Amphibian has a minion!

I love the Heartback Frog


The Blacklight Xotl
Owner: Silverfox

Age: 9 years, 11 months, 1 week

Born: June 3rd, 2011

Adopted: 9 years, 11 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 3rd, 2011


  • Level: 21
  • Strength: 50
  • Defense: 50
  • Speed: 50
  • Health: 50
  • HP: 50/50
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Pet Treasure

Gourd Witch Stolen Gourd

Youre Ribbiting Sticker

Aquamarine Frog Figurine

Carved and Painted Xotls

Toad in the Doughnut Hole

Scribbly Xotl Sticker

Baby New Year Xotl Plushie

Cherry Lifelike Xotl Doll

Sun Xotl Plushie

Sun Lifelike Xotl Doll

Sun Xotl Beanbag

Sun Xotl Elixir

Common Xotl Plushie

Common Lifelike Xotl Doll

Common Xotl Beanbag

Common Xotl Elixir

Golden Xotl Plushie

Golden Lifelike Xotl Doll

Golden Xotl Beanbag

Golden Xotl Elixir

Field Xotl Plushie

Field Lifelike Xotl Doll

Field Xotl Beanbag

Field Xotl Elixir

Dusk Xotl Plushie

Dusk Lifelike Xotl Doll

Dusk Xotl Beanbag

Dusk Xotl Elixir

Lilac Xotl Plushie

Lilac Lifelike Xotl Doll

Lilac Xotl Beanbag

Lilac Xotl Elixir

Dawn Xotl Plushie

Dawn Lifelike Xotl Doll

Dawn Xotl Beanbag

Dawn Xotl Elixir

Cream Xotl Plushie

Cream Lifelike Xotl Doll

Cream Xotl Beanbag

Cream Xotl Elixir

Marsh Xotl Plushie

Marsh Lifelike Xotl Doll

Marsh Xotl Beanbag

Marsh Xotl Elixir

Twilight Xotl Plushie

Twilight Lifelike Xotl Doll

Twilight Xotl Beanbag

Twilight Xotl Elixir

Nuclear Xotl Plushie

Nuclear Lifelike Xotl Doll

Nuclear Xotl Beanbag

Silver Lifelike Xotl Doll

Arid Xotl Plushie

Arid Lifelike Xotl Doll

Arid Xotl Beanbag

Arid Xotl Elixir

Mythical Water Xotl Plushie

Hydrus Xotl Plushie

Graveyard Xotl Beanbag

Sweety Dead Xotl Plushie

Chibi Peppermint Xotl Plushie

Strawberry Gummy Xotl Legs

Orange Gummy Xotl Legs

Lemon Gummy Xotl Legs

Pear Gummy Xotl Legs

Lime Gummy Xotl Legs

Raspberry Gummy Xotl Legs

Licorice Gummy Xotl Legs

Grape Gummy Xotl Legs

Strawberry Gummy Xotl

Orange Gummy Xotl

Lemon Gummy Xotl

Pear Gummy Xotl

Lime Gummy Xotl

Raspberry Gummy Xotl

Licorice Gummy Xotl

Grape Gummy Xotl

White Chocolate Xotl

Milk Chocolate Xotl

Dark Chocolate Xotl

Raggedy Ahmastashoo Frog Plushie

Frog Springy Plushie

Red Frog Beanbag

Orange Frog Beanbag

Yellow Frog Beanbag

Green Frog Beanbag

Blue Frog Beanbag

Purple Frog Beanbag

Pink Frog Beanbag

White Frog Beanbag

Patterned Frog Beanbag

Garden Frog Beanbag

Super Squishy Frog Doll

Brown Tailless Salamander Beanbag

Green Tailless Salamander Beanbag

Blue Tailless Salamander Beanbag

Purple Tailless Salamander Beanbag

Black Tailless Salamander Beanbag

Pomegranate Licking Toad

Grapefruit Licking Toad

Mango Licking Toad

Pineapple Licking Toad

Toad Licking Toad

Lime Licking Toad

Oddly Flavorless Licking Toad

Grape Licking Toad

Lychee Licking Toad

Pink Gummy Frog

Green Gummy Frog

Turquoise Gummy Frog

Blue Gummy Frog

Gray Gummy Frog

Licorice Gummy Frog

Red Plastic Jumping Frog

Yellow Plastic Jumping Frog

Green Plastic Jumping Frog

Blue Plastic Jumping Frog


Snolm Beanbag

Snolm Plushie

Gummy Snolm Tails


Axolotl Plushie

Axolotl Sticker

Pink Axolzombl

Black Axolzombl

Green Axolzombl




Toad Companion






King Content


Carved Stone Frog

Thawing Wood Frog

Fungus Frog







Garden Frog

Natural Lily Pad

Summer Singer Plushies




Froggy Love

Riverside Salamander

Riverside Salamander Plushie

Riverside Salamander Sticker


Newtquat Beanbag

Poison Dart Frog Kigurumi

Xotl Pop

The Xotl Print

Nostalgic Xotl Instructions

Flower-Crowned Frog

The Frog

Hoppy Survival Postcard

Glowing Frog Spawn

Newt Eye

Poisonous Frog Bromeliad

Froggy Snowball

Toad Temporary Habitat

Newt Temporary Habitat

Frog Temporary Habitat

Frog Costumed Kitty

Frogdog Plushie

Pet Friends