Orenda Ren

The Twilight Archan
Owner: kylonaberrie

Age: 9 months, 2 weeks, 4 days

Born: January 2nd, 2019

Adopted: 9 months, 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Adopted: January 2nd, 2019


  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 27
  • Defense: 25
  • Speed: 26
  • Health: 26
  • HP: 26/26
  • Intelligence: 90
  • Books Read: 87
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Pie Private

orenda (n.) - the concept put forth by the iroquois of a spiritual force present in varying degrees in all things able to exert the will of its possessor

pronouns & gender: she/her, trans woman
real name: finn
sexuality: bisexual
aesthetic: gravitates towards modern high fashion, but enjoys trying out lots of different looks
favourite colour: fuschia
favourite food: coffee cake
hogwarts house: slytherin
leitmotif: the police and the private by metric
("get straight, wait here while i try to find the exit sign / when will you stop asking strangers? / no-one wants what we want")

appearance: stocky, athletic, and beautiful, with coiled fur and a rare smile that can blind.
relationships: married to brontide, who is the only one she has a strong bond with at the moment, having known her for a while before the rest of the knights. she's still easing into the group, especially easing into her relationship with halcyon, whom she likes but doesn't trust. however she gets along pretty well with camellia, breakcore, eunoia, and meraki, and has a budding hatemance with acnestis which she doesn't quite know what to do with.

orenda is a subtle person. she can be easy to look over or write off, because she plays things pretty close to the chest, so most of what people see of her are her mistakes and the offal of what she's up to, until she deals her final hand and you realise that she just solved everything. it doesn't help that she doesn't really care what other people think, unless it's someone she cares about in particular. this is counterpointed by some amount of social anxiety; scrutiny puts her on the defensive immediately. she's got a chip on her shoulder from a rough childhood, a quiet internal catalogue of everything that's happening around her and what to do about it, and a certain nervousness as well as a certain capability. she stays quiet, but she doesn't sit still. she's the everyman you forget about until she's behind you with a baseball bat.

she has a strong sense of morals, and an extremely strong sense of loyalty, and a strong desire for self-preservation, and a keen mind. her friendship is hard to win, and can only be done so by also earning her respect, and furthermore is not won for life, but while you have it she will fight for you fiercely. she would never go back on a promise to a friend but will absolutely lie her way through situations with strangers. to her the world is made of moving objects, and she thinks constantly of the past and the present and the future in her decisions, and hold priorities and pros and cons and stakes. she's not cold, quite the opposite, just very shrewd and very aware.

but really, she's a very kind person, generous even when she's wary, and cares a lot about a lot of things. her mind weighs heavy with how much bad there is in the world. she's a very serious, solemn person, and one of the things she loves brontide for is the light brontide brought to her life. she likes to bake, which helps her process her thoughts while she works, and to play around with fashion design, and get to know her new friends while helping them with their own exploits.

Pet Treasure

Fifth Anniversary Minty Star Cake

Muffin Pan

Maple Doughnut with Sprinkles

Slice of Lemon Bread

Chocolate Bat Cookies

Spring Weather Cupcakes

Crescent Roll

Tiered Springtime Cake

Overly Sweet Pastry

Pink Vesnali Bun

Purple Vesnali Bun

Blue Vesnali Bun

Green Vesnali Bun

Yellow Vesnali Bun

Fun Bun Cake

Lime Cookie Cheesecake

Egg Shaped Brownie

Iced Pumpkin Bread

Egg Shaped Cake Slice

Pink Bunny Twist Bread

Candied Glade Kumos Pop

Decadent Strawberry Poundcake

Chickie Dollop Cupcake

Ribboned Archan Vesnali Eggs

Mini Blueberry Pies

Orange and Raspberry Tart

Blueberry Heart Confetti Cupcake

R.I.P. Heart Cookie

Wanna Piece of Me Sticker

Fancy Coffee Cake


Carton of White Eggs

Pistachio Macarons

Carton of One Percent Milk

Pomegranate Rose Icing Cake

Vanilla Strawberry Sandwich Cookie

Bubbly Cherry Pie

Angel Food Cake

Funnel Cake Cookbook

Maple Leaf Cookies

Endeavor Rice Pudding

Homemade Chocolate Cake

Dark Matter Whoopie Pie

Roasted Honey Mint Peach

Baked Pear with Cheese and Honey

Cinnamon Cream Coffee Cake

Grapefruit Rose Icing Cake

Buttercream Rose Coffee Cake

Buttercream Rose Vanilla Cake

Lemon and Blueberry Tart

Orange and Raspberry Tart

Chocolate Fudge Cake Cocktail

Orange Cream Cake Cocktail

Red Velvet Cake Cocktail

Strawberry Cake Cocktail

Vanilla Cake Cocktail

Orchid Mantis Cheesecake

Scaly Cake

Teetering Tiara Cake

Valentines Fondant Cake

Orange Peel Cupcake

Chocolate Heart Confetti Cupcake

White Heart Confetti Cupcake

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake

Cassis Macarons

Raspberry Macarons

Rainbow Box of Macarons

Caramel Sweetheart Puff

Chocolate Sweetheart Puff

Strawberry Sweetheart Puff

Winter Star Cream Puff

Banana Whoopie Pie

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Fresh Fruit Peach Pie

Homemade Pie

Dark Matter Pie

Mini Pies

Pear Turnover

Bag of Mini Blueberry Biscotti

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie

Chocolate Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

Lemon Frosted Sugar Cookie

Lychee Pressed Flower Shortbread Cookie

Chocolate Candy Pane Cookie

Lemon Candy Pane Cookie

Mint Candy Pane Cookie

Raspberry Candy Pane Cookie

Strawberry Candy Pane Cookie

Pink Lingerie Cookie

Red Lingerie Cookie

White Lingerie Cookie

Black Corset Cookie

Red Corset Cookie

White Corset Cookie

Be Mine Candy Heart Cookie

Kiss Me Candy Heart Cookie

Love You Candy Heart Cookie

True Love Candy Heart Cookie

XOXO Candy Heart Cookie

Peanut Butter Ghost Cookie


Delicious Purple Cookie


Seven Layer Cookie Bars

Triple Berry Jelly Roll

Grape Chocolate Ball

Orange Glazed Cinnamon Roll

Caramel Pudding

Chocolate Glaze Croissant

Artisan Whole Grain Bread

Love Loaf

White Sweety Bun

Fireside Cinnamon Spice Soup

Fireside Peach Spice Soup

Fireside Pear Spice Soup

Fireside Pomegranate Spice Soup

Homemade Elderberry Jam

Homemade Orange Marmalade

Bitten Cookbook

Cupcake Decorating

How to Make Pie

Recipes Through Generations

Simple Winter Recipes

Baking Starter Kit

Bag of Pure Flour

Self Rising Flour

Apple Butter

Sacred Lands Compound Butter

Peanut Butter

Powdered Sugar Tarts

Clover Honey

Springtime Royal Honey


Bag of Mint Chips

Bagged Vanilla Chocolate Chunks

Ground Cloves

Lemon Extract

Mint Extract

Orange Extract

Dried Strawberry Flakes

Melted Candy Heart Sauce

Poppy Seeds

Fudge Brownie Mix

Yellow Decorating Frosting

Red Food Coloring

Rectangular Baking Pan

Round Baking Pan

Kanis Cookie Cutter

Apple Pie Beanbag

Cherry Pie Beanbag

Pet Friends