you could understand 100% of someone's heart- the fact is that no one can ever say they completely understand someone else.
For example, take a person, and ask if he would kill someone or not. Let's say that bet happened.
In an interview, to someone who says "I can't believe that guy would do that", the coin toss turns out to be a heads before the result is even out. This person believes that the probability of that guy not killing someone is higher. Well, that's what people say in front of the TV. It's just an example.
So the real problem- until you open the cover, you won't understand anyone.
It's not possible to completely control a person's heart.
Even though I, as an informant out of interest, have done many different things, I can't control a person's heart 100%.
All I do is push people.
No, it's not like pushing people onto a road while it's a red light, you know? That would mean something else.
When someone's walking on a dangerously fine order to make them take a step in either direction, wah!- a push from the back. One step, in order to not get lost in life afterwards.
What, that sounds like a charity project.
Of course since it's not some kind of business, I can't guarantee anything about the person's life afterwards.
So, with that step......shall we begin the game.
In order to win the game, of course, I will push the pieces. In order for them to do what I bet they will.
You could perhaps prevent them from being pushed- what will you do?

Aw, don't make that face!
It makes me seem like a villain with no hope for salvation.
Games- you shouldn't not enjoy them.

* translated from the beginning of DRRR x 5

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