The Galactic Demi
Owner: Shantal

Age: 5 years, 5 months, 4 weeks

Born: January 10th, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: January 10th, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
July 27th, 2016


  • Level: 6
  • Strength: 13
  • Defense: 13
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Books Read: 10
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Pronunciation: jee-HIE-el
Meaning: God Lives in Hebrew

On the twelfth month of the year I visit Subeta for Luminaire. I go for the glittering trees, the sparkling snow, the luminous lights - and especially the lovely baubles. I watch the snow fairies flit and flutter around, their tinkling laughter filling the air. Luminaire is a wonder for the my senses and always fills me with delight. The cold of winter seeps into my bones, and yet, I hardly feel cold. I just want to stay outdoors at night, surrounded by the light of the Luminaire decorations that look so perfect with the stars.

I collect Luminaire tree ornaments of every kind - the pretty glass baubles, the tinsel, the string lights... and even strings of popcorn that I eat on Lumineve. I can never fit them all on my tree, but I like knowing I have them if I need them. Maybe I just need a bigger tree. There is always next year.

Name Info from BehindtheName
Overlay by Ankoku
Profile & Story by Shantal
This art by Nayona

Pet Treasure

Annoyed Maleria Tree Decoration

Aqua Crystal Ornament

Arctic Frost Painted Ornament

Arid Bauble

Arid Bird Ornament

Arid Bunny Ornament

Arid Paper Lantern Ornament

Arid Stone Heart Ornament

Atebus Painted Ornament

Baublehead Doll

Black Giant Bow

Black Icicle Ornament

Black Pearl Garland

Black Pearl Ornament

Black Star Ornament

Black Toy Train Ornament

Black Tree Skirt

Blue Butterfly Ornament

Blue Candy Skull Ornament

Blue Conical Ornament

Blue Crystal Ornament

Blue Festive Luminaire Lights

Blue Garland

Blue Gathered Leaf Ornament

Blue Giant Bow

Blue Glass Candy Ornament

Blue Gummy Anyu Ornament

Blue Handprinted Bauble

Blue Holly Berry Ornament

Blue Icicle Ornament

Blue Pearl Garland

Blue Stacked Ornament

Blue Star Ornament

Blue Strand Lights

Blue Tree Skirt

Bronze Bauble

Candy Skull Ornament

Blue Toy Train Ornament

Angel Kumos Tree Topper

Caramel Popcorn Chain

Carved Pumpkin Ornament

Centropolis Painted Ornament

Cheese Popcorn Chain

Chibi Kumos Bauble

Chick Bauble

Chocolate Cake Ornament

Chocolate Candy Cane

Chocolate Cupcake Ornament

Chocolate Mint Candy Cane

Classic Blown Glass Owl Ornament

Coal Gear Ornament

Cream Bunny Ornament

Cream Paper Lantern Ornament

Cream Stone Heart Ornament

Cupcake Ornament

Cinnamon Popcorn Chain

Crooked Caramel Popcorn Chain

Crooked Cheese Popcorn Chain

Crooked Plain Popcorn Chain

Long Popcorn Garland Strand

Medium Popcorn Garland Strand

Plain Popcorn Chain

Short Popcorn Garland Strand

Extra Long Popcorn Garland Strand

Cyan Star Ornament

Dark Blue Conical Ornament

Dark Blue Stacked Ornament

Dark Matter Strand Lights

Darkside Painted Ornament

Dawn Bauble

Dawn Bird Ornament

Dawn Paper Lantern Ornament

Dawn Stone Heart Ornament

Delphi Beach Painted Ornament

Deluxe Melody Tree Topper

Dusk Bauble

Dusk Bird Ornament

Dusk Bunny Ornament

Dusk Paper Lantern Ornament

Dusk Stone Heart Ornament

Fancy Painted Planet Ornament

Fancy Ringed Planet Ornament

Fancy Blue Feather Ornament

Fancy Gold Feather Ornament

Fancy Green Feather Ornament

Fancy Orange Feather Ornament

Fancy Silver Feather Ornament

Feli Bauble

Festive Curled Tree Topper

Gloomy Curled Tree Topper

Gold Curled Tree Topper

Festive Irion Tree Ornament

Field Bauble

Field Bunny Ornament

Field Paper Lantern Ornament

Giant Blue Bauble

Giant Gold Bauble

Giant Green Bauble

Giant Red Bauble

Giant Silver Bauble

Gingerbread Man Ornament

Glass Bauble

Gold Bird Ornament

Gold Bunny Ornament

Gold Conical Ornament

Gold Garland

Gold Pearl Ornament

Gold Stone Heart Ornament

Gold Tassel Ornament

Gold Toy Train Ornament

Gold Traditional Candle

Gold Tree Skirt

Golden Bauble

Green Bauble

Green Candy Cane Ornament

Green Candy Skull Ornament

Green Conical Ornament

Green Crackled Lumineve Tree Ornament

Green Crystal Ornament

Green Festive Luminaire Lights

Green Garland

Green Gathered Leaf Ornament

Green Giant Bow

Green Gummy Anyu Ornament

Green Handprinted Bauble

Green Pearl Garland

Green Stacked Ornament

Green Star Bauble

Green Star Ornament

Green Strand Lights

Green Toy Train Ornament

Hikeis First Ornament

Holly Bauble

Ice Blue Giant Bow

Ivory Crystal Ornament

Ivory Gear Ornament

Just Another Festive Bauble

Kumos Bauble

Large Bubble Gum Lolly Ornament

