Johar has a minion!

Kii the Zoba

Legacy Name: Johar

The Common Zentu
Owner: Nayona

Age: 5 years, 5 months, 2 weeks

Born: June 16th, 2016

Adopted: 5 years, 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: June 16th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 2nd, 2018


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Towel Folder

Salute the traveler

In The Past:
The world was once harmonious. All the living being knew not evil nor good. There was no such thing as war or peace it was just life and death. As the world progressed each species took it’s own path. The world became divided by humans and beasts. But there was a small sect of beings that were neither human nor beast, stuck in between the two with the ability to take the form of both. Though in their ‘human’ form they often had outward expressions of their animal characteristics. Whether it were their eyes, flesh, appendages, they were easily distinguished from a normal human.

The Savannas being one of the newly formed tribes of the modern day that is comprised mostly of grasses and a few scattered trees. Temperatures range from 68° to 86°F . 6 - 8 months are a wet summer season, and 4 - 6 months are a dry winter season. The annual rainfall is from 10 - 30 inches per year. During the dry season, lightning often strikes the ground, igniting the dry grasses that cover the savanna.

The savanna is dominated by grasses such as Rhodes grass, red oats grass, star grass, lemon grass, and some shrubs. Most savanna grass is coarse and grows in patches with interspersed areas of bare ground. You won’t see many trees in the savanna because of little rainfall. Occasionally, you’ll find individual trees or small groves of trees. These mostly live near streams and ponds. The Acacia tree is an interesting plant in the savanna. It has an umbrella shape, with branches and leaves high off the ground that giraffes like to eat. Baobab trees also live in the savanna. They deal with dry conditions by storing water between the bark and meat of the tree.

There are many different types of animals that live in the savanna but some of them include African elephants, zebras, horses, and giraffes. During the rainy months animals thrive in the savanna, but the rainy season is only half the year. During the dry season, surface water from the rain is quickly absorbed into the ground by thirsty soils. The competition for water during the dry season is so intense that most birds and many of the large mammals migrate elsewhere in search of water. Depending on the severity of the drought, the migration may be to a place nearby, or far away. The dry season is often associated with fires.

The Festival:
Each year the major tribes had a festival in which they celebrated life and death as well as making relations amongst themselves living in such a hostile world. Each tribe would take turns hosting the festival and all the others would make the long journey to the others land. The hosting tribe would put aside their differences and provide a safe haven for their friends and enemies alike, offering food and drink as well as festivities for the week long event.

Their differences pushed aside for the festivities they took part in many specific rituals, some different depending on who was hosting the festival that year but in the end they all followed the same guidelines. The hosting tribe pulls out all of the stops as far as the best foods and drinks they can muster up. Sharing stories, clothing and fabrics, jewelry, war stories, gifts, trinkets, and more amongst each other. Partaking in dancing, singing, feasting, and mating among the many types of people from each tribe. It truly was a spring festival to be remembered each and every year. A re enactment almost of the times before live when the world was pure and harmonious place.

In the Savannah the stories might differ slightly than the other parts of the world but all of them regardless of origin started the same. The sun and moon were lovers that were in a constant chase to catch one another, which is why the sun and moon are never in the sky at the same time. The god of storms was their most powerful and precious and was the center of their prayers. During the festival it was a ritual whenever they were the host to teach their guests their precious rain dance to appease their storm god in the hopes that with the increase of people their prayers were more likely to be heard.

His Story:
Johar once called the Savannah home. His mother had been the matriarch of their small family and a acclaimed healer. Many smaller tribes, like his own, made up the entire Savannah and were considered one when it came around time for the spring. The lions laying down with the lambs or so to speak, elephants among others. Johar took after his mother and learned the healing ways of the Savannah.

It was evident to all that knew him that he was adventurous from the start. Always the first to wander and explore on his own with little fear of repercussions. At first the task of being a healer had been pushed on him and he had rejected it. Though slowly he found joy in being able to help others. Using flowers like the Gladiolus to treat common colds and their symptoms and using the leaves or roots of the Leonotis Leonurus to treat not only snake bites but other types of bites as well gave him such pleasure.

Wanting to combine his two loves, adventure as well as healing, he decided to take a step farther than just leaving his mother’s tribe. He wanted to learn about more ways he could help people. Once a year the festival took place and the opportunity to remain in the hosts land was given to their guests. Though the offer was rarely chosen, especially by certain species that required very specific living conditions, he wanted to travel to each tribe and live there for one year. To learn their ways of healing and about the different herbs and plants they use that are special to their own land.

The Future Travels:
Having made his way on his own for the last few years he had been totally enthralled. His journey to the Rainforest was fruitful in the fact he was able to learn about the health benefits of the bark of the Catuaba, which they use to ease anxiety. The large amount of rainfall sometimes causing many depression and anxiety in which the bark helps ease people's mental troubles.

In the Tundra he learned about the pineapple weed which was something he was excited to bring home in an attempt to cultivate. In the Tundra they make this plant into a tea that helps women with cramps, the flow of breast milk, and teething babies. In the Tundra the health of their women and children as well as the ability to have healthy child rearing being extremely important.

