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Legacy Name: vzzzt

The Steamwork Neela
Owner: Shark

Age: 5 years, 4 weeks, 2 days

Built: July 17th, 2017

Adopted: 5 years, 4 weeks, 2 days ago

Adopted: July 17th, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 12
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Towel Folder


Fabric of the Rose Prince

Nom Nom Peach Shark Heels
Memorial Rose Stamp
Golden Berry Wreath

+ ANY Revolutionary Girl Utena tribute CW.


Bright Red Hearts Halo
Passionate Rose Stamp
Fearless Rose Stamp
Circlet of the Sweet Vulture
Lucky Shark Strands
Rose-Patterned Stained Glass Panel
Dripping Painting of a Radiant Rainbow
Latte Shark Pup Weave
Kawaii Shark Pup Fabric
Ravenous Shark Socks
Gold Hearts Halo


Ordinary Bluebird Fluff
Coffee Everyday Braid
Plumtastic Shark Strands
Drunken Shark Strands
Modest Fox Hair
Friendly Fox Hair
Ebony Nervous Peach Ponytail
Tsundere Cat Sweater V2
Black Cat Sweater V3
Mocha Stylish Ponytail
Oil Slick Soapy Magical Hairbrush
Raven School Girl Locks
Splashy Dragon Wisps
Sparkling Soapy Magical Hairbrush
Bloody Rose Blossoms
Turbid Seashell Waves
Pawsitively Slick Hoodie
Fluffy Birb Sweater
Eggy Birb Sweater
Pumped Birb Sweater
Jinxed Birb Sweater
Dewy Birb Sweater
Dainty Birb Sweater
Inky Sheer Fabric-Wrapped Umbrella
Bloody Charcoal Sand Glass Locks
Rainbow Swaddled Pot of Renewed Earth
Raging Locks of the True Gamer
Flirtatious Locks of the True Gamer
Fixed Up Black Rose Tattoo
Confident Locks of the True Gamer
Flavorful Velvet Cake Strands
Happiness Velvet Cake Strands
Meringue Velvet Cake Strands
It Girl Velvet Cake Strands
Delicate Velvet Cake Strands
Aurora Flutterby Origami
Galaxy Flutterby Origami
Door to Room of Practical Magic
Photo of the Galaxy
Ivory Crown of Wild Roses
Golden Coin of Fortune
Device of Light
Damned Ritual Markings
Cute as a Button Nose Pin Wool Figure
Cute as a Button Nose Light Pin Wool Figure
Lavender and Alabaster Peony Bouquet
White Lavender and Cerulean Peony Bouquet


Feel free to offer but no promises. Especially as some are privates or gifts.

Flimsy Bee-utiful Kitten Fabric
Original Cutting Roses
Singed Scrap of Fur
Friendship Cube
Feathered Accessory of the Valkyrie
Warm Dove Strands
Almond Cream Puff Strands
Midnight Everyday Braid
Rose Everyday Braid
Strawberry Blonde Everyday Braid
Sun-Kissed Blonde Everyday Braid
Playful Locks of the True Gamer
Judgemental Locks of the True Gamer
Controlling Locks of the True Gamer
Resurrected Ouija Fabric
Cheerful Ouija Fabric
Nerfed Ouija Fabric
Matrix Bunny Headset
Dreary Skull Waves
Chilling Student Take-Out Locks
Splashing Carp Companion
Unbelievably Cute Whale Shark Cuddle Buddy
Floating Shark Hat
Sharky Choker
Zippered Plush Shark Fin
Cutethulhu Jawsome Sweater
Snowy Shark Strands
Rose Shark Strands
Peachy Keen Shark Strands
True Shark Strands
Cliche Shark Strands
Dirty Shark Strands
Fog Strands of the Shark
Nom Nom Golden Shark Heels
Nom Nom Dark Shark Heels
Nom Nom Royal Shark Heels
Nom Nom Rage Shark Heels
Nom Nom Blush Shark Heels
Nom Nom Shark Heels
Nom Nom Classic Shark Heels
Nom Nom Diva Shark Heels
Mysterious Bloom of a Hidden Veil
Chummy Cheetah Jacket
Blushing Rose Stamp
Cocky Scarlet Spaniel Curls
Tiny Ambassador from the Gilded Mini Galaxy
Hungry Caterpillar Blonde Locks
Effervescent Shark Pup Weave
Snowy Rose Blossoms
Dangerously Dapper Tea
Beloved Royal Rose
Bee Mine Hearts Halo
So Proud Hearts Halo
Golden Lavender and Blush Peony Bouquet

items in this shop not included in this list
This is so I don't have to update it if/when things sell


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