Odeir has a minion!

bumble the Honeybee

Legacy Name: Odeir

The Nostalgic Bumbus
Owner: Nayona

Age: 6 years, 11 months, 1 week

Born: December 24th, 2014

Adopted: 6 years, 11 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: December 24th, 2014

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 6th, 2018


  • Level: 2
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Towel Folder

Little boy bee...

Everything was dark and cold.

Maybe this was similar to how the world had begun? Or that’s at least how the stories went. There was a short period of time where consciousness developed and the darkness was all there was. Everything felt heavy as each limb became aware of the other and all of the neurons connected. As the synapses sent signals between neurons and the first sense that came to be was sight.

Opening his eyes the world before him which was being seen for the first time was blurred. No matter how many times they opened and shut in short successions it was becoming no clearer. A small ball of light passing from one side of his line of vision to the other and soon a fuzzy ringing echoed through his cochlea as sound came next. Again it was just as unclear as the vision but it wasn’t long before everything cleared up.

”Can you hear me? My name is Dr. Boesch, your name is Odeir.”

It was the first voice he had ever heard and as the face became clearer it was another first. The man was older, not that age meant anything to him now. His hair had a touch of grey in it and his stubble was the same, a touch of grey sprinkles through the black. His eyes were slightly magnified behind a pair of black rimmed glasses that he pushed up the bridge of his nose. A white lab coat draped around his shoulders as he sat back in his chair smiling.

The year was 2436 and the good doctor had become the first man in the history of mankind to create life. Finally using the ability to synthesize bone, muscle, and skin using cultured human cells. He had created a body from scratch and with the help of his colleagues he had managed to create a working brain and heart that was able to support life in this synthetic body.

Though of course this milestone couldn’t have been made without a few setbacks. The doctor had used bee DNA to attempt to stabilize the body's mechanism of temperature control, bee’s being known for their ability to warm their body by using their wing muscles to warm up. Therefor the body he had created had a pair of bee like wings sprouting from between its shoulder blades. Obviously never meant to carry the body but to be used as a heating mechanism.

By using that DNA there was one other unforeseen physical trait. A tuft of black fur sprouted from his neck much like that of the small hairs that covered bee’s body, black like one of it’s many stripe, and yet another mechanism bees use to protect themselves from cold weather. But other than those two things his body resembled like that of a human. Though he did have a strong taste for honey.

The doctor reached out and pressed a little black gem in the middle of Odeir’s forehead.

”The final touch. This will work as your identification if you ever get lost. I know this is new to you but there is plenty of time for you to learn.”

Reaching up to touch the shiny black gem with his fingertips, trailing them down it’s surface before he directed his attention to the man as he spoke. The first of his kind and the doctors treasure and greatest accomplishment. As he learned about the world through computer screens and books he became more and more confident in his body. Learning how to ride a bike, use utensils, speak English properly, and even getting used to wearing human clothes. But locked safely away in his creators lab he dreamed of seeing the places he had read so much about.

”It’s a dangerous world out there. There are many people who want to do bad things with my research. You must stay here where you’re safe.” echoed in his head.

So Odeir bided his time in the lab. Learning how to do easy experiments, autoclaving test tubes, disinfecting tools, and keeping the place clean as a whole. He became a mascot more than anything else, or at least that was the word among some of his colleagues. But every attempt to recreate a similar being to Odeir were miserable failures.

”The world isn’t ready for something like you yet, just give me a little more time.”

The had no windows and he never was allowed to get close to the exit. His dreams grew and grew with each book and movie. Enthralled with the outside world. What did flowers smell like and were they really as vibrant in color as they seemed? What about the sun it was supposed to be warm wasn’t it, giving life to the world.

Unbenounced to them both his dreams would soon come true, one rainy night he would finally see the world. But for now he quietly went about his life patiently waiting.

Credits: Profile by: Ringo, Profile art by Dolly, Quad art by Violin, Story: Me

Pet Treasure

Tousled Lab Coat

Color Reversal Concoction

Empty Glass Beaker

Red Liquid-Filled Glass Beaker

Orange Liquid-Filled Glass Beaker

Yellow Liquid-Filled Glass Beaker

Green Liquid-Filled Glass Beaker

Blue Liquid-Filled Glass Beaker

Purple Liquid-Filled Glass Beaker

Ruined Glass Beaker

Empty Rounded Flask

Red Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Orange Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Purple Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Yellow Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Blue Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Green Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Ruined Rounded Flask

Empty Glass Flask

Green Liquid-Filled Glass Flask

Blue Liquid-Filled Glass Flask

Purple Liquid-Filled Glass Flask

Red Liquid-Filled Glass Flask

Orange Liquid-Filled Glass Flask

Yellow Liquid-Filled Glass Flask

Ruined Glass Flask

Asmodeus Concoction Base

Round Klein Bottle

Filled Round Klein Bottle

Empty Pyramidal Bottle

Filled Pyramidal Bottle

Clear Glass Bell Flask

Filled Clear Glass Bell Flask

Clear Glass Handled Flask

Filled Clear Glass Handled Flask

Empty Klein Bottle

Filled Klein Bottle

Triple Neck Klein Bottle

Filled Triple Neck Klein Bottle

Empty Corked Glass Bottle


Experimental Reversal Concoction

Contaminated Test Tube

Elemental Reversal Concoction

Mystery Reversal Concoction

Orange Flavored Poison

Lemon Lime Flavored Poison

Cherry Flavored Poison

Blue Raspberry Flavored Poison

Tutti Frutti Flavored Poison

Spilled Tube of Iodine Powder

Spilled Tube of Bone Meal

Subject Cryotube

Right Arm Mutagen

Dark Mech Bodysuit

Left Arm Mutagen

Contained Virus

Portable Test Tube

Daily Pills

Patchy Hoverfly Plushie

Replica Wasp

Carved Bee Totem

Fuzzy Bee Beanbag

Fresh Vesnali Honeycomb


Honey Packets

Gourmet Honey Walnut Cream Cheese

Chai Honey

Vesnali Honey Pop

Honey Comb Harvest Ale

Honey Sweetened Milk

Honeycomb Baby Bear Food

Honey Droplet

Fireweed Honey

Common Bumbus Brand Honey

Buckwheat Honey

Blueberry Honey

Clover Honey

Honey Bubble Daiquiri

Yellow Sanding Sugar


Honey Scented Perfume

Cream and Honey Gravy

Powdery Bee Pollen

Beeswax Candle

Bee Hive Cornbread

Beehive Beanbag

Jar of Dried Deadly Nightshade

Nightshade Deadly Bonbon

Rat Poison Deadly Bonbon

Cyanide Deadly Bonbon

Ricin Deadly Bonbon

Pet Friends