In the desert, Egypt specifically, a local healer showed him how to use hibiscus to treat respiratory disorders and henna to treat skin diseases. He was overwhelmed with the help from the local healers and shaman as they openly shared their methods of treatments with him. Learning how to remove evil spirits from one’s body and cast them into stones. Another use of stones being used to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. He was more than willing to share his own knowledge with them as well and they were always thankful.

Credits: Profile by: Ringo, Profile art by: Lacha, Quad icon by: Violin, Story: Me

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Pet Treasure

Herbal Medicinal Wood

Mandrake Root



Golden Seal


Common Rue






Willow Twig

Cave Moss


Lotus Petal

Red Hibiscus

Monks Hood


Ginger Root

Burdock Root


Manticore Sting

Empty Spice Basket

Basket of Star Anise

Basket of Cinnamon

Basket of Turmeric

Basket of Cardamom

Basket of Caraway Seeds

Black Sand

Desert Sand

Sacred Ground


Bark of Birch

Wooden Mortar and Pestle

Marble Mortar and Pestle

Wooden Scrying Bowl

Twisted Vine Tea

White Sesame Seeds


Shichimi Togarashi

Black Sesame Seeds


Copper Incense Burner

Iron Incense Burner

Gold Incense Burner

Silver Incense Burner

Bronze Incense Burner

Sand Spirit Stick Incense Bundle

Vanilla Oil Diffuser

Lavender Oil Diffuser

Spring Oil Diffuser

Ocean Fresh Oil Diffuser

Rose Oil Diffuser

Lemon Oil Diffuser

Chestnut Incense Burner

Black Incense Burner

Metal Incense Burner

Wooden Incense Burner

Brass Hookah

Silver Hookah

Gold Hookah

Shapely Ruby Hookah

Shapely Pearl Hookah

Shapely Onyx Hookah

Shapely Aquamarine Hookah

Shapely Sapphire Hookah

Shapely Topaz Hookah

Shapely Emerald Hookah

Traditional Clay Diya

Yellow Matki Diya

Green Matki Diya

Red Matki Diya

Blue Matki Diya

Orange Matki Diya

Threaded Blue Diamond Ornament

Sky Saheric Traditional Lantern

Amber Saheric Traditional Lantern

White Saheric Traditional Lantern

Cobalt Saheric Teardrop-Shaped Lantern

Wine Saheric Teardrop-Shaped Lantern

Lime Saheric Teardrop-Shaped Lantern

Flame Saheric Teardrop-Shaped Lantern

Ocean Saheric Teardrop-Shaped Lantern

Blue Saheric Mosaic Lantern

Rainbow Saheric Mosaic Lantern

Warm Saheric Mosaic Lantern

Marine Saheric Mosaic Lantern

Gold Saheric Mosaic Lantern

Peach Salt Lamp

Seafoam Salt Lamp

Pure Salt Lamp

Rose Salt Lamp

Blue Salt Lamp

Earth Baguette Crystal

Dark Baguette Crystal

Healing Baguette Crystal

Freezing Baguette Crystal

Ice Baguette Crystal

Parched Baguette Crystal

Fire Baguette Crystal

Wind Baguette Crystal

Physical Baguette Crystal

Water Baguette Crystal

Light Baguette Crystal

Thief Baguette Crystal

Wind Tear Crystal

Dark Tear Crystal

Ice Tear Crystal

Fire Tear Crystal

Light Tear Crystal

Earth Tear Crystal

Physical Tear Crystal

Water Tear Crystal

Tumbled Fluorite

Tumbled Jasper

Tumbled Obsidian

Tumbled Chalcedony

Tumbled Citrine

Jade Bead


Dark Crystal Shard

Crystal Shard

Raw Diamond

Ornate Hazel Bottle

Ornate Brown Bottle

Ornate Purple Bottle

Ornate Blue Bottle

Ornate Amber Bottle

Ornate Black Bottle

Ornate Green Bottle

Ornate Red Bottle

Makeshift Bandage

Bottled Dreams

Consecrated Olive Oil

Pixie Dust

Jug of Olive Oil

Carnation Infused Oil

Violet Infused Oil

Nasturtium Infused Oil

Chive Flower Infused Oil


Filling Goop

Salvaged Shrine Tokens

Restorative Powder

Sky Warrior Stardust Filled Scrying Bowl


Saheric Wizarding Staff


Uzgool Summoning Stick

Blessed Staff Topper

Magical Travel Belt

Ancient Codex Scroll

Dusty Old Map

Knotty Bamboo Slips

Ye Royale Proclamatione

Pile of Treasured Tomes

Gilded Saheric Tome

Saheric Sand Crab

Sculpted Jewelry Stand

Ancestral Elephant Skull

Dream Eating Vessel

Silver Artifact

Baby New Year Zentu Plushie

Elephant Deity Ornate Cushioned Blanket

Shaman Amber Necklace

Green Elephant Mask

White Elephant Mask

Purple Elephant Mask

Black Elephant Mask

Red Elephant Mask

Blue Elephant Mask

Pet Friends