Large Cinnamon Lolly Ornament

Large Raspberry Lolly Ornament

Large Spearmint Lolly Ornament

Large Dark Blue Stacked Ornament

Large Gold Stacked Ornament

Large Pink Stacked Ornament

Large Purple Stacked Ornament

Large Red Stacked Ornament

Light-Filled Bauble

Lilac Bauble

Lilac Bird Ornament

Lilac Bunny Ornament

Lilac Paper Lantern Ornament

Lilac Stone Heart Ornament

Luminaire Goat Ornament

Luminaire Star

Maleria Tree Decoration

Melody Tree Decoration

Mini Apple Lolly Ornament

Mini Bubble Gum Lolly Ornament

Mini Cherry Lolly Ornament

Mini Raspberry Lolly Ornament

Multi-Colored Festive Luminaire Lights

Old Wizard Tree Decoration

Onyx Crystal Ornament

Oracle Tree Decoration

Orange Festive Luminaire Lights

Orange Glass Candy Ornament

Orange Gummy Anyu Ornament

Orange Icicle Ornament

Orange Star Ornament

Orange Strand Lights

Original Candy Cane

Pearl Ornament

Peppermint Curled Tree Topper

Pickle Ornament

Pink Cake Ornament

Pink Candy Skull Ornament

Pink Conical Ornament

Pink Crystal Ornament

Pink Giant Bow

Pink Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Pink Handprinted Bauble

Pink Holly Berry Ornament

Pink Icicle Ornament

Pink Pearl Garland

Pink Stacked Ornament

Pink Star Bauble

Pink Star Ornament

Pink Strand Lights

Plastic Tree Star

Pumpkin Ornament

Purple Blown Glass Owl Ornament

Purple Conical Ornament

Purple Crackled Lumineve Tree Ornament

Purple Crystal Ornament

Purple Festive Luminaire Lights

Purple Gathered Leaf Ornament

Purple Giant Bow

Purple Glass Candy Ornament

Purple Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Purple Gummy Anyu Ornament

Purple Icicle Ornament

Purple Stacked Ornament

Purple Star Ornament

Purple Toy Train Ornament

Red Bauble

Red Butterfly Ornament

Red Candy Skull Ornament

Red Conical Ornament

Red Crystal Ornament

Red Garland

Red Gathered Leaf Ornament

Red Giant Bow

Red Glass Candy Ornament

Red Gummy Anyu Ornament

Red Icicle Ornament

Red Luminaire Ball

Red Pearl Garland

Red Stacked Ornament

Red Star Bauble

Red Strand Lights

Red Toy Train Ornament

Red Tree Skirt

Red Velvet Cake Ornament

Rocketship Ornament

Sacred Lands Painted Ornament

Saggitarius Tree Decoration

Santie-Claws Tree Decoration

Sheetas First Ornament

Shinwa Tree Decoration

Shiny Cherry Ornament

Shortbread Man Ornament

Silver Bauble

Silver Conical Ornament

Silver Garland

Silver Gear Ornament

Silver Tassel Ornament

Silver Traditional Candle

Simple Black Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Black Threaded Tree Ornament

Simple Blue Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Blue Threaded Tree Ornament

Simple Darker Green Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Darker Green Threaded Tree Ornament

Simple Green Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Lighter Blue Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Lighter Blue Threaded Tree Ornament

Simple Purple Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Purple Threaded Tree Ornament

Simple Red Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Rose Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple Silver Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Simple White Threaded Tree Ornament

Simple Yellow Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Snow Trinket

Snowflake Bauble

Spearmint Candy Cane

Starfish Ornament

Sun Bauble

Sun Bunny Ornament

Sun Paper Lantern Ornament

Sun Stone Heart Ornament

Tangled Multi-Colored Mini Lights

Threaded Blue Diamond Ornament

Threaded Dark Blue Diamond Ornament

Threaded Gold Diamond Ornament

Threaded Green Diamond Ornament

Threaded Pink Diamond Ornament

Threaded Purple Diamond Ornament

Threaded Red Diamond Ornament

Threaded Silver Diamond Ornament

Turquoise Pearl Garland

Turquoise Star Bauble

Twilight Bauble

Twilight Bird Ornament

Twilight Bunny Ornament

Twilight Paper Lantern Ornament

Twilight Stone Heart Ornament

Ultra Bright Multi-Colored Mini Lights

Vanilla Cupcake Ornament

Veta Painted Ornament

White Festive Luminaire Lights

White Gathered Leaf Ornament

White Giant Bow

White Holly Berry Ornament

White Pearl Garland

White Star Ornament

White Strand Lights

Winter Bloom Ornament

Yellow Crackled Lumineve Tree Ornament

Yellow Crystal Ornament

Yellow Gathered Leaf Ornament

Yellow Giant Bow

Yellow Glass Candy Ornament

Yellow Gummy Anyu Ornament

Yellow Icicle Ornament

Yellow Pearl Garland

Yellow Star Bauble

Yellow Star Ornament

Yellow Strand Lights

Multi-Colored Festive Luminaire Lights

Ornate Porcelain Lantern Ornament

Purple Soft Glow Lantern Ornament

Green Soft Glow Lantern Ornament

Blue Soft Glow Lantern Ornament

Pet Friends