Sveta has a minion!

the Princess

Legacy Name: Sveta

The Reborn Illumis
Owner: soren

Age: 11 years, 1 month, 5 days

Born: April 23rd, 2013

Adopted: 10 years, 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: August 13th, 2013

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  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


  • NAMESveta Rose Renning
  • AGE25
  • BIRTHDAYDecember 25th
  • HEIGHT5'5''
  • GENDERCis female (she/her)
  • ORIENTATIONHomosexual
  • RACEHuman
  • OCCUPATIONLeader of The Order
  • HOMETOWNPeruthias, Tobiak
  • ALIGNMENTTrue neutral

Sveta's life has always been at the mercy of factors outside her control. Born into one of the most powerful families in the state of Tobiak and blessed with considerable brainpower and talent, she was often forced into doing things that would sharpen her abilities - whether she wanted to or not. Her early teen years were particularly damning, as an absent mother, abusive father and countless expectations caused her to lose touch with herself. Emotions were problems that plagued the proletariat, not her heart. The only things that mattered were her perseverance, and her ability to gaslight herself into an unbreakable spirit.

When her father passed and she was prematurely thrown into leadership of The Order, any hope of reconciling with who she truly wanted to be was thrown out the window. She was now in the spotlight, at the pinnacle of society, the noblest of nobles and the head of the world's most powerful government entity. She pushed her forceful, haughty persona to its greatest heights, and, for the most part, was successfully able to convince her peers that her leadership would not be questioned, no matter what.

These days, Sveta has very little free time to herself. She enjoys the occasional ballroom dance, and has been seen flipping through romance novels in her spare moments. Her presence is still as commanding as ever, and yet... the few individuals privileged enough to know her on a semi-personal level swear that they can feel the breaking point on its way. She would never admit to it, but some can tell when she is holding back tears, and it has been happening more often than it did before.

She scoffs at the thought of taking care of herself.

All the power in the world, but she doesn't have that kind of luxury.


Sveta is a character from soren's upcoming strategy roleplaying video game, Strataversal.

game stats

  • HP
  • Strength
  • Magic
  • Skill
  • Speed
  • Luck
  • Defense
  • Resistance
  • Movement


Sveta and Raymond are biological siblings with a fractured history and strained relationship. Both experienced the same traumas when they were younger, yet neither of them have taken the time to process their horrific pasts. As a result, they often take out their frustrations and pain on each other, and refuse to acknowledge how close they once were, long, long ago.
Sveta and Renata are two of the most powerful members of the government entity, The Order. Though they both inherited their positions through the magic of nepotism, that is where their similarities end, as they are frequently at odds with each other over even the most trivial details. Withholding information and backstabbing are common between the two, although they would never publicly admit to their mutual mistrust.
Yi-Kyung is another young member of the order, although unlike Sveta, she earned her position due to her hard work and competence. She served as Sveta's mentor when the latter was suddenly forced to take over for her father, and acted as a pillar of support during her most challenging days. It does not take much to realize that Sveta has romantic feelings for Yi-Kyung, but it is not recommended to ever bring up this topic unless one has a fire extinguisher on-hand.
Although Sveta does not know much about Hayun, she has made a few educated guesses based on his actions, and, thus, hates his guts for his perceived betrayal. One of her current goals is to find this elusive stinker and shut him up before he reveals too much information to the general public.
Sveta and Delilah were never close, but because their fathers were both members of The Order, they grew up in the same social sphere. Currently, their relationship is built on confusion, and denial, as Sveta thought that Delilah had died in her late teens... yet, somehow, she reappeared several years later, albeit with altered memories. Sveta hates that she doesn't understand how this could possibly happen, and, as a result, acts a bit cold towards her newly-reappeared childhood acquaintance.


Profile coding by Lea.
Character, profile art, all writing and worldbuilding by soren.


Pet Treasure

Lesbian Pride Flag

Stained and Torn Family Album

Pink Mothers Day Bouquet

Fire Bubbles

Passionate Love Letter

Red Coda Caves Crystal

She Her Pronoun Sticker

Ballroom Etiquette Checklist

Book of Poetry

Dapper Doctor Regal Cape

Goat Cheese Spread

Thru Time Pocket Watch


Hearts Revenge Gunblade

Hoarded Books


Inevitable Betrayal Sticker

Dried Red Roses

Half of a Tombstone

Vandalized Skelly Portrait

Book of Ancient Traditions

Memory from a Happy Summer

Dashing Admiral Rakish Epaulettes


Princely Booty

Old Magnifier

Book of Quills

Box of Childhood Memories

Book of Pyromancy

Gilded Drinking Flask

Darling Poetry

Tomato and Lentil Soup

Romantic Wine Guide

Reborn Illumis Plushie

Enchanted Red Fox Familiar Stone

Courtly Perfume Bottle

Slow Burn

Luxurious Spa Robe

Starry-Eyed and Star-Crossed

Mourning Sentinel



Darkest Blood Magick

Ribboned Wine Aristocrat Pants

Box of Space Dust

Wild Shadowglen Crystal

Assassinations Through the Ages

Elegant Gunblade

Vintage Perfume Bottle

Reading Rifts

Tropical Swirly

Dashing Admiral Rakish Portrait

At First Sight

Fox Fire Rock Totem

Colonial Cravat

The Ancients Lui and Ta

Ziara Zeppelin Tours Poster

Saherimos Prayer Book


Moxie Mints

Disguised Ledgers

Roasted Pork Leg On A Silver Platter

Casket of Luxury Fabric

Haughty Skelly Portrait

Famous Ziaran Family Trees

Ruby Embellished Shirt

Silver and Leather Bound Journal

Ritzy Shrimp Finger Food


Veta Lakes White Wine

Scarred Leather Record Book

Striking Skelly Portrait

Luscious Berry Dipped Strawberries

Miniature HLPR Bot Clipboard

Inscrutable Viscount Portrait

Lost Poetry Page

Frosted Evergreen Coat

Fig Leaf Devonti Cheese

Gilded Double Frame

A Collection of Verses

Pet Friends